We cannot afford to have this City and County of San Francisco run the Mayor's Office Of Criminal Justice (MOCJ) by some punks that have NO experience and absolutely no history about San Franciscans and San Francisco. Less of Law Enforcement and that of Safety and Health.

It is a joke that the MOCJ that has a pathetic record is trying to influence the San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) because of its closer ties with some punk ass cronies that work in Room 200 at City Hall and have the ear of the Mayor. That is when he is not involved with some extra curricula activities including that which made him very famous - sleeping with his best friend's wife and keeping it a secret for over a year.

Lenore Anderson is a joke and thinks that she can pull some blinders over the eyes of many constituents that understand Law Enforcement (LE) and have a working relationship and connection with what goes on at ground zero in San Francisco.

Recently a Black LE was assigned to the MOCJ - he is no more then a mouth piece and his contribution to the public stemming from his work at MOCJ has been next to nil.

David Mauroff and David Onek who once worked at the MOCJ have moved on to better stuff. These two men were experienced and knew what they were doing. Now, we have staff - whiling away their time and pretending to do some work - but, as I said a disgrace to the human race.

The MOCJ thinks nothing spending thousands on Consultants. Consultants give you want you want to hear. After all why should any consultant bite the hand that feeds her or him? The MOCJ way is to waste money and keep crime and related issues under the rug. Homicides are on the increase in San Francisco. We want to hear the latest statistics and not statistics from past years that we know have been altered and do not reflect - reality.

Again and again some Community Based Organizations have been mentioned that have no model and less Accountability and Transparency. A simple audit by the Controller Office would reveal this. We know what is happening at Ground Zero.

Today, there is more violence and killings on the streets of San Francisco. One took place in broad day light between Eight and Ninth Streets on Market. Today, compared to last year we have more homicides but no statistics reflecting this number and the reason why from the inept director that runs the MOCJ.

The San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) has problems of its own. Many senior police men and women are retiring. As much as San Francisco wants to recruit and put on the street - candidates that have passed the Police Academy - there is no substitute for experience and history. There is no substitute when one has gone through the fire.

Added to this many of the new candidates and sworn in police officers live outside the City and County of San Francisco. They come here to work - take their pay check - criticize the citizens as well as the department they work for and do we sincerely - expect things to be in order. Some can keep on dreaming.

Added you have the Police Officers Association (POA) running its mouth and its policies contrary to the mandate of keeping discipline and following orders from the Chain of Command. If you cannot respect the SF Police Commission go take a hike. And you know that extra income was indeed taken away from you - cry baby cry, but that is a fact.

The San Francisco Police Commission has admonished the head of the POA but he could not care less. Again and again the PAO has tried to curtail Proposition H and other legislation that would stand in favor of the citizens of San Francisco and demand accountability from those that are paid by the constituents of San Francisco. We demand sound Safety conditions and issues related to Quality of Life Standards. We can handle the POA and bring some changes at the SFPD but the MOCJ is out or control. Too na´ve and out of sync with reality and then you have the Safety Committee which is a Comedy Club that has gone postal.

This is a City has know how but has lost its way in a maze of incompetence.

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