San Francisco lacks a sound crises team with little funding and no sound policies in place to address the mountain of crimes, killings, shootings and mayhem on the streets of San Francisco everywhere.

Board of Supervisors (BOS) make a mockery of crime, shooting and killings by holding hearings and forcing people to vent when the BOS can do zilch and further acerbate the case by talking utter nonsense.

Leading the circus Sophie Maxwell with her huge ass and little brain. The dumb, ignorant, arrogant woman simply does not get it. At the Community Meeting held at Ella Hutch in the Fillmore - Sophie Maxwell was told to shut up and follow the directions of the community. Perhaps for the first time in her life she really found out how democracy works. The community was fed up and Sophie Maxwell was told directly that she had no right to come into any community and be a dictator.

We have a District Attorney - Kamala Harris who has been pandering to the Press. Again and again her office has failed to bring succor to the victims and has permitted thugs to come to San Francisco and ply the deadliest crimes with total impunity. Again and again delays in charging thugs have created a fiefdom of thugs and crime activity never ever seen before in San Francisco.

The San Francisco Police Department is in shambles. The Chain of Command is held together by a tight rope weathered and tattered and torn all over the line.

The Old Guard has no respect for the Chief with whom I have kept an open line and tried my best to bring certain critical forces to help maintain law and order in San Francisco. I have no problem talking to Law Enforcement - I understand the mentality and better still the modus operandi - but in San Francisco divisiveness has taken us to the cesspool of confusion and utter chaos when it comes to Law and Order. The Mayor and the Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice have not only lost their shirt but recently stand ashamedly and minus their pants. They stand naked and have nothing concrete to show accept delays, going back and forth, and hurting community groups that can bring peace and heal the community but get no support what so ever.

San Francisco can ill afford not to permit the community that lives here to be shelved and others from the Windy City to come to our neighborhoods and preach about Chicago. Where once the button man ruled Chicago we had peace in San Francisco. When once railroads divided Chicago- San Francisco treasured its diversity. We are the Foggy City and proud of our culture.

In San Francisco let San Franciscans lead the way and we will not stand for outsiders with little experience and working behind closed doors trying the shove policies that have not stood the test of time.

Mayor Gavin Newsom is been advised by some young Turks that are novices and have not the scars nor have they been through the fire of hard knocks. We keep seeing the Spin and the Media - mostly Whip Cream. Those that love other dishes and especially people of color see discrimination written all over the place.

Recently we first heard about a Samoan Warrior Oliver Lefiti aka Big O was shot and killed by San Francisco Police officers. The family was not visited in the hospital. No police spokesperson visited or spoke to the family. No attempt was made to offer the family services. Instead the SF Police Department chose to use the media to spread disinformation. This nonsense must stop at once and officers who want to show their prowess using the gun better go to work some where else.

Police Shoot, Kill Man

In the mean time our youth continue to die and thugs continue to control our city without impunity. Crisis intervention teams can do so much but without support and good funding a good cause is a slap in the face. Our communities want to take control of their community but certain forces are hindering all attempts that are community driven.

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