If there is one person who single handedly pushed for the worst type of corruption all over San Francisco it is the now out of office Marcia Rosen. This woman could look at you in the eye and lie. Very good riddance of the worst type of rubbish and I hope she goes far, far away and never sets foot in San Francisco. Marcia Rosen was the former Director of the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency.

The San Francisco Redevelopment Agency (SFRA) has a history of targeting poor people to steal their homes. The SFRA also has a history of building facilities and homes on toxic soil. Mission Bay is one prime example. No one should forget what was done to thousands in the Fillmore.

There was a time when Santa Fe operated on similar sites in Sacramento, Oakland, and San Francisco. The sites were all toxic and one of them was Mission Bay. From Sacramento over one million tons of toxic soil was removed and properly disposed. From Oakland over 400 tons of toxic dirt was removed and legally disposed. From San Francisco not one single pound was removed and legal disposed of.

In San Francisco under the guidance of the Regional Water Board the toxic soil from the high ground was moved to the low ground. At times toxic soil was moved a few hundred feet and buried. Mission Bay is land fill and coupled with the burial of millions of tons of the worst type of toxic soil - we have a tragedy happening every day and one of the worst waiting to happen when the Big One strikes with liquefaction adversely impacting millions.

Marcia Rosen, Jessie Blout from the Mayor Office of Economic Development and Workforce, Mayor Gavin Newsom - others that I will not name - have blood of their hands because of the toxicity and adverse impact to thousands of innocent people living, working, traveling, attending games at AT&T Park at Mission Bay in San Francisco. This fact has to be reported to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. This crime is very serious and even today piles of dirt some seen covered and others not - are very toxic in nature.

Thousands of people that go to the AT&T ball park and others that work and drive in the Mission Bay area are exposed to various types of toxicity. It is in the air, in the water, on land and in the buildings because some of the toxic dirty is very, very harmful.

The Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Toxic and Substances Control, the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, the San Francisco Health Department all know about the toxic dirt and the adverse impacts. It is a shame that these regulatory agencies with intent allow thousands to suffer and million in the future too will die a slow death.

Homes in the Mission Bay are sold with a disclaimer. Some state clearly about the toxic dirt and others do not. Insurance companies are aware of the nature of the fact that Mission Bay has serious issues linked to toxicity and liquefaction and are taking a big risk. This is the main reason Catellus Corporation jumped ship and sold their business to another Real Estate developer.

Once there was Santa Fe, then Southern Pacific, and then Cattelus - same snake different head. It is a shame how some folks will sell anything to make a fast buck. Most of them do not live in San Francisco but will make big bucks in San Francisco at the expense of innocent lives. Many of them could do this with the assistance of Marcia Rosen.

Marcia Rosen and Jessie Blout worked with some very evil people to make Mission Bay work with hidden toxic dirt all over the place and with the blessing of the Regional Water Board. Their plan was to do the same at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard make the regulatory agencies look the other way.

In fact the man responsible for Environmental Issues and working for Cattelus now works for Lennar BVHP LLC. Time will tell. We know the crooks and we will monitor them very carefully. Mission Bay is a time bomb waiting to blow up in some one's face. San Francisco should be ashamed of itself.

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