As each year passes we have so many hardened killers with the most destructive weapons roaming without any impunity on the streets of San Francisco. San Francisco can be likened to Bagdad in many ways. The paradox these killers are as young as 14 and 15 years.

There are so many turfs and so many hardened killers that thugs today boast about what they can do and not do to those they want to target. Now, many of these thugs will not communicate in a manner where they can be easily detected. This phenomenon leaves the Law Enforcement biting the dust.

The Mayor Office of Criminal Justice under the punk Mayor Gavin Newsom is a joke. Newsom talks the talk but he cannot simply walk the walk. Thugs make fun of the Mayor and his punk ass. They openly talk of him as a whore and when thugs call the Mayor a whore - this notion is completely out of sync while addressing a man. It is better if they called him a pimp or a dog.

The other day the respected Doctor Andre Campbell from the San Francisco General Hospital gave his comments and explained to the dumb Supervisors some of the horrible action linked to gun shots and killings on the street of San Francisco.

I think it is time a video is shot of a gun shot victim and the confusion and horrendous amount of energy spent in the early minutes trying to safe a life in an Emergency Room. May be the blood, the hectic activity, the concern, the pain and suffering, the commotion of the moment will spur some idiotic Supervisors to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

No one is addressing why so many African Americans are being shot in the City and County of San Francisco. The African American population has dwindled to less then five percent. And in a few years it may be two percent. Spinal cord injuries leave most victims of gun shots fending for themselves and when they can find no support they become desperate.

I have spoken to several of these victims - some were involved in gangs and some were innocent bystanders or in the wrong place at the wrong time. Bottom line little if no help is accorded to these victims.

The San Francisco General Hospital has over one billion budget. While millions are spent on diseases such as AIDS in proportion little is spent on victims of gun shots. Only recently some one decided to look at the situation in a holistic manner and offer long term care and support to gun shot victims and especially those that have spinal cord injury.

We have a Supervisor who is a wheel chair pretending that she really knows what is going on in the streets but this does live in the Marina. This Supervisor would do well to live in Public Housing for a day or two and understand the reality better from her roving wheel chair. There is a kind of phoniness in the Safety Hearing when questions are addressed by this Supervisor who District is well know for whoring and drug sales along Lombard Street.

A few thousand dollars cannot bring about mitigation to gun shot victims. Another element that defies logic is why is the City and County so late to even address the situation?

Now hot on the heels of gun shots and shootings are stabbings. People cannot afford to lose an argument and when they do on the rough streets - guns and knives are pulled out. Most of these folks are young and many uneducated. Many do not know how to spell civility.

There was a time when a Policeman or woman could befriend the constituent. Now, when you talk to a policewoman or man you are deemed a snitch. Thousands detest the police and the work they do and this may confuse those that live in glass houses but on the streets of San Francisco the "snitch" philosophy is alive and kicking.

Thugs have their own code of silence and the Asian gangs will not trust the police even if their mama says so. This information is common knowledge but the Mayor Office of Criminal Justice (MOCJ) has no clue how to bring about peace and how to curb the shootings. When one hears Lenore Anderson address the Safety Committee and by the way you can watch her on your computer or buy a tape or plain watch her on the television when the Safety Committee meetings are replayed. A quick analysis of her thinking and the way she comments on serious issues - reveals the lack of being educated on issues.

It takes a thug to know a thug or it takes years of keen observation and understanding of the criminal world to know the good, the bad, and the ugly. The MOCJ director lacks experience and if she is doing the Mayor's bidding she is in the wrong field.

The Uncle Tom policeman assigned to MOCJ does not help either. The director of MOCJ should understand all the nuances and not look to a policeman for answers when it comes to stats, the penal code, pertinent issues linked to killings, shooting, drug sales, prostitution, blue collar crimes, stuff that hits the ceiling and brings despair in many communities.

Good hard working families rearing good children prefer to leave San Francisco and go elsewhere. Thousands have left San Francisco while our Mayor is busy with extra curricula activities. His pride inflated because some polls say he is popular. As far as his character is considered I would not trust him with my poodle.

Character is important and this has nothing to do with forgiveness. When you are a professional one must think twice if not thrice before jumping in the cesspool. The folks at MOCJ are beholden to the fake Mayor and do not serve the constituents of San Francisco. At City Hall it is fine to get paid and laid. This is wrong.

Most of the staff has no understanding of what is going on in the neighborhoods. Gone are the days when you knew some about African American gangs and you were given a salute. Asians and Latinos rule the streets today and the cops think they know some when daily they are licking their chops. With the internal feuding among Law Enforcement , the bad character report emitting form Room 200, inept directors trying to impress by hiring consultants to do their job, lack of stats, the police incident report system wayward, lack of morale, crime on the increase, the Supervisors drowning and grabbing the last straw - no wonder this City has gone to the pigs.

I communicate and attend many meeting and watch these clowns and wonder - who do they think they are trying to bluff. There is bluff and there is fluff may be they should work in the Armory on Mission Street. There is more money to be made fluffing then addressing crime in our City.

What really bothers me is when the MOCJ invites outsiders to come into our living room and arrange the furniture. Hooking the consultants with University of California San Francisco that has not served the constituents of San Francisco and created divisiveness.

I know some gang bangers and in my hey day there were many that I controlled. So thugs and thuggery is nothing knew to me. I saw what I saw and turned away and went to a circle of institutions of learning the best in the world. My travels and my innate talents to seek the best in the human spirit led me to address quality of life issues.

Police man and woman come from Society we do not import them from the planet Zubi Zubi. Thugs men and women come from Society. Any way you look at it the moral fiber of Society is sinking to an all time low. The old gangsters will tell you about the code of silence and the rules of the games. The new punk gangsters with their baggy pants while shooting have to grab their pants from falling to their heels.

The know less about guns and even less about a straight shooting. What favors them is access to guns that are supplied by you know whom.

It is not as if the young some as old as thirteen and fourteen years know what they are doing. Guns in their hands is like a toy and the games from the television when executed make them freak out. There are no family values - the single mothers have a hard time. Add to the menu some drugs like crack cocaine and you have a laboratory of the worst type of thugs, immature, and punk ass the world has ever seen. No one is ready in this City of San Francisco to take on the woes of society. The ills and woes of Society cannot be blamed on the City but the City does not have balls to address the real elements. You have clowns like Ross, Sophie and the man who chases his tail - trying to make something out of nothing. In the bargain a Circus is created but the clowns have not gone to school.

The Gun and Violence Committee has been shelved and in its place, replaced by the Safety Committee which is going no where. I chose a few youth and watched the Safety Committee with them and asked for their opinion. The comments I heard cannot be printed. One comment can be made mention of and it goes like this: "who is that jackass that thinks she knows too much. She talks too much".

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