There are hundreds of acres in the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and other areas in the Bayview that are being developed without any vision and surely without any focused plan linked to Quality of Life Issues. The plan is to fulfill the GREED of the developers and fill the coffers of the politically, corrupt.

One cannot for a second propose to build 10,500 homes at Hunters Point without a through clean up to more then Residential Standards because of the radiological contaminants. We cannot look at the Shipyard as some benign area where Depleted Uranium was first tested and where the National Defense Radiological Laboratory was situated. The current Environmental Protection Agency is an off shoot of the National Defense Radiological Laboratory for those not educated on issues and more desire to lead the community themselves being ignorant.

The City and County of San Francisco, Racist as it, has plans to move thousands of a certain type of people to the Southeast Sector of San Francisco that includes Bayview Hunters Point and create "gated communities". In the interim mostly poor people are being shipped out and moved out as part of a detail plan to foster, gentrification.

The City and County of San Francisco should be ashamed of itself having not addressed at all the Unfinished Agenda that was published years ago to address the plight of the African American. Today, Mayor Gavin Newsom oblivious to past history and more the sensitivity of the Black population has formed a group of cronies beholden to him to address Black flight from San Francisco and call his plan Out Migration.

Missing the point all together the present City and County of San Francisco today is facing a dilemma those that once chose to go to far off places outside San Francisco, while always coming to the City to earn their pay check and enjoy other amenities are fed up staying in long traffic lines and want to move back to the City. However, they cannot easily sell their homes in suburbia as the prices have collapsed and cannot really move to the City as the jobs in the City are shrinking. Many City workers do not know if they will last long, many are on the list receive their pink slip.

The present economy has hit many San Franciscans but especially those living in Public Housing and those who have for one reason or the other failed to work in the last two years. In some areas over thirty percent of the population does not have a steady job. Many have a temporary job and if you interview these folks, many of them are stressed and very worried about the future.

City Planning and the Mayor Office of Economic Development and Work Force want Rogue Companies like Lennar to build tens of thousands of homes on mostly Toxic Land without a through Environmental Impact Study. I watch the San Francisco Planning Commission who have no clue about the consequences as and when thousands are constantly exposed to radiological elements, toxic dust, and of course the rampaging Asbestos Structures. The tunnel vision SF Planning Commission fails to pay attention and the many Notice of Violations that impact and will impact the constituents living in and around Parcel A for now and the other Parcels in the future.

The Rogue Developer Lennar now wants to steal Candlestick Recreation Area. Candlestick Recreation Area is State Land and comes under the Public Trust Land Act and the Burton Act. The land belongs to all Californians. Lennar, the Rogue Company has bribed some sell outs in the Bayview community and leading the packing one Sophina Maxwell, others in Sacramento and one Mark Leno a pathetic politicians whose days are numbered. His Senate Bill 792 initiated the "Land Grab" of 22 acres at Candlestick Recreation Area. Initially the "Land Grab" encompassed stealing 40 acres but some of us had the fortitude to fight the dubious Senate Bill 792 and make the necessary alterations. This war is not at all over. We will be in the face of California Senator Mark Leno who is a pathetic liar, promised to come to the community but has shied away because he cannot face the truth.

On the books there is the Precautionary Principle but really no one cares about it. The principle simply states that if there is a doubt that any factor will adversely impact any life, linked to any developed or project, the required testing must be done and the work stopped. If there are adverse impacts they must be addressed. While there are umpteen numbers of adverse impacts on many a project in the Bayview Hunters Point and surrounding areas, the San Francisco Health Department does not give a hoot, nor do the State and Federal Regulatory Agencies.

Article 31 of the SF Health Department is meant to address Dust Mitigation and related issues on Parcel A, but the SF Health Department has favored Big Developers and in the case of Parcel A at Hunters Point, Lennar a rogue developer. Asbestos structures float and has affected the whole San Francisco area. The cap set for Parcel A is 16,000 structures per cubic meter but on many occasions we have had reading that are hundred times higher and more. It is just a matter of time before others living far away from Parcel A, suffer the adverse consequences that are common to the people living near Parcel A.

The Mayor's Office of Economic Development and Work Force must exercise its mandated authority and conducted a current Economic Analysis but this has not been done. The present Economic Crisis is here to stay and will be floating around for at least the next four years or more according to the leading Economists. Yet, this City and County is playing with fire. Hundreds of homes are in foreclosure. Thousands of condominiums are vacant and the prices going down. Yet, Lennar who is famous for building inferior homes wants to build more homes in these hostile economic times where most people are afraid of the future and where banks will NOT loan money.

While front line workers and many of them live in the Southeast Sector are being fired, upper Management and those that have connections are paid huge salaries to work and carry out the evil plans of those making their abode in Room 200 at City Hall that is the Mayor's Office. Innocent City workers living in the Bayview Hunters Point today suffer the consequences of lay offs and there will be more to follow. The only salvation is to unite and vote the right people in. For sure if you vote any person who is the shadow of Sophina Maxwell you will be in trouble. Also, candidates like Linda Richardson and the others that are there more to fill their own pockets and shun the people once voted in.

The Southeast Sector has a Raw Sewage Plant stark naked in the middle of a Residential City. It is time that this issue is addressed and that mini Raw Sewage Plants are built in each district foremost in District one, two and three and four. Or at least the Raw Sewage Plant on Bay Street kept operating twenty four seven. There is no reason for the excreta from the San Francisco Presidio to come all the way to the Bayview. Much of that stuff can now be diverted to the Ocean Beach Treatment Plant.

Since in year 1998 much before the present and many past City Politicians were aware of Lennar, I was monitoring this Rogue Developer. The same with the United States Navy and I am privy to the toxic dumps at the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and other atrocities that the U.S. Navy will not divulge to the public at large. The U.S. Navy has a very bad track record when it comes to discrimination and its treated linked to African Americans. It also has a bad track record when it comes to the experiments with the Atomic Bomb and the Polynesians. The Bikini Islands, the Marshall Islands, and other area where Polynesians make their homes where constantly put at risk by the U.S. Navy until very recently.

The stupid San Francisco Planning is dubious in nature and recently some have cast doubts about how this inept body thinks and works. SF City Planning has always been shady and corrupt. Why then would be have a crook like Dean Macris working on San Francisco City Plans while his pay originates from Big Developers? Why would anyone suggest for a moment to have Private Firms deal with the Environmental Impact Studies and Reports rather than the in house SF City Planners, when that is part of their job?

There is a move to build and rehabilitate hospitals while little attention is paid to the millions of vehicles spewing particulates. Over 200 tons of Methane Gas spews every year from one single location in the Southeast Sector. One ton of Methane Gas equals twenty two tons of Carbon Dioxide. So much for our City and its vain publicity that we are a Green City and our Mayor better known as Mr. Dipstick in many guarded circles.

The hospitals being newly built do not consult those that are further away from the hospitals in question. As always those that are poor, have to suffer. Both the SF General Hospital and California Pacific Medical Center are undergoing major changes. Both the hospitals have not considered a newer, better model to serve San Franciscans over a longer period of time say fifty or seventy five years. Many Bayview residents are not aware of the changes that will affect Saint Luke's Hospital for example or for that mater the SF General Hospital.

If any changes are made in Washington DC permitting some sort of Universal Health Care with basic amenities to everyone thus permitting everyone to visit any hospital - these hospitals in the making will fall short. The reason is simple their present models are not flexible to attend to larger volumes of patients. Hence they will dump patients and those that they dump will be those that cannot defend themselves and mostly the very poor.

Already the Bayview Hunters Point is changing for the worse. The predominantly African American community is being forced out in droves. The mostly Black Pastors are pandering to Big Developers, selling out their congregation and at the same time venting that they congregation is dwindling. This a shame when most of the Black Pastor as least those on the payroll of Lennar worship Mammon and play second fiddle to the tune of Bible singing folks that do not respect their pastors. If these men and women love Jesus Christ they would NOT be selling their souls.

Caught in the madness are our Polynesian sisters and brothers who have been evicted in large numbers. One has just to visit the Tenderloin to witness the scene and realize that a noble, traditional people, more indigenous and well respected have been used by this City and our Nation and thrown to the elements and the madness originating in GREED.

More Samoans die for this Nation then any State in the United States. Few know that and the Polynesians themselves are slow to exercise their freedom while the enemy exercises, license. The abuse of freedom is license. Recently one pastor and one Matai had the courage to tell the San Francisco Board of Supervisors that enough is enough. Now, is the time for all people of color to rally and send a resounding message to those that have treated the constituents of San Francisco like dirt - these so called Representative better represent or suffer the due consequences.

The large plans at Mission Bay did not incorporate upward mobility but rather cater to certain segments of the population that was well educated. All the while in the Bayview Hunters Point, folks lacking opportunities many are forced to make living selling drugs, prostitution, and whatever it takes to survive. The sad state of affairs is worst then some Third World countries. So bad and lacking unity that the leadership is nonexistent especially among those working for Big Developers and corrupt politicians, these greedy, inept Blacks - lack spirituality, I call them the living dead. No wonder over twenty candidates are vying of the seat of the District 10 Supervisor whose term expires soon - one worse then the other.

I have studied the Black Leadership in the Bayview and I am shocked at the prevailing mentality. Idiots mostly, not educated on issues, lacking the knowledge of acumen and discernment, less compassion, still less the love of humanity, seeking some higher political office not so much to serve their constituency but to foster a life style akin to pussy footing around and private endearment to Bohemian practices that foster lack of spiritual values.

In the Bayview our District Supervisor could care less about the pollution or have some qualified knowledge about Synthetic Turf that is very harmful to our children. Silver Terrace, Burton High School are two fields that have covered their playing fields with this poisonous turf. Add to this children that suffer from Asthma and other respiratory diseases and you have a recipe for disaster. Sophie Maxwell would not comprehend that accept to spew generalities about how she desires poor people to rise up and become middle class. While she and others like her keep thousands of people, down.

Bayview Hunters Point, beyond 2010 is round the corner and if the people do not take a stand in unity, having a viable, sound plan; we will be sucked into the black hole. The greedy folks the likes that destroyed our economy the Goldman Sachs, the Lehman Brother, AIG, others of their ilk, we have one in the community bilking the City and others of millions at the expense of the community, Arc Ecology, will over whelm us. We must be vigilant and we must be united. This Unity must be saturated with humility because in humility is great strength.

Over the years I have fought hard for the Mothers, the Children, and the Elders that I respect. Have worked hard with younger Sisters and Brothers to educate them on issues to take Bayview Hunters Point to a better place and the fight has just begun. There is NO one person better then the other in this fight and already the enemy is cornered. Mayor Gavin Newsom has thrown in the towel, and many SF City Department heads secretly tell me they are waiting for the day Mr. Dipstick fades away. We the people cannot wait for that day; we must exert of rights today and keep the devil at bay. Righteous folks do not seek any glory for themselves, they work for the common good, but you cannot lead unless you are spiritual, you cannot be a leader if you sway in the wind and fumble. Good leaders know the way, show the way and go the way.

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