Uncovered toxic soil fifty feet from Oakdale residents.


Some of us trained by the United States Army know well what the definition of a "terrorist" is. Some of us know too well about Urban Terrorists at City Hall. The San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera has just woken up and is playing with fire - harassing poor youth and adversely impacting the constituents of Bayview Hunters Point.

It all depends how one defines a terrorist and mostly those that dwell too much on blaming others without helping others - have themselves to blame first. In this case at Oakdale in San Francisco the City of San Francisco has with intent allowed things to worsen and now is invoking dubious ploys to justify their mistakes of omission and willful commission of injustice and harassment.

City attorneys that live outside San Francisco and tasked to go into the Oakdale community to gather information bordering on trivial issues and more based on misinformation to fulfill redlining and depopulation of a segment of the population that needs help most. Ulterior motives like the building of the new 49ers stadium that has gone bust.

Oakdale does not have the ability to form organized gangs linked crimes and violent killings that can be committed easily by highly organized gangs in the Mission and China Town. The city attorneys would dare not go to these areas because they know they will be met with confrontation and high resistance. So, they have chosen to pick and bully a small area mostly consisting of poor youth that have been given no opportunities yet harassed through no fault of their own. Shame on the SF City Attorney and our Racist Mayor Gavin Newsom who talks the talk but cannot walk the walk.

San Francisco has always prided itself to be tolerant and compassionate. San Francisco has been first many a time to challenge local governments, States, even Nations when it comes to misuse of human rights and abuse. We have a track record that goes back years and more with the founding of the United Nations right here in San Francisco. San Francisco was the first to speak out against the Iraq war. Many at first did not understand us but now they do. San Francisco was also the first to speak out when some youth living at Oakdale in San Francisco - mostly poor and in Public Housing were branded "gangsters" and titled the Oakdale Mob.

The issue is in the Courts and a Judge will adjudicate based on facts.

It is becoming fashionable today to blame others when our City and County of San Francisco has failed a large population of our City youth that are mostly poor and live in Public Housing. Health and Safety issues are the domain of the SF City and County but again and again Mayor Gavin Newsom has failed our City and especially the youth.

City Attorney, Dennis Herrera took upon himself to open a can of worms. It has been a couple of years now that some city attorneys have been placed in the Bayview Hunters Point - a special task force to deal with nuisance cases. Most of the nuisance cases arise because the City of San Francisco has failed in its duty to deliver Quality of Life issues.

It is easy to target poor people that have no jobs. Very easy to target patients such as those that has AIDS and cannot work. Many sell drugs but they come from outside San Francisco and have been coming for years they do not live in San Francisco and live in Oakland and such places. These vermin prey on the poor and those addicts that are the responsibility of the City.

We have thousands in the Southeast Sector that live in cars because they cannot afford living in good apartments. Most lived in Public Housing but now their homes are boarded up. We brag that we need housing yet we on purpose board homes in Public Housing. In come case over sixty percent of the Public Housing are boarded up.

Around Oakdale the area is bombarded daily by toxins some from the near by Shipyard and Parcel A, B, C, D, E, and F which is the Bay. It is the responsibility of the City to clean over 300 toxic hot spots around Oakdale but the City has not done anything. The City attorneys should be looking at abatement and mitigation but they prefer - harassment. These city attorneys most of whom live outside San Francisco and could not find a job in the private sectors are busy touting and harassing innocent citizens because they have nothing better to do. They will write up on some indigent folks that have no money and have been neglected by the City of San Francisco for years because of lack of opportunities.

SF City attorneys bully those that have no means and less understand the diatribe of attorneys who are bent on fabricating trivial issues while ignoring practical issues like job and opportunities to better the lives of others especially the poor that really need help.

In recent months youth have been promised jobs through Communities of Opportunity under the leadership of Dwayne Jones and the promises have NOT been delivered. At other times bread crumbs have been thrown to the community that is in dire need of help and used to the benefit of City crooks. One cannot use the poor and prey on them - this is plan wrong and it happens around Oakdale again and again.

San Francisco city attorneys have NO clue as to the millions of dollars that are collected by the City and County of San Francisco from the Bayview Hunters Point businesses. Most of the small industrial businesses are situated in the Bayview Hunters Point over 5000 of them. The City does not mention about this fact because if they do they would feel the responsibility to provide services which they do not.

The City Attorney would be wise to state how much of our taxes go into the General Fund and how much of our taxes are invested into the Bayview Hunters Point to serve the best needs of the constituents. I have requested this on the City Controller but have yet to hear from them. When the Board of Supervisors (BOS) read this article I challenge them to respond. The BOS have allowed the SF city attorneys to harass innocent people living in Public Housing and around Oakdale in particular.

The South Bayshore Plan protected folks from Public Housing especially those living in the Alice Griffith Public Housing. The District 10 Supervisor - Sophie Maxwell took upon herself to amendment the SF Planning Ordinance to remove the tenants from Alice Griffith giving Dwayne Jones an opportunity to create machinations dubious in nature. All the major electrical, plumbing, lumber, transportation, the Department of Public Works Maintenance Facility, the largest Produce Market in San Francisco, numerous ware house like Cash and Carry, Smart and Final, Metal Sheet Fabrication facilities, Car Repairs, Furniture Production, the Chronicle and Examiner printing and distribution facilities, and so on are situated in the Bayview Hunters Point. All pay taxes in the millions to the City and County of San Francisco.

You will never ever read on single report about all these small and large businesses.

You will not read about the Main Post Office that is situated in the Bayview. About the concrete and aggregate companies, the tallow company, the car wrecking yards, the recycling facilities, all situated in the Bayview Hunters Point.

The City and County of San Francisco is quick to collect the money but not quick to invest in the community.

The City has failed to collect empirical data linked to daily samples of air pollution at the ground level. Mitigate and abate the over 500 toxic hot spots found all over the Bayview. More on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

The City is fully aware of the highest numbers of cancer and asthma cases and has done next to nothing to address this Health and Safety issue. Public Housing continues to be plagued with fungi and other adverse impacts mostly from the use of poor housing materials and poor plumbing fixtures and poor maintenance on the part of the Housing Authority.

The City has NOT built good homes for its poor and chosen to rely on old Army and Navy surplus homes that have long passed their use. Army and Navy surplus housing was taken over by Housing and Urban Department (HUD) - only to be given to the inept, corrupt plagued Housing Authority. The City of San Francisco knows well about this but has chosen to watch innocent Public Housing tenants suffer for years on end. Now suddenly the City Attorney has awoken from his slumber and wants to target the Oakdale youth calling them "gangsters", the Oakdale Mob, and brandishing them with names that we at ground zero find disgusting and racists.

The Southeast Sector that encompasses Bayview Hunters Point is the last frontier. Nothing good will happen in this area unless the City and County of San Francisco embraces the constituents. One cannot expect to make deals with developers to rid the population that lives and will continue to live in the Bayview Hunters Point - and think that there will be no resistance.

As far as the people are concerned the real terrorists live and breathe at City Hall. The worst ones in the City Attorney's office.

I once filed a complaint on a house on Jerrold Street off 3rd Street in the Bayview - a complaint that should have been investigated by Michaela Hoctor. She sat on the complaint and when I brought it to her attention as a reminder weeks latter that nothing was being done - she complained that she was busy attending to family matters. In this case the matter was linked to Sophie Maxwell the crooked District 10 representative.

Michaela Hoctor has deemed fit to target the poor youth and the consequences will be in proportion to the targeting - we can and will fight fire with fire. Officer Len Broberg does not live in San Francisco. He comes here to get his pay check - time will tell, who speaks the truth and who is a liar. Those Law Enforcement officers that bully the constituents have themselves to blame. I have been fair in my comments but I can take diatribe and verbosity to any level to defend the innocent.

62 plus files hundreds of pages long and full of lies have been submitted to the Court and to Judge Busch for adjudication. Initially the Judge was requested to impose a Permanent Injunction. The Judge could have chosen four options a Permanent Injunction, a Temporary Injunction, a Temporary Restraining Order, or Thrown Out the case.

Judge Busch chose a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) the least applicable and a slap on the face of Machaela Hoctor who has been lying and deceiving the Court. The Judge saw through and through the lies and he will do the right thing once the Court resumes hearing on November 22, 2006.

In the mean time the constituents of Oakdale and the citizens in the know will vouch and state to the SF Superior Court the real and practical facts linked to Health and Safety issues in and around Oakdale.

The lack of jobs and other opportunities that plague the community in and around Oakdale but at other Public Housing areas too. The Environmental issues that have not been looked at by the San Francisco Health Department and especially Dr. Rajiv Bhatia that continues to avoid address the day to day lack of amenities and lack of health facilities and provisions. In general lack of Health and Safety issues that have affect the community for years that have been asking for help.

As for nuisance cases we all see a Major Nuisance Case and it lies with the City Attorney and his deputy attorneys who have FAILED the people of Oakdale in particular and the City of San Francisco in general that they ought to serve.

Atomic Experiments were carried on here.

Note the contaminants.

Superfund Site next to Oakdale.

Inferior housing next to the shipyard.

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