In the last week there were three major shootings one on Raymond Street in the Visitation Valley early in the morning, another one by Garfield Park where a young Latino man died, and the third not far away from 850 Bryant and closer to the Oakland freeway in broad daylight - halting traffic and causing a mess in the South of Market area.

So, if this is not Bagdad by the Bay and a closer resemblance of what is happening in Iraq - I ask what is. In the mean time the Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice and the so called cracker noise makers including the inebriated one from Visitation Valley will be asking for money for all the wrong purposes. A couple of million could stock some good Southern Comfort and aid sufficient nonsense to cause more confusion at City Hall and all over this City.

We just cannot have idiots that have no clue about the drastic changes involving the present gang mind set and the constant changes of morality and more trying to chase their tail and say they are doing something about crime. Nothing much is done at or from the Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice (MOCJ). So, it is time for the clowns - all of them to pack up and bid adieu and stop wasting tax payer's dollars.

It will take our detectives busy as they are with a hundred other issues trying to figure out what to do. The forensic laboratory they say is one of the best - and that comes from the head of the laboratory once situated at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard among radiological elements and on a Super Fund Site.

Society could be told the makes of the gun and the kind of bullets and this could be revealed at the next Safety Meeting so that the clowns that sit on it could comment and say something not that they do not run their mouth and that is the extend of the deliberation. Running their mouths and spewing diatribe while in broad daylight shootings and killings take place in open defiance right on our streets.

Our Mayor knows it all and has the proper personnel involved in extra curricula activities and all that with Crime Scene Experts and all. I said one took place in the morning right in the middle of Visitation Valley on Raymond Street, another by Garfield Park, and the third for the entire world to see by the Bay Bridge ramp in San Francisco.

The San Francisco Police were there - baffled because the boldness of the last shooting some 21 bullets plus was a crime committed with intent and mafia style to challenge any and all authority.

So now the clowns that head the Safety Committee, the MOCJ, our Mayor Gavin Newsom, the other clowns all experts in so called crime must find out what is happening.

We must nib this nonsense in the bud.

May be bring out of retirement my good friend Rick Bruce and form a Blue Ribbon Committee and have Mayor Gavin Newsom sitting on it as the side Chair by the real Chair. The guy knows it all including trying to transform the Tenderloin with Courts and adjudication and comparisons to New York without structure and of course less culture.

Crime in our City and County of San Francisco is now a pandemic and the clowns hiding behind their masks and blown up noses do not know what to make of it. For years the first clown toyed with one Crime Committee and now we have another - and really we are getting closer to the worst cesspool if those in the know - know what I mean.

Do we have blatant open selling of drugs between 5th and 8th Street on Market in San Francisco? Do we have further open selling of drugs all over the Tenderloin? In the alley ways by Sixth Street? Here, there and everywhere - with our Safety Committee not once addressing the issue?

Of course our Safety Committee sees no relation with this issue? How can they - when they cannot see beyond their noses? The killings all of them I mentioned and more used guns. Guns are found everywhere and the ones using them are young.

Time for me to go chill out far away may be to Kangaroo Land - come back and see what has transpired with the all the diatribe and more - they talk the talk but when will they ever learn to walk the walk. The shit that once prevailed in Oakland is now coming faster our way may be because of the Lenore-Maya connection or could be it a fleeting thought gone astray one time too many?

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