Candlestick Park.

SHOULD THE 49ERS LEAVE? (11/11/06)

Should the 49ers leave San Francisco and should the Candlestick Park Stadium be torn down and something else built - but wait a minute?

Few people know it but this is the truth. When Candlestick was built the site chosen was wetlands and lots of landfill was needed to make the site workable and stable.

Much of the fill came from the nearby Bayview Hill some call it Candlestick Hill and others Double Rock. What I want to state here what has not been stated anywhere else. So please pay attention!

As I said the site chosen need fill and most of the fill came from the side of Bayview Hill. Now, Bayview Hill is a Sacred Shellmound and contains the remains of the Ohlone the First People from the area.

Bulldozers saw the bones and paid NO attention to this fact. They went ahead and took the shattered skeletons and the dirt and desecrated the site on which Candlestick Park was built.

Near by is Yosemite Slough the worst polluted site in the area. It contains very high concentrations of PCBs, lead, mercury and over 40 dangerous toxins all from the Industrial and Navy operations linked to the War Effort.

The watershed around Candlestick Park aka Monster Park is highly contaminated. On rainy days people wade through the polluted water and do not think one bit about the adverse impacts. No one has told them and this well kept secret will come to bite the City and County of San Francisco in the butt.

So, when Diane Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi two madams well in age and as fake as the two inch make up they wear suddenly want Candlestick Park to remain and the area developed - I would like to ask them what have they done to mitigate and abate the area? What do they know about the history of the area? What have they done for the Ohlone? The time has come for the 49ers to move and move to fresher pastures ­nearer to the fans that really support them. The 49ers deserve the best and healthy surroundings and have played at Candlestick Park for too long in surroundings and facilities that are pathetic and dirty.

Recreation and Park wants the money but they have not taken the time to maintain Candlestick Park. Nor have they taken the time and money to maintain the surrounding area. That includes a well used but poorly maintained Gilman Park in the shadows of Candlestick Park.

Mayor Gavin Newsom thought it had the 49ers in his pocket and using them as a hub wanted to bring the 2016 Summer Olympics to San Francisco. Well, the Presidio of San Francisco would be a nice place. But, if this was announced detail studies would be conducted to safe guard the filthy rich folks living at Pacific Heights and the Marina.

Suddenly traffic stats, transportation issues, air pollution, and so on would be paramount to the Olympic Village and the project at hand.

Spring forward to Candlestick Park and the Olympic Village was a done deal. The clean up of Parcels B, C, D, E, and F under the Bay have yet to be resolved. The Mayor has NOT studied the Final Historical Radiological Report. Nor have the fake representatives Nancy and Diane - but yes, they want the 49ers to stay and more the Summer Olympics 2016 to happen on a Superfund Site that is Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

No one has confided to the constituents living close by - especially the poor folks living at the Alice Griffith Projects. The crooked District 10 Supervisor Sophina Maxwell has been talking recently from both sides of her ugly mouth. Mayor Gavin Newsom first resorted to sue the 49ers then chose to work with Nancy and Diane to bring the 49ers and Dr. York the 49ers owner back to the table.

We have no real leadership in San Francisco. Let the 49ers go and let the area around Candlestick Park be mitigated and abated. We do not want housing to be built in the middle to Chernobyl nor do we want shopping malls, a causeway, and all sorts of gimmicks that defy logic. To hell with Lennar BVHP LLC and all the machinations in the area that adversely impact thousands who have no say what so ever. First they stole the land, then they desecrated it, then they polluted it, now suddenly they want it for their greed and evil designs and they always want to have it their way. No way.

In the shadow of pollution!

Time to leave your heart!

Machinations at Alice Griffith.

Parking at a premium.

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