There is an ongoing heist at Mission Bay in San Francisco with crooks like Jessie Blout, Mayor Gavin Newsom, Marcia Rosen of the SF Redevelopment Agency trying their best to sell homes, buildings, to people that are not fully aware of liquefaction and very toxic soil surrounding the area and the buildings at Mission Bay in San Francisco.

One would have thought a regulatory agency like the Regional Water Board would act in the better interests of all Californians - but this is not so. One would have thought that the Department of Toxic and Substances Control (DTSC) would fend for the rights of the constituents of San Francisco but this too is not the case.

Further one would have thought the City Attorney and the SF Health Department would have come to the rescue of the constituents and the tax payers of San Francisco - and believe me these agencies have all failed us miserably and continue to look the other way.

Mission Bay is a cesspool prone to very serious liquefaction and if the Big One happens soon toxic elements now bubbling a few feet under will spill and spew into the air, water, and land and adversely impact thousands.

The operations of San Fe and Southern Pacific - that of numerous other heavy and light industries once made sure that all their toxic waste was dumped on land fill and semi-wetland in and around Mission Bay.

Anyone who has lived in San Francisco for over 40 years will tell you that. Now, suddenly crooks that work for the SF Redevelopment Agency (SFRA) and some one like Marcia Rosen will look you straight in the eye and tell you that the Regulatory Agencies have all given them a green light. The SFRA will tell you that it is alright to live in Mission Bay and this is a big lie. Mission Bay has very serious toxicity problems and people are right now suffering.

As I said the Regulatory Agencies are not to be trusted. These scum bags must be sent to jail for a very long time and with them City Officials in the know - who have looked the other away and not done right by the people of San Francisco.

It is a paradox that hospitals and other research institutions at Mission Bay are being built on very toxic soil. Behind, the building of these buildings and their operation are cartels much like the Mafia - money is invested much like " land banking " and betting on horses - some of the money will be bet directly and indirectly on lives and many a life will be lost to pollution and the impending liquefaction.

If the Big One strikes there will be large scale liquefaction. In fact if you go now to Mission Bay and drive on the roads - closer to the Bay you will see the roads in very bad shape. Some of them were asphalted a few months ago and are in need of repair.

The soil under the roads has not settled and when there is high tide the soil is unsettled and the roads crack. The evidence and the facts are there and yet - some greedy scum bags have chosen to build buildings that are not safe - and more in an area that has very toxic soil and unstable.

The Department of Toxic and Substances Control (DTSC) have the logs and the manifest of the many truckers that filled their trucks with toxic soil from Mission Bay and dumped them within a few hundred feet and some times just across the road. The Regional Water Board permitted this nonsense, claiming that it was the sole Regulatory Agency and had site control.

The City and County of San Francisco, the Mayor's Office of Economic and Workforce, Mayor Gavin Newsom, other greedy Real Estate scum bags have been selling homes, condominiums, buildings, forcing innocent buyers to sign waivers - linked to toxic soil and liquefaction at Mission Bay. This is a crime crying to heaven for justice. The same scum bags are trying to pull a fast one on Treasure Island and as you would have guessed Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. The jack asses want everything capped the toxic soil and all and they think the problem will go away.

Never mind if the watershed is polluted. Never mind if the air and land is polluted. After all the scum bags stole the land from the First People the Muwekma Ohlone. And you know thieves take pride in what they steal and never mind if they have no ethics, morals, standards, and will stoop so low to sell their mothers for a dime.

Mission Bay with all the toxicity is very bad news. Time to investigate the heist taking place in broad day light - right here at Mission Bay in San Francisco.

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