Before the Safety Committee.


It is a joke when you see some young women linked to the Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice make a illogical presentation and be lauded for their effort by the dumb, inept, and arrogant Sophie Maxwell. Sometimes joining his side kick Ross Mirkarimi the Chair of the Safety Committee.

There has been a concerted effort made by the Mayor Office of Criminal Justice (MOCJ) to hoodwink the public.

Lenore Anderson has now been joined by Maya Dillard-Smith formerly from Oakland and linked to Emerge California group of wanabees. I wonder if Maya has ever spent some time with real gangs in San Francisco. It is one thing to be college smart and get away with murder - another to fathom the gangs at ground zero and especially when some one does not understand the cultural divide. This is NOT Oakland.

Her presentation is mostly book talk and she has got a lot of her information from fake so called advocates that have never ever been close to the present real gangs.

The grant linked to the Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice (MOCJ) and the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) called SF Citywide Violence Prevention Planning Initiative is the worst blunder ever to be initiated in San Francisco.

How dare we allow these jerks (all of them) to come into our living room and rearrange our furniture. Outsiders that know little about the makeup and diversity of our City and encourage the blatant racism that has been the hall mark of this administration under Mayor Gavin Newsom.

There has been more stabbings, killings, and shooting ever under the Administration of Mayor Gavin Newsom and more under the changing leadership and policies coming from the MOCJ. David Onek and David Mauroff will bear witness and sound testimony to what I am stating. Add to that especially element of "pussyfooting" and Gavin and his cronies think they can pull the Getty under the rug scandal and get away with murder. Time will tell.

I was there November 29, 2006 at the UCSF Mission Bay Auditorium and I did state what I thought of the plan; to everyone one loud and clear. My friend Mitch Salazar, John Nauer, Jim Queen, Brother Miles, Kevin Blackwell a host of other sisters and brothers heard me.

We, San Franciscans have the best Community Policing Plan and very good plans written by San Franciscans for San Franciscans - we really do not need jerks from Oakland and elsewhere to come here and re-invent the wheel.

And that is just what is happening - and to top it all these jerks get paid from a grant that has had very little vetting with the community at large. More money with perks from our General Fund. Who the fuck hires these jerks and why are we all taking this shit lying down.

The Code of Silence is well initiated and kept by those gangs that rule the roost and operate in cognito and have the ability to penetrate the most sophisticated Departments and that includes the SF Police Department.

I said they have the ability to penetrate the most sophisticated Departments - but for them to gather information and penetrate SF City Departments is nothing - it is a joke. In other words kids play.

Under the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) millions of dollars have been given to some entity that purports to know a lot about gangs in San Francisco. So, I visited a variety of gangs - one Asian, one Samoan, one Cambodian, two Latino, and one African American.

The paradox is that none of these gangs knew one little bit about the UCSF study and outreach - I have mentioned above. More over they could care less about the Mayor and more about the Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice. I tried to prod them to say something - these gangs are so far removed from the present discussion of Gang Prevention that the TRUTH has to be told. The Mayor has no respect among the youth be it gangs or other wise. He is well known as a sissy and famous for his extra-curricula activities. He is also known for his Spin and Media - Bait and Switch - and a Master Manipulator - typically of those that live a double life.

In San Francisco the cultural divide favors various ethnic groups. Many of them have seen violence and have lived in harsher environments. The African American gangs take their orders from behind the wall. Our uneducated women on gangs from MOCJ are trying to present a presentation about gangs from books - so sanitized that it triggers one to puke.

In the same breath they talk about LGBT community and even embrace the Faith Based community. I will focus on the Faith Based community - their work is next to nil when it comes to outreach, to our youth and gangs. Lenore and Maya do not see this disconnect and want to bring this notion of Faith Based for some ulterior reasons.

Ministers and Pastors especially the Christian churches talk the talk but will not walk the walk. If one has faith on one's side these so called vermin faith based folk should go out and do some quality outreach in the streets. Put their life on the line because God is with them. Alleluia! But no they will be there only on funeral day - more to collect money then to save a life before it enters the coffin.

The worst scum of the earth about, the faith based pastors - are found in the Bayview Hunters Point.

These faith based leaders will take money from anyone - and more from SF Redevelopment Agency and Lennar BVHP LLC. Of course Lenore and Maya are not cognizant of this fact nor are they about a multitude of other critical social aspects dear to the Latino, Cambodian, Laotians, Samoan, Russian, Middle-Eastern, Chinese, Eritrean, Vietnamese, Sudanese, Nigerian, and the over 45 other ethnic communities.

The two women then went on to project a chart - a fake organizational chart that makes so sense. In order to communicate one has to have the ability to access and evaluate at ground zero. Give us a break down of our community and what have you done with your English language! Here we have two women who have no clue about communication and less about facts at ground zero. The only language they understand is English and the only culture they are exposed to is the one they are sautéed with. Throw in life style and you know these are the best experts we have on gangs and gang violence prevention. Pathetic.

There is not one MOCJ employee that I have met that understands gangs from the perspective of where they come from, focused rehabilitation, long range support and change of attitude for the better. Our gangs today are sophisticated and will not allow peons to penetrate their organizations. More those that pussyfoot about.

They are well funded and do not want the stupid programs and bread crumbs and with the lack of sincerity that has defeated the good work of RAP and other such organizations long before some Mickey Mouse women came on the scene to make a further mockery of ineptness.

Today gangs are far more sophisticated then we had 5 years ago. The modus operandi has changed and those dumb women from MOCJ better take a refresher course. Stop pussyfooting around.

It is amazing that with the statistics put up at the Safety Meeting - even though crime in generally up - shootings, killings, and stabbings and have you on the increase. The presentation lacked cohiveness - Sophie Maxwell with her poor IQ praised the dumb women from MOCJ. When will this nonsense stop?

This is not Oakland and this Safety Committee is taking hints from Oakland where the crime is on the increase. This is the City and County of San Francisco. Our San Francisco Police Department, our City Attorney Office, our District Attorney Office, our Sherriff's Office, our Crime Prevention Models should reflect our population, our values, our genuine models that we have in place.

Our Mayor is all over the place now he wants to copy New York and place a judge in the Tenderloin. What has he done for the poor in the Tenderloin? Why do we have so many homeless sleeping on the streets? Why are our shelters a disgrace to the human race? Why is this jerk always coming up with ploys and hovering around jerks that are detrimental to our City? Why are so many drug sold on our streets. The MOCJ is a joke and should be shut down. Their only purpose is to waste money and come out with policies that are detrimental to the quality of life of all San Franciscans. The Safety Committee should stop wasting our time - you jerks talk the talk but cannot walk the walk.

I have attended all your meeting and I have tried to fathom the idiocy and the illogical ways you folks think. You want to reform the gangs - first reform yourselves. Most of you should go to jail for all the close door meetings you have and the dubious ploys you all try to execute to the detriment of San Franciscans.

This Maya and Lenore combination is a piece of work that needs some psychiatric evaluation from the best institution on this planet. I see the Sharon connection and money flowing in the wrong direction for all the wrong reasons. Aho.

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