People have short memories especially when they fail to note and follow those that love to hoodwink the constituents of San Francisco - Mayor Gavin Newsom falls into this category and it is just a matter of time before he gets shafted which he probably will love knowing more about this extra curricula activity.

Some Blacks were jumping all over the place when the White Boy went by Middle Point at Hunter Point in the middle of Public Housing to play ball demonstrate hoopla. Before the event the basket ball courts were fixed, new nets put on, and the general area fixed for the hoodwinker par excellance to make his fake appearance. Before this event the place was unkempt for years.

Of course as one would predict you had all the Black sellouts present grinning and watching the fake display. The talk at that time was progress would come to the area and that Public Housing would see a new era. The opposite could not be further from the truth today. Hundreds of homes are being boarded and people evicted and forced to live anywhere to survive. All this happening in San Francisco and no one really has written about it and what is more most White Folks and the City and County of San Francisco really do not care about Poor Folks and mostly people of color.

When I wrote an article about the hoopla event at Middle Point Alex Trouk who enjoys unlimited access to Mayor Gavin Newsom and who is responsible most probably for the 49er fiasco where the 49ers used the Mayor Office as a promotional gig - sent me an e-mail reminding me that what I had written was not fair to the Mayor. I could not give a rat ass - I did not reply but that is what I felt at that time and today.

Mayor Gavin Newsom is fake and loves to play to Spin and Media. When the Mayor meets real men he will slide away and pretend that he is invisible. Among those that agree with him and those that cannot see through his fakeness he is very cordial but as I said Mayor Gavin Newsom is as fake as they come when it comes to facing real issues. The Mayor should have come out to the community up at Hunters Point and spoken the truth. The Mayor should have told the constituents all about his intention to build the 49er City and the Olympic Village to benefit the filthy rich. Instead he sends his sidekick Dwayne Jones the biggest sellout and crook at City Hall to implement all sorts of ploys WiFi, some drab Community Center at Double Rock aka Alice Griffith Public Housing, all the time throwing of bread crumbs before poor hungry people that will accept anything right now because for the longest time ever they have been left out in the cold.

We have not forgotten the time when Dwayne Jones screwed things at Young Community Developers and SLUG. Dwayne Jones actively participated in illegal activities directly linked in Mayor Gavin Newsom's election. He was under investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. He was appointed Director of the Mayor's Office of Community Development - then suddenly removed and is now in charge of the little known Department of Side Kick Connect that very few know about.

Let us get real when it comes to helping the constituents that most need help. Right at the end of Palou Street and by the Shipyard the Navy has been removing thousands of tons of hazardous material. At one recent meeting the Navy told me they have spent over $17 million on truckers to haul away the Class One material. No one knows how toxic the soil is and NO outreach has been done. In near by Public Housing rats, snakes, and other air pollution factors have adversely impacted thousands of residents living near by in Public Housing.

The City and County of San Francisco is responsible to bring about mitigation measures. Mayor Gavin Newsom is preparing for the 2016 Olympics which he will not get. The area that the Mayor wants to build 4000 units and other Olympics facilities is full of toxic hotspots. Mayor Gavin Newsom has no clue about hazardous material and showed his stupidity when he had Parcel A conveyed to the City. No one in their right mind should be building 1600 homes in the middle of Chernobyl.

Mayor Gavin Newsom continues to defy the constituents of San Francisco and especially those in the Southeast Sector continually pandering to the filthy rich folks from down town that he is in bed with. Lennar BVHP LLC has been working hard with Koffi Bonner who once worked at San Francisco City Hall when Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr. was in power. Koffi has now come to work with the worst crooks trying to build a huge project but the problems he will face will be a millions times greater the he faced when he built the Emeryville Shopping Center.

Koffi has no clue about hazardous material and thinks he can work with Lennar BVHP LLC capping toxic land and building homes and selling them to victims that will suffer in the short and long end. He has been having meetings with inept Pastors belonging to the Tabernacle Group all Black and all sellouts of the worst order. These men of the cloth should be nurturing souls but they are out there making money and serving the DEVIL while pretending to serve the congregation.

Some Pators like Calvin Jones and Aurelius Walker have made pacts with San Francisco Redevelopment Agency and received millions of dollars. Calvin Jones has received $19 million from the SFRA and should be ashamed of him not serving the poverty and desperation of the many African Americans in and around his church. The same can be said of many other African American Pastors that have bought that collar round their necks for a dollar of two. Have had poor education when it comes to Philosophy and still less Theology - further they do disservice to humanity by serving the Almighty Dollar.

Just like Willie L. Brown Jr. took care of all the pastors and had some one like Bishop Green gather the pastor crooks and dole out money- Mayor Gavin Newsom is working with the Pastors to assure them that SFRA will not take their properties. The Church properties belong to the congregation and not to the pastors. But the pastors act like God in all matters when they should be serving humanity and these pastors especially love women, flashy cars, and will not shy away from asking and hoarding money.

The Scumbags will not lift a finger to help the youth and have not done one single act of charity when it comes to the death of our African American youth. The African American youth especially those that have embraced gangs for lack of jobs hate those that preach one thing and do another. The youth often tell me about these collared jackasses and the mockery they make of life- living a high living at the cost of the parishioners that have to fill the jackpots of the Black Churches.

The same can be said of Amos Brown in the Fillmore and he has been told that to his face but still thinks he can do something with his fake attitude and even false pretences.

These Black Pastors are the primary cause of much of the disorder, hostility, killings and shootings that have plagued the Black community. The House Niggas as the youth term them have sold out the community time and time again. One of them is Big Ass little Brain the District 10 Supervisor.

Mayor Gavin Newsom should learn to walk the walk and less to talk the talk. Mayor Gain Newsom cannot fool all the people all the time.

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