Friendly faces at IFH.


The Intertribal Friendship House (IFH) situated at 523 International Blvd, in Oakland, California is fifty years old. It has embraced thousands and it has been the gathering place - too many to count.

It has in times of need provided succor to those that need help most. The various rehabilitation programs have helped bring many back on track and face the day to day deliberations of the fake White Society while keeping a leveled head.

It is a paradox the trials and tribulations that most Native Americans, the First People of the Nation face every single day of their life - while most others, strangers, are treated fairly well. When it comes to the First People of this Nation and of California all hell breaks loose.

Up until 1924 it was legal to kill any California Native American and fetch a measly five dollar for his or her scalp. Hundreds were killed and the land stolen. Thousands of children were taken to boarding schools to brain wash the children and teach them ways that were detrimental to their souls. What good was done was destroyed and today we see it all.

For thousands of years all was well and the land was pristine. The mountains with their fresh clean snow pack. The forests were teeming with life and all around nature abounded without any pollution. The streams, rivers, lakes, were all pristine. The watershed was pure so that the springs manifested the best end purity. You could smell the air for miles and miles around and not an iota of harmful green gases and particulates that now cause so much harm and adversely impacts our ecology. Thousands of species that were are now no more. Aho.

Then came Lewis and Clark and what you see today is what these two fools paved for all Eternity to reflect. There will be - not too much to reflect when soon you will see little. This evil Society has used greed to gobble up resources in the name of vanity and so called fake prosperity. Stealing comes naturally as is their fake economy which today is in the hands of the Chinese and other foreign nations. Time will tell. Palefaces will fall from the sky and the wisdom of the Elders - defy. Trillions of dollars will be spent both directly and indirectly over the years because of very bad decisions and spiritual bankruptcy leading from wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other nations.

Here at home we suffer. The man speaks to god but his actions speak of the devil - for no man that loves the Spirit will embark on any journey that does more harm then good to his fellow humankind and to Mother Earth. Iraq after all is the home of Abraham the Father of all Nations.

Many thousands of years brought the tribes to understand that survival of this one Earth meant respect. You can research all you want and you will not find Greed and wanton waste as one will encounter with Whites among indigenous people. In the prophecies of the Hopi you can read the road map of the future. Many know this but choose to look the other way. For the TRUTH hurts but more it exposes the bankrupt soul.

You will never, ever find any indigenous people that thirst to go to graves and Shellmounds and loot, defile, desecrate, and destroy the sanctity that is inherent in every single First People. Your democracy came from the Six Nations - your Founding Fathers took it and prostituted the model of governance. The Electoral System as it stands today is faulty and smacks of a time when landlords, slavery, and feudalism reigned. This Republic is no fine tuned Democracy.

You will never find fork tongue folks among those that respect the Elders and Mother Earth. But, from some where a disease that has changed the face of the Earth is now trying to curtail Global Warming and Climate Change and reverse Cumulative Pollution when it is too late. Most have missed the boat, the bus, the train and the plane.

I was at the Intertribal Friendship House on March 15, 2007 among my good friends the Shellmound Walkers. This one of kind fellowship brings folks from all tribes and all walks of life to one sacred place. Most, fully understand the role of the First People, the respect for Mother Earth. We all call ourselves the Shellmound Walkers - blessed children, strong women, warrior men who honor the Great Spirit and listen carefully to the wisdom of our Elders. We respect the Shellmounds and more Mother Earth - we listen and remain silent. The Intertribal Friendship House (IFH) will survive and go on to build bridges. It will gather the tribes and send the message of respect for Mother Earth. It will heal the wounds and soothe the pain - for no good can come without the pangs of child birth, no love without sacrifice.

We all remember how so many were given a one way bus ride to Oakland, Los Angles and other destinations. Taken from their families, uprooted, to destroy what is most SACRED to every family the family tree. Today, we see but fail to reflect - no one single community has faced the trials and tribulation as have the Native Americans robbed of their land, kept on reservations, mercilessly killed, brain washed, raped of their culture and person, no federal recognition the list goes on and on and on.

I have traversed the world and when I am with Wounded Knee and Morning Star I feel blessed. I feel the blessing when I am with good children, women and men that are grounded and not greedy. The Shellmound Walkers have done this Universe proud - they have kept their feet on the ground and listen to the heart beat of Mother Earth.

I was present on March 15, 2007 and I did see the aura of goodness. I did speak and so did others. We all mean well but fall short because of our frailty and humanity. We must leave this Earth a better place for those that come after us. Now, we must unite against the forces of EVIL.

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