San Quentin Correctional Facility houses more then 5000 prisoners and was built in July 1852. Until 1933 San Quentin accommodated both male and female prisoners. San Quentin is spread over 432 acres and if you want more details you can check out the link at the end of this article.

I have written one more article about San Quentin and continue to get thousands of hits. People have a fascination with San Quentin and every time I visit those incarcerated I learn more.

One glaring fact I have observed is the Correctional Officers and how they control the system through corruption of the highest order. The Correctional Officers buy power by making huge contribution to very corrupt politicians.

At times a prisoner is treated badly because the prisoners will not fall for any ploy by the Correctional Officer and the System. When any one tries to intercede you really come face to face with the devil and evil. Truly speaking there is no thing as justice if you have money then you can purchase justice and even inside the wall and behind the wall - money speaks.

It is a shame that California has invested so much in incarceration and so little in education and rehabilitation. This fact hits you in the face when you witness so many minorities lingering in jail some of them because they committed crimes and many because they had no one to defend them through the judicial system. What a waste of talent and what a waste of human resources.

It is a shame that over one percent of our Nation's population is committed in prisons and as I said the majority are minorities and standing out in California prisons - so many African Americans. Second the Hispanics and these two groups have everything to lose if they do not keep their sanity and guard their behind - behind the wall. One minor mistake and you are a dead person. San Quentin over the last 155 years has seen it all the good, the bad and the very ugly. Hopefully, in the years to come this prison will cease to function and the entire building torn down and the misery of the site on which this horrible facility stands erased. Hopefully some one will bless the ground and bring about some healing.

San Quentin as a facility in Marin County is a disgrace to the human race and a shame to all of us in California. Right now the folks that should be imprisoned before it is demolished should be corrupt politicians so that they can get a taste of what is means to be housed like a herd of cattle without proper amenities.

The photographs you see here are one of a type. Please be respectful of what you see and consider it a privilege that what you see - is unique.

Link to San Quentin visitors page.


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