2009 ECONOMIC CRISIS (2/21/09)

San Francisco does not get it when it comes to the present Economic Crisis. Mayor Gavin Newsom still thinks he can pull out a fast one and play games with the constituents of San Francisco. If we do not see God¹s hand in this mess - we are blind.

For a long time instead of paying attention to the growing pains linked with housing, education, crime, transportation and other Quality of Life issues this EVIL man - Gavin Newsom - has been pussyfooting around.

Gavin Newsom pays more attention to his assets in Hanna, Hawaii - then to the constituents in San Francisco. This fake Mayor who is a pain in the ass - has ruined all that was good and fairly on track when Willie L. Brown Jr. for all his corrupt ways left the Mayoral Office - in 2004.

At least with Willie L. Brown Jr. you could call a spade a spade. If Willie was wrong you could point out the problem and he would fix it - with one telephone call. If Willie was right and you tried to take him on - you were a fool. Besides with Willie - you were dealing with a walking encyclopedia - that Gavin Newsom does not come near to - a drab, fool - I call him Caligula.

Gavin Newsom in all his foolishness talks a lot of Green Stuff but in reality has no clue what he is talking about. Here is one glaring factor - every ton of Methane Gas released in the air equals twenty two tons of Carbon Dioxide. We have over One hundred and twenty tons released in San Francisco. Go Figure.

Mission Bay, Hunters Point, the Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment Plant and I could go on and on. Mayor Gavin Newsom will come out with his Spin and Media bluffs - every Electric Car helps seven pounds less of particulates and other toxic elements from polluting the environment. That is really true but NOT true at all. Talk about the one hundred twenty tons of Methane Gas that when released into the air neutralizes in seconds any other mitigation factor.

Then you have the Concrete and Aggregate companies that release Mercury, Lead and a host of particulates. Add to that the Mirant Power Plant that releases more then one can really think about. Add to that the Mercury in the Bay from the old Mercury Mines run off and other Mercury flushed down the drains. Add to that a host of very dangerous toxic elements that would take pages to document. The millions of vehicles spewing particulates into the air.

The Hunters Point Naval Shipyard most of which comes under the jurisdiction of the United States Navy is polluted. The U.S. Navy has the Final Historical Radiological Report detailing the over 100 Radiological Elements plus other very toxic elements that daily pollute the air in San Francisco - harming San Franciscans.

Add to that Asbestos Structures that the Bay Area Air Quality Management District has failed to monitor and less enforce stringent laws and regulations. After bombarding our children and elders and the community and me taking a lead as the Director of Environmental Justice Advocacy - after four years the Bay Area Air Quality Management District fined Lennar a Rogue Developer - a measly $515,000. To date we have not heard about the testing that the BAAQMD promised the few leaders committed to serve our children and elders.

Mayor Gavin Newsom is a joke - the impact of pollution impacts our hospitals. Now, Caligula wants to impact the San Francisco General Hospital by cutting jobs and forcing a mad cap like Dr. Mitch Katz to fire - front line employees.

Who do you think will be affected? Our children and elders - the Bay view Hunters Point community leaders built the newer wing of the San Francisco General Hospital. Today, others are being helped and those in the Bayview Hunters Point are better served by Saint Luke¹s Hospital.

The San Francisco General Hospital and the SF Public Health Department are the cause of many of our ills in the community. Dr Mitch Katz and Dr. Rajiv Bhatia have BLOOD on their hands. With these budget cuts - the people that will suffer most are the poor - and among them the innocent children.

President Barack Hussein Obama mentioned the name of Gavin Newsom linked to how we are supposed to provide Health Care to our children. This is not happening - but the buffoon took the praises and really thinks that children are being helped when in fact the children are suffering - today.

Thousands of homes will go into foreclosure soon - as the Economic Crisis hits San Francisco. Crime is on the increase - and many folks are hungry what is worse many have NO roof over their heads. Many are families. Amongst them the most affected in San Francisco - the Samoans and the Blacks- soon to follow the Latinos and others. Go to the Tenderloin and you will witness the suffering. While Sophie Maxwell laughs at the poor - Supervisor Chris Daly has to deal with reality. Families with innocent children sleeping on the streets of San Francisco.

Thousands are being laid off and thousands will be laid off - Macy¹s recently sent over 1400 employee packing home with little benefits. In the mean time Mayor Gavin Newsom has given ³thugs² like Dwayne Jones, some Education Point Person, others - large salaries - their salaries must be capped to $50,000 - if ever. Salaries must be capped at $100,000 - only heads of departments could get more. For every 28 constituents in San Francisco we have one lousy, inept City worker - pretending to work. Most of them are lazy and I know many of them. The SF Supervisor will take vacation every opportunity they get. If the holiday falls on a Monday - they will take Tuesday off. The jerks once made $38,000 now they make about $116,000 plus perks - and many of them have nothing to show except their naked assess that are out of shape.

Crime and killings are on the increase. The Federal Bureau of Investigation says - One hundred is the tally for 2008 - San Francisco Police Department says Ninety Eight - I say One Hundred and Ten.

This time around San Franciscans permitted millions from our Rainy Day Fund to bail out the San Francisco Unified School District. The State of California is cutting the Educational Budget - thus affecting good teachers and our students going to Public Schools. San Francisco has not figured out how the Public Schools and the Private Schools and Charter Schools can work together.

How about working on common stuff like Music and Arts - dance and music for gifted students - that can display their talents to the community at some events. Talented students in Science getting some help from the Private Schools and Private Sector so that they get career jobs. In the digital world we need talent - since most of the technology has been created in our back yard. Any takers - Mayor Gavin Newsom runs his mouth like an open sewer pipe.

The Service Industry is hurting. I visited stores and the Managers tell me they are hurting. Practically everything is fifty percent compared to those nine months ago when it comes to clothing, electronic stuff, and so on. People have no money - and many are selling off the family jewels.

This Economic Crisis is but the tip of the Iceberg. Two months ago I said four months from now we will be hit by an Earth Quake. Let us see how well prepared in the Office of Emergency Services and the SF Public Utilities Commission. How prepared the gimmicks of Mayor Gavin Newsom stand against the preparation he so often boasts about - but is FAKE in reality.

Mayor Gavin Newsom is spiritually bankrupt. As are those Representatives that are perverts and pretend to serve the constituents - always raking in money and filling their private coffers. This Economic Crisis is a wake up call.

God will protect the poor - but those that took advantage of the poor will drown in the cesspool of their own making. I said that of Lennar five years ago and behold look at them - now. Their Stocks worth junk and their name tarnished - they spend their time in the dirt with the HOGS.

This Economic Crisis will hit the Pacific Heights Mafia - watch out for their ploys. These vermin will wallow in their own vomit and beg for mercy but none will be given them. You just cannot harm innocent children and our elders and look the other way. The Zionists think they can treat us as they do the children of Gaza and the West Bank. Your days are numbered and your woes will be ten fold the plagues sent before to your ilk. More the sponsors of the failing Proposition G.

The First People own this land and yet they are treated like second class citizens. Up until 1924 you could kill the First People and fetch $5 for a scalp no questions asked. The Governors of California sent edict and stole land - all over California.

Greedy folks are all about land. Look at the vultures trying to take large areas of land in the Bayview Hunters Point Area, Executive Park, Sunnydale - vermin steeped in their evil ways. It has always been about land.

Interesting to note some folks where always kept in the Ghettos. Never allowed to own land - read the history of old and you will learn about the TRUTH. Now we have these GREEDY thugs - the Pacific Heights Mafia - that want it all. The Purveyors of Gentrification and Adverse Impacts on Poor Folks.

Ploys using Redevelopment and other dubious machinations have adversely impacted thousands. Middle Class Blacks died in poverty in the Tenderloin. This Black History Month mentioned nothing about them. House Negros still pander to the Whites and keep on harping and dancing to the music from the Plantations of old. Juneteen Festival 2008 was held surrounded by barricades in front of SF City Hall - the master looking down and saying to himself: I see they are where they ought to be. Go Figure.

This Economic Crisis did not happen in a vacuum - the liked of Goldman Saks and others very EVIL with INTENT cheated, stole, and destroyed innocent lives. We must not forget that and speak out and defend the poor and fight for what is right.

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