There is an unknown government in California. This unknown government currently consumes over 20% of all property taxes Statewide - $5 billion in 2005. It has a total indebtedness of over $120 billion. It is known as Redevelopment in San Francisco San Francisco Redevelopment Agency (SFRA)

Redevelopment a quasi-State agency is supported by powerful Sacramento lobby and backed by an army of lawyers, consultants, bond brokers, crooks, and corrupt land developers.

Unlike new counties, cities, and school districts, it can be created without a vote of the constituents affected. We have seen this all over this Nation and again and again the affected constituents suffer.

Unlike other governments it can incur bonded indebtedness without voter approval. Unlike other governments, it may use the power of Eminent Domain to benefits private interest like Lennar BVHP LLC and other crooked developers waiting in line in San Francisco.

This unknown government provides no public services. It does not educate our children, maintain our streets, protect us from neither crime nor stocks or build new libraries.

Redevelopment claims to eliminate Blight and promote economic development, yet there is NO evidence it has done so in half century since in was created. Do not listen to the blatant lies that Marcia Rosen the Director of SFRA spews much like the toxins that emanate from any toxic source.

Indeed Redevelopment has become a rapidly growing drain on California's public resources, amassing enormous power with little public awareness or oversight. In this age in the year 2006 this is a crying shame. We purport to be educated but SFRA is trying to rob us in broad daylight. This unknown government is Redevelopment and we in San Francisco are about the experience the scourge of this very corrupt agency.

Thanks to Mayor Gavin Newsom and those Board of Supervisors that voted for it Aaron Peskin, Michaela Alioto Pier, Sophie Maxwell, Jake McGoldrick, Fiona Ma, Bevan Dufty, and Sean Elsbernd.

State law allows a city council or a Board of Supervisors such as we have here in the City and County of San Francisco to create a redevelopment agency to administer one or more "project areas" within its boundaries. An area may be small or it can encompass the entire City.

Out of California's 478 cities, 386 operate redevelopment agencies. In all these cases NO vote of the residents affected was required. We all saw this very recently in San Francisco and the Bayview Hunters Point area. Over 2568 acres are affected directly and indirectly without any meaningful dialog with the constituents of the affected area. Over 80,000 mostly people of color will be affected. 60 percent of the constituents in the Southeast Sector own homes. In the rest of the City and County of San Francisco 60 percent rent.

Mayor Gavin Newsom has been working behind doors with high powered developers most of them very crooked - some of them already are working on projects at Treasure Island and on Parcel A at Hunters Point. These vermin do not have the better interest of the constituents of San Francisco especially people of color. They do have the best interests of the crooked developers with the personal involvement of Mayor Gavin Newsom.

Mayor Gavin Newsom is looking forward to bringing the Summer Olympics to San Francisco in 2016 and the only land available for large development of facilities lies in the Southeast Sector - Visitation Valley, Bayview Hunters Point. Over 5000 small business now contribute taxes to the City's General Fund. If SF Redevelopment is permitted to have its way all this money will be stolen by this corrupt quasi-State Agency.

A Referendum in now in place and we have collect over 10,000 signatures. We need 21,000 to put this issue on the Ballot. We are aiming at 30,000 by the end of this month and are encouraged that good women and men of San Francisco that reside and vote in San Francisco are signing up and supporting this worthy cause.

This time around SF Redevelopment will be met face to face with facts and SF Redevelopment will lose. We fully understand the developers will spends millions but in San Francisco time and time again crooks have been defeated. This time Mayor Gavin Newsom will have to lick his chops sans any gravy.

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