There was once the Select Committee on Guns and Violence a rather dog and pony show that met in Room 263 at San Francisco City Hall. Crime, shootings, and other related issues were discussed at length and nothing good came out of this committee.

Seeing, that the deliberations were not achieving much — the crooks changed the name to Public Safety Committee — and this time this committee has more of the same. When will Mayor Gavin Newsom and his cronies learn that are for the fake Spin and Media and it does the community no good.

Crime is on the increase in San Francisco and with the thirty fourth person shot and killed and hundreds of others dying from other severe targets that adversely impact them - the Health and Safety of this City and County of San Francisco is going down the drain.

There was much hoopla about the Olympic Torch and how we managed to focus on Public Safety. God alone knows the damage we have done all over the world depriving thousands of viewing the Olympic Torch and then playing the bait and switch game — that only those dubious in nature — indulge in.

Now, folks in San Francisco get shot and killed in the day time. Some die and others fall prey to their injuries for life. I saw a young Black man get shot in the groin a few minutes after the crime happened — this was on Third and Quesada just opposite the Bank of America.

There young Black man was lying there in pain while the police were trying first to interrogate the young man and then to provide him his badly needed medical assistance.

There was a time when if a person was shot and killed — you felt the pain and the whole neighborhood — joined in helping the family and doing for it took to bring about the healing. No more. People go about their business like zombies and it is just as if something inanimate and far removed happened. When the next killing takes places, it is as if you expected it to happen — sooner.

I make it a point to attend the Public Safety Meeting especially to check on the dumb, inept, ignorant District Ten Supervisor — who sits there and pretends she has a sense of what is happening. During the time this inept woman has been in office — more people have died and she has no clue what is happening at ground zero. The pity is she is Black and most of the folks adversely impacted are Black.

Sophie Maxwell the dumb person in question is interested in raking in the money and lining her pockets working with Rogue Developers who with intent have poisoned our children and our Elders. This crime of polluting and killing should also be addressed at the Public Safety Meetings — but, it has not because of the ignorance and arrogance of some one like Sophie Maxwell who does NOT represent District Ten but her own, private, petty interests.

Those studying Crime and Statistics should make it a point to investigate what really is happening in the Bayview Hunters Point Area. The University of San Francisco that brags it knows how and has done nothing much for the poor and those disadvantaged. It will spend thousands in advertisements trying to portray itself as a center of learning when all it does it focus on money and the famous — straying away from the concepts laid by the founder of the Jesuits — Saint Ignatius Loyola.

There is City College of San Francisco and San Francisco State University that conduct classes and work with the San Francisco Police Department on crime and related issues. These institutions can learn to think outside the box and address the issues using Community Policing as a yard stick to help the community. One can scream, shout, and pass out talking — nothing really happens when it comes to the on going crime, killing and shootings in the Bayview Hunters Point.

One goes to the Public Safety meetings and LT. Ali one could not represent and perform better then a robot that is a pansy and is well controlled by those that want him to utter and say what the establishment wants to hear. Another Maya Smith from Oakland who has no clue what she is doing — accept waste her time and earn some big bucks — further adversely the community all over San Francisco on matters linked with Public Safety.

Why does this City pay such folks that work for the Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice big bucks and who cannot achieve what any ordinary Law Enforcement Agency would? If only these misfits had real connections with the community. Ali and Maya are far removed from reality and act more White then Black and they should ponder over this — for a while and move out of the way.

There are plans all over this City to build thousands of homes but no plans to address Public Safety. Now, crime is on the increase all over San Francisco and soon will spill where the Pacific Heights Mafia — live. It is only then the all hell will break loose.

No one can ill afford to disturb the peace of mind of those that rake in the millions and live in homes where they have ten toilets — and are proud of them - as part of their status quo. All this happening in the Pacific Heights and surrounding areas. These jerks - flush their toilets and it all goes to the Bayview — it should go to the Ocean side treatment plant.

Ross Mirkarimi who once attended the Police Academy will speak long and spew diatribe making some vain attempt to be logical — only to falter and confuse the issue. He is on the Public Safety committee.

Crime is on the increase in San Francisco and with shootings and killings in the middle of day — some one must take the leadership and do something with the help of the community at large. This is not happening and Mayor Gavin Newsom is busy — screwing around with Spin and Media ploys — all very dubious and far fetched.

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