Before the Safety Committee.


The Mayor Office of Criminal Justice (MOCJ) under the na´ve and inept Lenore Anderson is jumping from the frying pan into the fire.

The last idiot - to man the MOCJ was Allen Nance but he was sent to the Juvenile Department to aid his partner in crime from Chicago William Sifferman. Prior to that the woman that headed the Department was canned and several good people have left MOCJ.

This drama at the MOCJ has been going for years and to the detriment of the youth and the quality of life issues that this City and County demands from the Mayor's Office of San Francisco. Mayor Gavin Newsom has let us all down.

Of course the Mayor is busy with his extra curricula activities. Nothing much has changed at Room 200 in City Hall - today, we are worse off then we were yesterday. Spin and Media, Bait and Switch, and lies galore are what emit from Room 200 like toxic spewing particulates one sees here there and everywhere from the stacks Southeast of this City.

On another front we have thousands of perverts released from our jails and all concentrated near Single Residential Areas and near schools and homes where live decent families in San Francisco. No one knows the number of perverts as many at twenty thousand some garner.

Just two San Francisco Police Officers are assigned to check on these perverts - child molesters of the worst kind, pedophiles, and the worst degenerates that are sick in their mind. This City has done little if not nothing to address this situation exposing thousands to harm.

Just how many innocent children get molested is any ones guess. Yet if you ask our Mayor and the MOCJ - they think all is well - when it fact the City attracts the worst kind of perverts - ever. Where are Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein on this one? Where is the Federal Bureau of Investigation? Where is the Department of Justice on the Federal side. The City Attorney thinks he is hood winking us with Injunctions here, there and every where. I do not know who is kidding whom. Crime is on the increase and we cannot get the statistics from the San Francisco Police Department because they lack the soft wear and the ability to zero in and segregate certain types of crimes at a moments notice.

The Incident Reporting System as reported by me is antiquated as the many inept and corrupt rednecks that infest the San Francisco Police Department - ill trained, lacking leadership, and lost to fend themselves and the citizens of San Francisco without any sense of duty. Many come to San Francisco to earn their salary complete with perks and as I said no sense of duty and little if nor self worth.

Racial profiling is on the increase. If you are dark skinned you are a marked person. The Bayview Hunters Point has seen a flux of obese police men on motor cycles and others in unmarked police cars intimidating innocent citizens. I have photographed some situations so that those that deny such incidents may believe.

Lenore Anderson was pathetic in her presentation and now has assigned to her office a police Sergeant who is at her back and call - one dumb person leading the other. Of course the Sergeant has no clue about the state of affairs linked to Incident Reports, no history of MOCJ, and no clue that he is being used as a Black Man much as the idiot Allen Nance.

There are perverts galore in San Francisco and this City gives a presentation as if all is well. One has just to get the reports from the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Federal, Department of Justice to get a clear picture. If I know this fact - the dumb Supervisors sitting on the Public Safety Committee should know it.

There is an effort made to convey through presentations na´ve notions and sound off disinformation and create confusion in the minds of the constituents of San Francisco. It is a shame that we have an inept and uneducated buffoon like the Supervisor from District 10. I heard her praising a report that was full of holes and left much to be desired.

Who will do something about the many perverts roaming our streets in San Francisco? Many live in the Tenderloin and the Mission and the San Francisco Police Department is full aware of these lurking vermin.

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