Some say that San Francisco is a very liberal City and I just do not know what that means. I do know for a fact that this City and County of San Francisco is the most Racist City in the Bay Area.

So, we have some folks including Mayor Gavin Newsom meeting folks all over the place trying to convince small and mostly big developers that housing is good for the poor. He is buying hope with lies.

For those in the know the poor have never, ever been accommodated in a just manner with good quality housing in San Francisco. In fact the poor are not accommodated at all. One has just to visit the Single Residential Occupancy (SROs), the shelters, the half-way homes, the other models used to accommodate the poor and prey on them like leaches. In this City if you are poor you are a non-entity. Go figure.

The mentally challenged are abused the most and the housing opportunities for these children of God are the worst. Often times the mentally challenged prefer to sleep on the street then be subjected to the worst type of cruelty by so called Community Based Organization that work with Mayor Gavin Newsom and his cronies.

The worst culprit is Progress Foundation - visit any of their establishments and see for yourself. Mercy Housing is making waves for all the wrong reasons. The poor we have always and the poor keep us honest. But, unfortunately it is becoming a crime to be poor and the filthy rich the likes of Mayor Gavin Newsom and his cronies talk the talk but fail to walk the walk with their evil mentality.

Some months ago I had to go to Sacramento to witness for myself how some opportunists most Black folks that wear the collar - trying to testify before some Board in Sacramento - to win big money in the millions to help AIMCO. This is part of the HOPE lie that is being discussed mostly in small circles by some crooks and meant to exploit the poor and those that cannot defend themselves. Now, we all know how AIMCO was fined over $3 million dollars for managing the worst type of housing in the Bayview - the housing complexes known as All Hallows, Shoreview, and so on. These inferior built housing have poor pluming, fungi, leaks during the dry season and worse when it rains. People have died from diseases living in these complexes.

Housing for the poor has never been of any good standard in San Francisco. Past history linked to most of Public Housing built by the Department of Defense and most of it interim housing was never meant to be in place for more then 50 years. It has last more with detrimental affects mostly affecting health and killing poor folks.

Today in the Visitation Valley, Potrero Hill, Hunters Point, Alemany, even the Public Housing by the old Army Street and Valencia Garden is inferior. Most come under the jurisdiction of the Housing Authority and the Housing Authority has been plagued with fiscal problems too many to mention.

In places like Double Rock we have people who have fallen prey to Socialist Organizations who took over the Work Order linked to maintenance of Public Housing at Double Rock - some call the projects there Alice Griffith.

A group infiltrated and then used the Work Orders as a ploy to increase memberships. If you paid the membership - the group would forward the work order. Never mind if you were poor and your toilet did not work for months - no membership fee, suffer. I personally brought this nonsense to the attention of Greg Fortner who I consider a sincere man and one who tries his best to do the right thing. He unfortunately heads the San Francisco Housing Authority.

I worked at the Presidio of San Francisco and we have good housing at the Presidio of San Francisco. Do you know the John Stewart Company controls all of it? It does so at Treasure Island. The SROs and complexes all over this City - too many units for this one Housing Management Entity to control. Investigate and find out how many people of color are into Housing Management - you must belong to the Cartel. For those that remember the John Stewart Company controlled the rat infested, pest infesting, filthy, stinking Geneva Towers that were torn down in the Visitation Valley. New inferior housing was built but the paradox is the poor were not given a chance. Others, too few got some inferior housing and no one seemed to care about what happen to the many poor.

By Fisherman Wharf and close to the Safeway in San Francisco is a Housing Project. The folks organized here and they do have some quality housing there - but it took a lot of organization and some leaders did well on that one.

Mayor Gavin Newsom with his tag team headed by Jessie Blout has been meeting developers trying to use some millions to entice the poverty pimps to build homes for the poor. This is a joke, no housing is ever meant for the poor but some one want to raise money in the name of the poor. There is housing for those that have good credit. If you have a felony forget about so called affordable housing try find a place under some bridge in San Francisco now that Golden Gate Park is out of bounds.

The San Francisco Redevelopment Agency with Marcia Rosen is the worst detriment to the poor in San Francisco. One has just to study the Certificates linked to Fillmore that were issued when middle class folks were torn from their communities and sent to all places and many landed and died in place like the Tenderloin. Others, came to the Bayview Hunters Point and with stress and poor health - died. The horror stories are many but housing advocates that purport to know some know little if nothing about humanity and less about compassion.

Do not believe a word that comes from Mayor Gavin Newsom and the Mayor's Office of Housing. If you want the truth contact Alex Tourk and he will tell you the truth. Alex works as a consultant and for a small fee he will give you all the goods on Mayor Gavin Newsom and all the cronies that surround Room 200 purporting to work for the poor.

Mayor Gavin Newsom is playing with fire. Chris Daly is right - the Mayor is phony, fake, into Spin and Media and most of all cannot be trusted. You can never do business with anyone that cannot be trusted. Disciplined folks and those that believe in strong morals and ethics have no place for a woman or man that cannot be trusted and more that use friends and others to serve dubious ploys and harm the poor that need help most. We see this at Oakdale Public Housing and all over the place.

HOPE VI has faded and once provided some hope for the poor. The Mayor is trying to use some grants and devious ploys to play with fire and burn poor folks. The Mayor does not have the guts to sit with real men and women and talk sense. He loves pussyfooting and that may work in certain circles for so long. We are watching and we know when to get this Mayor - the jack ass can run all he wants but he cannot hide.

There has been a hue and cry for housing and especially for families and the poor. But, this City is against families and has with poor policy driven thousands of families away from San Francisco. When it comes to good families this City looks the other way. What has Mayor Gavin Newsom to say?

Once thirty five percent of the population comprised of African Americans in San Francisco - right now we are about five percent. In ten years you will have to paint a White black and pretend to talk to a Black. Years before Fleming the good Black writer walked Market Street and the only other Black he saw was when he looked in the mirror.

It is pity to see Black folks sit with a corrupt, immoral Mayor and try to do business and pretend to work for housing. The man cannot be trust and will say whatever you want to hear then when you are gone turn around and stab you in the back.

This Mayor is aligning himself with the worst Real Estate Developers in the Nation - the likes of Lennar. Property Mangers like John Stewart who are not kind to the poor and people that live in housing where they run checks and collect rents. Just ask the folks that live in the SROs.

Good housing with standards should be built for the poor and Community Based Organization should manage them with help from proven organizations that have a good track record. May be Randy Shaw should work on this or at least have a say. There are over 30,000 housing units all planned in the Southeast Sector. Vultures are coming out for all the wrong reasons and the many encouraging them is Mayor Gavin Newsom. It is time to get rid of this scum bag and encourage the honesty of Chris Daly. Time to find a candidate that can really whip the ass of this moron that is screwing things left, right, and center. He is a Nuisance Mayor and must go.

I may not agree with Chris Daly on everything, who wants to - but there is no doubt he is there on the front lines when it comes for quality housing for the poor. I would like to see some trusted advocate address the needs of the mentally challenged. Right now the best help our mentally ill sisters and brothers get is the County jails. This is a fact.

Gavin Newsom talk the talks, loves to deceive and never, ever, walks the walk. Bring it on - all you pussyfooting cowards that talk with a forked tongue. This land was stolen from the Ohlone and now you not only desecrate it but exploit the poor. What else can you expect from scum bags and folks that lack honest but mostly have no integrity.

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