Mayor Gavin Newsom has initiated some moves to fast track the Environmental Impact Reports (EIR) so help developers, especially BIG developers grab land and build units. The Mayor is trying his best to refill his campaign coffers that have dried up in his first round to attract some leverage at the coming California Gubernatorial race that so far has proved him to be an unlikely candidate.

Lennar a rogue developer has invested in Mr. Dipstick and in doing so has cast a shadow that has come to haunt Mr. Dipstick. Mr. Dipstick if the world is wondering who that could be happens to be the man that occupies Room 200 at City Hall and is called the Mayor of San Francisco.

It was fun to watch Mr. Dipstick on the campaign trail, the one in San Diego was an eye opener. Mr. Dipstick started with a big lie. He proclaimed that if San Francisco has Universal Health Care he was the one that pushed for it, implicating that if elected as Governor he would make Universal Health Care available to all Californians. Universal Health Care was initiated by Tom Ammiano who is now in Sacramento as the Assembly person and knows that I am telling the TRUTH.

Today over 3000 children are waiting for Universal Health Care. The good part about this program is that it helps many children. The not so good part is that lack of funding from the State and some from San Francisco has curtailed the normal health services available to our children. In short Universal Health Care as we have it in San Francisco still does not serve all children. However without the vision of Assembly person Tom Ammiano it would have been worse.

Mayor Gavin Newsom loves to try gimmicks and has a way to blame others if the gimmick does not work. However, when the gimmick is being advertized and the few weeks of the gimmick being implemented he will proclaim to the world that he is behind the project, the new idea and will use Spin and Media to shove his mostly ill conceived ideas into orbit. Most of his ideas are drab and the world knows he talks the talk but has most of the time fails to walk the walk.

The amount of time Mr. Dipstick spends on Channel 26 and Channel 78, both government channels, in San Francisco you would think this man runs San Francisco and most of the time is in San Francisco. As a matter of fact the opposite is true. When some of us tried to get some critical information using the Freedom of Information Act on the expenses linked to his travel complete with Security that is not needed - we found out the amount of time this man spends outside San Francisco, wasting his time. The man has now chosen to involve private companies to pay for his entourage complete with hotel stay and other extra curricula activities.

Listening to Mr. Dipstick you would think San Francisco is number one as far as Solar Projects are concerned. We are not. We are down may be number twenty or twenty two in all of California. But, you will hear Mr. Dipstick blow his horn and spew those lies without blinking an eye.

Mr. Dipstick will from time to time proclaim that San Francisco is a Green City. Well, it is not. Millions of vehicles pollute our air. MUNI is one culprit that is trying to improve its performance but failing and top of the list when it comes to pollution. At Hunters Point alone over 200 tons of Methane Gas spews in the air and one ton of Methane Gas equals 22 tons of Carbon Dioxide, so much for the famous Carbon Foot Print Mr. Dipstick talks about.

This land all of it belongs to the Muwekma Ohlone. It was stolen by those that came here and killed the First People. Up until 1924 you could kill a Native American and fetch $5 for his scalp. Then you could steal the land and proclaim it was yours:

Today, at Candlestick Recreation Area, an Open Space area that comes under Public Trust Land is being stolen right under our noses in broad daylight, with out one single meeting in the community. It is a shame that Mr. Dipstick is behind the scene encouraging such crimes and supported by the Pacific Heights Mafia. I am waiting for the day Mr. Dipstick is history and hoping that the next Mayor of San Francisco will serve the people as the people ought to be served.

Gavin Newsom has destroyed the Bayview Hunters Point dividing the community and paying off sell outs. He buses ignorant folks to his Town Hall meetings shelling out $500 to attend the meetings. Black pastors line up for the measly $500 to sell their souls and do the bidding of Mr. Dipstick. In the interim the Rogue Developer Lennar with INTENT continues to poison our children , our elders and other constituents that live near Parcel A that is Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and beyond.

Lennar already has 980 acres promised the rogue developers at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. Now Mr. Dipstick wants to facilitate handing over large area without any EIR, no transportation document, no current economic analysis, to hoodwink decent constituents in San Francisco. Time to get rid of this very corrupt, inept, and arrogant politician that is NOT worth the salt and what is most important has no moral compass.

Good leaders know the way, show the way and go the way:

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