There is a movement and a grassroots movement to drive Lennar BVHP LLC out of our community.

We are putting Lennar on notice and with Lennar - Sophie Maxwell, Mayor Gavin Newsom and all those cronies we have named on the web site for the longest time ever. Enough is Enough.

Lennar has with intent bombarded our community in the Bayview Hunters Point and because the wind reaches far and wide polluted all of San Francisco and beyond with very dangerous Asbestos particles.

It is shame that Lennar BVHP LLC with intent bombarded the Muhammad University - knowing well that the school had very young children. The children will not forget the evil Lennar for the rest of their lives and rightly so.

We the community kept telling the SF Redevelopment Agency Commissioners, the Mayor of San Francisco, Michael Cohen, Jessie Blout, Marcia Rosen, Nancy Pelosi, Sophie Maxwell, Aurelious Walker, Calvin Jones, Dwayne Jones, Linda Richardson, Angelo King, Willie B. Kennedy, Doris Vincent and a host of others that could have helped us about Lennar BVHP LLC and Lennar evil way. They all defended Lennar. Well, let us see now what happens to all these vermin.

We tried as all God's children must try but now the scum bags have crossed the line and those that have harmed the Children of God must pay restitution. The crooks may think of money but the restitution is that they must all go to jail for a long time. Failing that they must leave our community. We cannot trust scum bags in our community.

We will stop Lennar BVHP in its tracks. For a long time we thought dialog was the appropriate way but Lennar BVHP LLC and that weasel Kofi Bonner does not comprehend - dialog. We want Lennar out of our community - the sooner the better. Lennar talks the talk but will not walk the walk. Why is Roy Willis that skunk that did all the dirty work for the longest time ever? The silent paymaster of Lennar BVHP LLC? Lennar BVHP LLC is not afraid of litigation - its own employees all African Americans one even a Project Manager are suing Lennar BVHP LLC for blatant discrimination.

We have seen Lennar's management look you straight in the eye and lie. Even as Mayor Gavin Newsom will look at you straight in the eye and lie. Even as the worst lies are told about Communities of Opportunity. Lies by Mayor Gavin Newsom trying to tear down Public Housing which is Federal Property to build homes with long leases that will be held by Lennar the worst Real Estate Developer in the Nation.

We the people do not want anything Lennar touches. We do not want Lennar in our community. We are stating to Lennar get out of our community and if do not forever hold your peace.

We have tons of documentation how Lennar has used blood money to buy politicians, Black men of faith aka Pastors, Clergymen, even Bishops, crooks of the worst caliber to harm the community and do injustice to the constituents of Bayview Hunters Point and beyond.

We have been meeting every Thursday right at ground zero in the same area this Racist City declared an Injunction linked to some youth and went of its way to call them the "Oakdale Gang".

Well, it is this same area - Ground Zero - that declared an Injunction by this Racist City and if the City and the crooks that run this City want to mess with the children of God - bring it on

There can be NO LOVE with dire SACRIFICE and lead by Minister Christopher Muhammad, Pastor Ernest Jackson, Reverend Joe Niumalelega, Pastor Santana, Bishop King, Brother Miles, Brother Leon Muhammad, Brother Marks, Francisco Da Costa, Espanola Jackson, Lynne Brown and a host of other decent constituents we will do what it takes to bring justice to the community and decency to San Francisco and the many decent San Franciscans that are with us. Our Mayor chose to sleep with the wife of his best friend. He is not getting it - morally weak and spiritually bankrupt he has the backing of evil forces like Lennar to do the devil work. We must put a stop to this nonsense and in the name of God - rescue our children.

We have been meeting every Thursday and thanks be to God our numbers are swelling. We will soon visit the Mayor, the Health Commission and the Board of Supervisors. We have done it before and put them on notice and we again, and again, and again.

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