Some years ago the San Francisco Planning Department under Mr. Green decided to conduct some workshops to address the concepts plans for the Eastern Neighborhoods. Over six workshops - some small others large were conducted in the Bayview Hunters Point.

I attended all these meetings and did not see Sophie Maxwell the inept, ignorant, and very arrogant District 10 Supervisor attend any on these pertinent workshops linked to Bayview Hunters Point.

Then all of a sudden the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency (SFRA) using the Project Area Committee (PAC) that is beholden to the SFRA decided to expand the Project Area to over one thousand eight hundred acres and the workshops linked with the San Francisco Planning Department were shelved.

All SF Planning plans linked with the Bayview Hunters Point shelved.

It was around this time that five white men started working behind close doors with Jake McGoldrick trying to push for the Better Neighborhood Plus Ordinance. This Mickey Mouse Ordinance went back and forth for over 3 years until everyone was fed up with it.

The Visitation Valley Better Neighborhood Plus Plan is a clone of the Better Neighborhood Plus ordinance - faulty and no good.

The five white men and one close to Sophie Maxwell - Joe Boss was always there at the Land Use and Economic Committee hearing trying to say something but spewing out nonsense.

The Better Neighborhood Plus plan is devious and wants to take away certain critical decisions that should lie within the domain of the San Francisco Planning Department and the SF Planning Commission. At first Jake McGoldrick thought his devious plan would meet with success but as I said time and time again the so called Better Neighborhood Plus Ordinance was thrown into the cesspool.

A couple of weeks ago Jake McGoldrick tied his shaky bonds with Sophie Maxwell - one spews diatribe and the other plain ignorance. These two clowns have now partnered to the detriment of our City - issuing land use policies that will not be accepted by San Franciscans.

Sophie Maxwell a vegetarian from the Haight Ashbury now pretending to understand land use issues in the Bayview Hunters Point lacks oxygen so vital for the brain to function. At the Land Use committee meeting this oxymoron of a woman - tried to hoodwink the audience telling them that she was just creating some policies so that the SF Planning Department could address Affordable Housing.

In fact Sophie Maxwell with the help of Jake McGoldrick was laying down certain ploys to undermine the General Plan that the City and County have to follow. The policies have no link to the Housing Element and what is more have no clear Blue Print that should jive with the City Charter when it comes to process and implementation.

This matter of polices to guide the SF Planning Department was pushed before the Board of Supervisors. Chris Daly will soon introduce hearings to better under the General Plan.

Chris also has a good understanding of a "Judas" linked to the Trinity Plaza plan. And if there was one it is Sophie Maxwell. At the eleventh hour she tried to back stab Chris Daly and Chris Daly a street fighter - knows well how to handle a snitch but more to use brains over a brain that lacks oxygen and faulty policies coupled with immune deficiency.

The matter of the faulty policies was put to vote the first time around - whether to continue the matter at hand - the vote was 7 to 4. Bevan Dufty who initiated the vote linked to this policy matter failed to set a date. So, the matter was put to vote again with Jake McGoldrick insisting for a roll call. The second time around the matter was put to rest 9 to two against the policy. The two in favor of the nonsense policy linked to zoning - Jake McColdrick and Sophie Maxwell. The second week of January 2007 the matter will be brought again before the Board of Supervisors. Of course Jake and his side kick will try to push for the stupid policies linked to zoning laws and tout for Affordable Housing policies - but it is all talk. It will fail and I hope these clowns stop clowning around and wasting our time.

Many hard working developers including the Residential Building Association have taken on Sophie Maxwell and cannot understand this stupid policy. There is nothing to understand but to get rid of this scum bag. The same holds true for Jake McGoldrick.

Sophie Maxwell owns four homes so why would she pretend to fight for the poor. The woman is on the take - and has taken thousands of dollars from developers who are crooks. Sophie Maxwell is the scum of the earth and joining her ploys the man that spews diatribe pretending to talk about Affordable Housing without any concrete plan and less Accountability and Transparency.

It is possible that Chris Daly may head the Land Use and Economic Committee and carry the SF Planning of our City in the right direction. Chris Daly will ask for a hearing on the City General Plan and reveal the ploys that Jake McGoldrick and Sophie Maxwell have initiated.

The Better Neighborhood Plus Ordinance in linked to Administrative Laws and meant to thwart the San Francisco Planning Department's process. Sophie Maxwell has always considered herself as one that can legislate when she cannot. She could not pass a simple Electrician Exam in San Francisco and had to pass one in Oakland. The woman has no College education and has a way to coerce some to win support for faulty legislation, ordinances, and now policies written by some one else.

Her aide Greg Asay recently left her. No one in their right mind will stay around this erratic and volatile woman that has been known to throw tantrums. People in the Bayview Hunters Point detest her - the White Folks that Sophie panders to - vote for her. But all this will change very soon. There are ways to get rid of corruption and one way that has not been tried is to take some one to court. We have the evidence of corruption and the documentation. For the past six years Sophie Maxwell has worked closely with SF Redevelopment Agency and against the community.

She wanted to hood wink the community with the 49ers plan and got hijacked. The same with Parcel A for months innocent children were bombarded with asbestos dust and other very dangerous particulates and Sophie Maxwell has NOT taken a stand for our children. That says it all. Lennar Corp has failed to carry on the mandates of the Disposition and Development Agreement. Of course Sophie Maxwell got all she wanted from Roy Willis.

The recent court case in the Superior Court hopefully will expose Sophie Maxwell and those behind the ploy to divide and put down the Bayview Hunters Point community. Among them one is known as Aaron Peskin who with Sophie Maxwell worked with City Attorney Dennis Herrera to invalidate 33,200 plus signature. This matter is now in Court.

In the mean time Sophie Maxwell better take care of her immune system, work on the oxygen so necessary for her brain to work, and stay away from messing with the lives of the constituents of San Francisco. A Brain is a terrible thing to waste. Take your cocktails and keep the oxygen flowing Miss Sophie Maxwell.

In the mean time the Board of Supervisors better shelve the so called Policy hood winking and under the guise to move around the General Plan and defeat Sound Planning - that has no place in any decent SF Planning.

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