BARACK OBAMA (10/7/08)

Is America ready for change - real change as envisioned by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.? This is the question each and every American must ask ourselves. Now, are we prepared to have a Black President and make history? And while making history - heal the Nation of all the wrongs throughout history. The scars of slavery and untold discrimination.

Barack Obama has roots in Kenya. His father was from Kenya and his White Mother from America. Barack Obama was born in Hawaii and has lived in Indonesia and other countries.

After his father separated from Obama's mother - she married an Indonesian and so Obama has a sister who is half White and half Indonesian. Obama went to school in Indonesia and so has lived and learnt much from a developing country.

In Chicago - Barack Obama worked in the Projects and used his leadership skills and education as a lawyer to help thousands and in doing so embraced the poor and those that needed help most.

The recent economic crises will stay with us for many years. The segment of the population that will suffer most are the ordinary citizens that work hard and pay their taxes. Not those who made millions playing with Wall Street and hoodwinking the decent constituents.

Barack Obama is for change - he wants change because he has witnessed what it means to be poor and understands well what most people in need - require, uplifting themselves.

We have seen in recent weeks the drastic changes that favor the rich but adversely impact the poor and middle class - people. Our Nation seeks genuine changes in the fields of education, health, jobs, and quality of life issues. Barack Obama can give us that and that is why millions - mostly young people are working very hard to elect Barack Obama as the next President of the United States of America.

We have the Republicans trying to tarnish the name of Barack Obama - by trying to defame him - but in the end the truth will prevail and Barack Obama will win and be the next President of the United States.

John McCain who is opposing Barack Obama has a tack record with the failed Savings and Loan scandal and its chief architect - Keating. At the Congressional Hearing - John McCain testified and he apologized for siding with those culprits that had brought shame through the Saving and Loan scandal and his association with Keating in the 1980s.

America has lost respect all over the world because of our interference in other sovereign countries. We invaded Iraq without cause and we think that it fine when thousands are killed and maimed. We had no right to go into Iraq and the sooner we get out from Iraq the better. While - John McCain likes to make war - we cannot say that of Barack Obama.

Barack Obama is an intelligent leader first who happens to be qualified and Black. As things stand today he is going to be America's first Black President in the White House.

All over this Nation in the past weeks - red states and turning blue. The John McCain camp is at a loss for words and do they have started losing hope and throwing disparaging stories that will not work. The John McCain camp is losing ground because the John McCain campaign Has nothing much to offer to the America and the world.

All over the world people are routing for Barack Obama - they see in him change for the better and a man with a clear vision. In John McCain you see more of the same - the old and lack of vision and hope. As I said the youth are for Obama and that means a lot to him.

His wife Michelle is smart, a lawyer and has in her own right spoken to the Nation and shares many of the ideas of her husband the future First Black President of these the United States of America.

The national debates with John McCain and Barack Obama reveal to those who are intelligent - that Barack by far understands National and International issues. What is more Barack Obama is a consensus Builder. Unlike John McCain - Barack Obama will not put others down that is not a good trait of a leader vying to be the next President of the United States and lead the world.

We look forward to Barack Obama being elected at the next first Black President of the United States of America. The time has come for someone like Barack Obama to bring genuine change to America: lead America and change the way the world looks at us. At home: restore the economic status and leadership of this Nation.

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