Before the Safety Committee.


The City and County of San Francisco has just added a gimmick and changed one committee name for another- there is a Safety Committee. Ross Mirkarimi is the Chair and the man that chases his tail and the most inept, ignorant, and very arrogant one from District 10 are the two side kicks on this lethargic committee that is making no headway.

The City and County is Racist and this has been revealed backed by empirical data. One has just to listen to the reports coming out of the SF Police Commission linked to racial profiling. The Office of Citizens Complaints is dysfunctional.

So is the San Francisco Police Department. Ripe with a number of serious rifts within the ranks and lacking accountability and transparency on most levels - but this does not come as a shock to many of us that have paid our dues monitoring these corrupt systems and attending the many meeting listening to jackals speak.

The Mayor's Office has undergone another change for some time now. Allen Nance has gone to the Juvenile Department to join his partner in crime William Sifferman - both of them came all the way from Chicago to make things worse for us here in San Francisco. There is the Foggy City and then there is the Windy City - it is a shame that we permit strangers to come into our living rooms and rearrange our furniture.

The Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice is now headed by Lenore Anderson. She been around even went to South Africa but has yet to comprehend the Apartheid that is rooted at City Hall and saturated within those Law Enforcement, City's Executive Branch of the SF City and County of San Francisco. Within these branches certain segment get well paid and well laid.

In the year 2007 less then six percent of the total population of San Francisco are African American. It used to be twenty five percent. Asians and Pacific Islanders are moving up as far as the population of San Francisco is concerned they make up about forty percent and growing. We do have a population of about 780,000 in this great City by the Bay. Plenty of red neck mentality in this so called liberal city. The Mayor Office of Criminal Justice is ripe with corruption and deserves some investigation from the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Some of us would attend the Crime and Gun Violence committee. The inept Sophie Maxwell was the Chair and messed this committee with no results. Recently, as I mentioned Ross Mirkarimi has taken over this committee with a new name and is it called the Safety Committee.

Safety goes hand in hand with Health and committees are fine - there are those that talk the talk but really what matters are those that walk the walk. So far we see nothing much of worth related to the Board of Supervisors and the statistics linked with Crime and Violence in the City and County of San Francisco. Less with Law Enforcement entities.

There has been a rise in killings and shooting in the Fillmore. There has been some in the Bayview Hunters Point too. The fewer killings in the Bayview Hunters Point has nothing to do with the Oakdale Injunction that covers two blocks and has more then forty percent of the Oakdale Public Housing boarded up. The Mayor, his cronies, and the White Main Media would like the world to believe otherwise.

The Crime and Gun Violence Committee was formed to reveal to the constituents of San Francisco - precise empirical data linked to killings and shootings. Data on the number of arrests and convictions and other pertinent issues related to the Quality of Life issues. Not once at any of the meetings was there a concise report given to those of us in attendance.

Lenore Anderson is young and very na´ve. Her presentation was most despicable and another blow to the Spin - Bait and Switch tactics that the Gavin Newsom Administration is famous for. The Blue Ribbon committee linked to the video scandal is no where in sight - the Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice was to take the lead - now in some convoluted manner the SF Controller's office is suppose to take the lead.

The Buck never stops at any one of the many adjudication points that this City of San Francisco have in place. We do not have one single person in authority that has a Blue Print complete with goals and time line to address the concerns of the constituents of San Francisco linked to crime, killings, shootings, violence, and so on. We have a number of idiots most of them do not live in our City but do get well paid and well laid and pretend to serve this City. This is a crying shame and no one has the guts to call a spade a spade. Imagine for every 28 constituents in San Francisco we have one City Employee. Thousands make over $100,000 a year plus benefits and do little to serve the constituents of San Francisco that pay taxes. This leaching has been going for years.

Our SF Police Department lacks a system where our Incident Reports are computerized in such a manner that we can get basic statistics in a couple of minutes. The Records Section is primitive and manual handing of Incident Reports often take weeks. It is such a primitive system with too many pit falls that tarnish the name of any person in Law Enforcement that desires to put their best foot forward - the public at large that is hostage to ineptness and false pretenses linked to this data.

San Francisco SAFE, the Community Response Network (CRN) and Safety Network, the Crisis Response Network, and there are other entities are all trying to vie to some how address Crime and Killings. Some take baby steps with little results. Others are talking and the actual implementation will take months. Others have dug themselves in a pit and are making hay while the sun shines.

In one case the SF Police Department uses the entity to push its goals without serving the constituents of San Francisco. In the other the District Attorney is pushing for something - with too many meetings, a bid process that is in the pipe line but in the interim our youth are dying and Quality of Life all over the City compromised. The Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice is backing another just to make waves with absolutely no Accountability less Transparency.

A review of the Mayor Office of Criminal Justice (MOCJ) web site by anyone well versed with Law Enforcement will reveal the conspicuous lack of leadership with this Department that does the Mayor's dirty work. MOCJ has blood on their hands and with the City Attorney playing a role - it is about time that Karma will come to haunt each and every one that has harmed innocent constituents in the City and County of San Francisco. Good people have left MOCJ and we know them well. We will monitor the Safety Committee and pay careful attention to the man that chases his tail. Also the sell out Uncle Tom and District 10 representative famous for policies, resolutions, hearings, fake ordinances but nothing to really benefit San Francisco and no concrete goals.

We have paid our dues. We have heard the fools but will not listen to stupidity. We have a plan and you have read it. It is about Community Policing. You may have read it but do you comprehend it? Time will tell.

In rapt attention.

MOCJ Director Lenore Anderson.

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