William Lee has served the City and County of San Francisco well in many capacities for over 25 years. Early in his career when he first came to this City from Oakland he was backed by all segments of the community to head the positions that dealt with Hazardous Waste and other such toxic materials.

It was only a matter of time when he was appointed the Chief Administrative Officer comparable to the Chief Executive Officer and more of the City and County of San Francisco. I know for a fact when Bill Lee was the CEO of this City he had the real power to make concrete decisions and understood the issues.

On many matters our dumb Board of Supervisors (BOS) was of no help - one could go to Bill Lee and at least the man understood the issues at hand. I could name many cases but will state just one that cost the City and County of San Francisco over fifteen million dollars.

Three conduits were dug under the Force Main at the Islias Creek without any soil assessment on land that is very prone to liquefaction. The Force Main carrying eighty percent of the City secondary effluents and hundred percent from Colma, Daly City, Brisbane and Burlingame was compromised.

The BOS did not help the constituents but Bill Lee did. He could help because he understood the issues at hand. The BOS favored the corrupt Catelus Corporation, SFPUC, MTA, SFCTA, and others behind this failed project. Pleas made to the BOS fell on deaf years.

Bill Lee has served well on the SF Planning Commission and broke a stale mate that was created by petty politics that came from the BOS. Willie L. Brown the consummate politician that he is - in the middle of his Address to the City appointed Bill Lee on the Commission because earlier all his candidates were rejected. The stale mate was broken and Bill Lee continues to honorably serve the SF Planning Commission. Our City has bent back wards to anoint unqualified Lesbians and Homosexuals to head Departments and no one has the guts to say anything because they fear they must be very diplomatic. I can point out the present head of the SF Public Utilities Commission and the waste of millions of dollars. Virginia Harmon, inept and heads the Human Rights Commission - eighty five percent of contracts go outside our City and no one in the BOS has the guts to take on this corrupt entity.

When Anne Marie Conroy was appointed the head of the Office of Emergency Services the BOS was asleep. I was the first to point out about Anne Marie Conroy and in the end her ineptness, her haughtiness, her arrogance brought about her down fall. The BOS may take the credit for not approving her salary but the adjudication process started a long time ago by others well educated on issues.

Closer to home and the BOS there a number of BOS that have no Accountability less Transparency - no one says a word when Bevan Dufty chose to reappoint Fran Martin to the SFCTA Citizens Advisory Committee that missed more then required meetings and yet appointed her for another term. He was backed by Sophie Maxwell , Aaron Peskin, and Michaela Alito-Pier.

Sophie Maxwell was the only BOS during the just concluded Board Election to have two accounts linked to her campaign. This lack of Accountability is a key flaw and points to the worst type of corruption that Sophie Maxwell is well known for. She is on the take especially from Lennar Corp and through Roy Willis before and others today.

We are fully aware of the current BOS taking bribes and catering to Lobbyists but if we the public say something there will be a hue and cry. When it comes to corruption those that throw stones at others are the ones that have the biggest tally of corruption cases on their side. That includes the man that suffers from the Bonaparte Complex.

I have paid my dues and attended the meetings linked to the Budget and other Fiscal matters - City and County of San Francisco and found them flawed. Millions of dollars have been wasted and we have a $5.4 billion budget. It would take us years to adjudicate these shelved cases. Some time ago we had some serious problems with the San Francisco Airport and we still have them. Just because Bevan Dufty and a few others like Martin who works at SFO and who caters to some of the BOS - does not mean that all is well at the Western Front. Some of us know what is happening and the perks given to some BOS.

William Lee also known as Bill Lee has served this City and County of San Francisco well. He has worked hard and earned the respect of the Asian community but also others from all walks of life for many years.

It is simply wrong to bring a man such of his caliber and taunt him in front of the public and in a manner that poorly reflected on those BOS that chose to be little Mr. William Lee.

Some pathetic bastards do not fully understand what honor and respect means in the Asian Community. Whites love S and M in private and in the public but that is a poor reflection of the White Culture and especially when it comes from the mouths of those tainted with Zionist psyche.

What ever the circumstances we do not have any one better capable to represent the City and County of San Francisco on issues linked to Culture and Trade linked to Mainland China, Taiwan, Macao, the Philippines and other Pacific Rim Countries.

If I was Bill Lee I would resign and set up shop in private and keep my links with China and other powerful trade partners. Bill Lee has done more to bring about a better understanding of relations, increase in trade, respect and most of all honor.

Wait till the sad affairs and the humiliating tit for tat hits the Chinese newspapers. We all know that this City is Racist but let us be very careful on this sensitive issue.

Over forty five percent of the population of the City and County of San Francisco are Asian. Other entities can join forces with the Asians to remove some inept and arrogant BOS from office. Especially the buffoon that represents China Town and fails to understand Cultural Values. Enough is enough. Much of the deliberation could have been negotiated in private to save the insults that were thrown at Mr. William Lee. We that monitor most everything will wait at the appropriate time to throw the precise volleys and remember the cowards and manipulators that sit at the BOS with their inferiority complexes - pretending to have some power when they have none.

Remember it is the people that put some of you scum bags in the positions you hold as a Board of Supervisor. Be fair when it comes to issues on cases that all need the same attention. Do no pick and choose some issues so that you all can play politics.

None of you should be permitted to ride in the Chinese Parade for starters. All of you should be placed on the Shit List and dishonored because that is the only way you all will learn a lesson.

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