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The City and County of San Francisco tried their best but failed in their last attempt to keep the 49ers at home after their lease runs out at Candlestick Park aka Monster Park.

It was another vain attempt by Lennar and its weasel Kofi Bonner taking from both sides of his mouth. This plan should have been brought before the constituents a long time ago.

How ever this City has the habit of making most of its plans behind close doors and then trying to hoodwink the constituents.

This City has been fighting for same sex marriage and wasting a lot of money. It wants Junior ROTC to go away. It has failed to keep families in San Francisco. It really has failed to help youth and sports. It will now fail in its attempt to keep the 49ers closer to San Francisco.

Michael Cohen and Kofi Bonner tried their best to put their best foot forward but were caught time and again putting their foot in their mouth. The plan simply did not add up and there were too many unknowns. Especially the fiscal matters were far removed from the practical aspects and too much left in the air.

Why would anyone contemplate building a system and spend $200 million to take the fans from a train hub to the stadium? Why would anyone want to build a big garage and dream that it would satisfy the fans? Why would anyone lie about Open Space in the area surrounding Candlestick Park when we know it will cost over $2 Billion just to clean the area - Hunters Point, Yosemite Slough, the present State Park, and more?

The City and County of San Francisco has been busy creating models and plans to wipe out the poor in the Southeast Sector - and the Oakdale Area was mentioned a couple of times! The City and the City Attorney, Dennis Herrera will spend money to incarcerate our youth but not to educate our youth and help them contribute to Society.

City playgrounds in the shadow of Candlestick Park are in shambles. There was great talk about Recreational Facilities in the area around Candlestick Park. Any soil, water, and air collected from the surround area are toxic.

This fact has been stated again and again and again. So, one may dream about fishing and wind surfing but it is not good for you. And please do not compare the area to Crissy Field.

The area is filthy, the War Effort and the Navy have polluted the area mostly with radiological elements. The 49ers would do better to have a nice facility some where in the Bay Area, closer to those fans that love them - caring for sports but more for their health.

Mr. John York was not present but his son Jeff was and I had a word with him.

The 49ers are astute and the City cannot force Dr. York and the 49er operations to do as the City pleases. The City has no money. Lennar is trying to hoodwink this City and raise money through other sources. In 3 months time Lennar will revisit its plans and its dream to do this, that, and the other at Hunters Point - it will be a shadow of its shaky vision from the past.

Mayor Gavin Newsom failed in his attempt to keep the 49ers and to show case the Summer Olympics 2016. Perhaps his visit to Manila will rejuvenate him. Perhaps looking at reality in another country will open his heart and mind to really serving the better interests of the constituents of San Francisco.

Even as the circus like presentation was going on in Room 250 at City Hall to try to keep the 49ers in San Francisco - there was another adjudication being made in Room 416.

Lennar has been issued many Notices of Violations on Parcel A. It has failed to control Asbestos Dust and the SF Redevelopment Commission issued an Order to shut down the operations at Parcel A. After the lengthy presentation by Lennar and the City beating about the bush with no results - the 49ers came to the podium and stated that none of the present plans fulfill the needs of a sound National Football League (NFL) stadium.

The Parking, the Traffic, Fiscal Accountability, the General Plan as proposed by Lennar and backed by the Mayor's Office of Economic Development and Workforce fell flat on its face.

Jessie Blout lick your chops sans your gravy. Sophie Maxwell could not comprehend a word that was said - earlier she spent some time with Aaron Peskin and Jessie Blout trying to assure Sophie that some vain attempt would be made to save the Day.

In the final analysis this presentation was just a Concept Plan. It really looks nice on paper but it is a dream. Many dreams are good and take you places - unfortunately when you wake up, one has to face reality.

This reality was a nightmare for the 49ers and more for the astute constituents that want the best for this City.

This City better learn to trust its constituents and to reveal to San Franciscans, every Major Plan that benefits them. Mayor Gavin Newsom has failed but let this lesson be noted for future reference.

As for Lennar BVHP LLC watch out you have seen nothing yet. The longer they remain here in San Francisco the greater will be the list of adverse impacts we San Franciscans will suffer.

Toxins around Candlestick Park.

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