I did not get an opportunity to hear the speech made by Candidate for President Barack Obama. I heard glimpses of his speech and what I heard made good sense. It is my understanding that Barack Obama wrote his own speech. That makes a lot of sense to me - when you have it in you - you call a spade a spade. It makes sense to talk from the heart. That is the African way - that is my way.

I would never vote for John McCain - the man in phony and makes many statements most linked to experiences from the past and he is too close to the worst President of the United States and his policies - President George Bush Jr.

I am looking for a President who has a clear vision and who understands International Relations. The world as Bush and his cronies understand it - is a far cry from any progress and the actions of the Bush Administration say it all. We owe trillions to China and are beholden to those countries that feed us with oil that we pay exorbitant prices for. Folks like the Bushes, Cheney, and McCain do not give a damn about the poor they surely vouch for the filthy, rich.

I know about war and what war really means. I worked in sensitive positions at Sixth United States Army and Presidio of San Francisco. It is critical that we embrace peace and work to bring Nation together. I feel deep in my bones Barack Obama can do this.

John McCain is an old fart that some have paid too much drab attention to. He owns five homes, does not know which denomination to favor, and is confused about the economic policy that best suits the United States. He talks about terrorism but has no clue that really is behind this fear tactic that has cost us trillions and ruined our economy.

We must bring our troops back and permit the proxy governments created by George Bush Jr. and his cronies to deal with their own affairs. We have wasted trillions of dollars in Iraq alone and have made innocent constituents in America - suffer. Lies and more lies were created to permit the United States to go to war - invade a country without any provocation.

The time has come for change but change with an understanding, more comprehension of a vision that has a clear blue-print. The middle class must be helped. Those making millions must pay taxes and all the Bush and McCain cronies that have enjoyed tax breaks for the longest time ever - must pay back taxes. That includes Democrats such as Diane Feinstein and there are more Republicans and Democrats that will fill thousands of pages for the Internal Revenue System to go after. These scum bags must pay their dues - now.

Our aging infrastructure is in a mess. Our Elders on fix income are eating dog food. Our educational system is failing and children do not have current books, lack facilities, and there is over-crowding in the classrooms - all over this nation. Many have no health coverage and die in pain. Mostly children suffer because of lack of preventative health measures. Yet, we call ourselves the United States of America!

John McCain has chosen a woman from Alaska to be his Vice-President - this is a clear indication that the old man cannot manage his affairs. He seeks to divert the mind of America but in doing so - will lose the election. The choice may seem wise but will bring this down-fall. Time will tell. He could enjoy in the interim- getting the taste of some moose-burgers that could do him some little good.

Barack and Biden he B2 Democratic team have a lot of work to do. First and foremost they must restore the trust that has been eroded in the White House. The must bring the Nation together and then bring the world to understand that together we want CHANGE. On the heels of the 2009 Olympics they could do this - easily.

Change cannot come with a moral compass that has been eroding in this Nation. We cannot throw out the values proven for thousands of years and imitate the wild and uncouth and think we will make process. Family values are important and those that compromise on this will face the wrath of what is due them. History has written it all - in plan truth for those that can read and hopefully - understand. We must not defy the laws of God and fairness. We must not play with fire because those that do will burn and when you burn - you perish. Each of us has a conscience and it is that conscience that is our guiding principle - we cannot compromise on principles - especially, from those segments that have a hidden agenda.

Our Nation really is not ready for a Black President that is not White. White folks will tell you that when they break down their guard. We could have had Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as President but the evil mongers took him - out. Today, the Security Specialists are observing and have their pulse on those that plot and Law Enforcement can foil attempts - before they happen. There are those that slip between the cracks and often times with the cooperation of Government.

The first six months will be months of HOPE come January, 2009. I have a bias because I have deep connections to Kenya and I read and sense the same with Barack Obama. We will meet and when we meet ­ him, as the President of the United States- and me as an advocate for Environmental Issues - we will greet each other - Jumbo Bwana habari gani. And then if he wishes I can speak Luo the little I remember - well - sending a shout to his grandmother that he loves, dearly.

China and other world forces are looking at America. And believe me I understand they would love to meet Barack and deal with issues closer and with a different attitude. India, China, the Middle-East, South America, Africa, is fed up dealing with White Cronies that push an agenda that is as fake as fake can be - backed by the World Bank.

Chocolate brings a taste that is real and wholesome far from the whip- cream diplomacy, banana republics, colonial past that has plagued and brought harm to countries in Africa, Southeast Asia, South America, the Middle-East and many other countries.

As young as America is - it is hurting. Countries with thousands of years of culture will not give up - just because we pander and call ourselves the United States of America. How do you treat your Blacks ask the leaders from abroad? And why do you enslave your Native Americans on Reservations? Why is it that you took so long to permit your women to vote? And do you really think we value your democracy and your lack of understanding for Accountability and Transparency?

Your Electoral System is a thing of the past, a remnant of the slave plantation and may I ask why it is still in operation? Someone tells lies and you go to war - what gives you the right to invade? You have no health coverage given to those that need it most - why are you constantly hurting the poor? And there is moreŠ..

Your Federal Bank has no standards and keeps printing paper money - worth less then 2 cents on previous dollar standards with bullion backing! Your Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac characters are comical and according to our understanding sinking in the cesspool of their own making? Yet, these two institutions control the mortgages of ninety percent of the homes in America? Why are these corrupt institutions still in operation? When we hear of them we think John McCain!

It is one thing to be a Black Senator but quiet another to be the President of the United States of America. We, who are chosen to be the children of God and most of us from countries of color, must stand united and vote in a new President for Change. We must hope for we have seen a rainbow - the colors are meaningful and the time is - now. We must vote Barack Obama for President and Hope for the very best.

Obama for Change

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