The Bayview Hunters Point Area has been neglected for the longest time ever. In recent years sell outs, the likes of the present District 10 Supervisor Sophina Maxwell has adversely impacted large areas and set progress 10 years backwards. Sophina Maxwell has cooperated with corrupt Big Developers and certain City Departments to harm those constituents in District 10 that most need help. Daily hundreds call me for help.

It is folks like Sophina Maxwell that backed the very corrupt San Francisco City Attorney to target youth that need help but instead put them on a Gang Injunction list causing harm to hundreds of families and thousands of youth. The purpose to implement a devious ploy created by Big Developers to remove people of color and prepare the way for folks that do not represent the demographics of the population - living in areas in and around Oakdale, Sunnydale, Potrero Hill, Huntersview and other affected areas.

Big Developers have been filling the coffers of the Mayor of San Francisco, Gavin Newsom, Sophina Maxwell, Dennis Herrera and other very crooked politicians the likes of Senator Mark Leno who is trying to run for Mayor of San Francisco after having sold out the Bayview Hunters Point community and San Francisco by initiating Senate Bill 792 that has allowed a Rogue Developer like Lennar to take over 23 acres of State Park Land that belong to Californians all over California. The take over defies the Public Trust Land Act and the Burton Act and sets a very bad precedence inviting Big Rogue Developers to steal land all over California such as State Park that belong to all Californians.

For years now Big Developers have been developing units down town while bluffing San Franciscans and building so called affordable housing and so called Senior Housing off site in places like the Bayview Hunters Point. Again and again mostly Black Crooked Pastors have permitted their Parking Lots to be used for so called Senior Housing and with intent permitted others, but Seniors, to live in these so called affordable housing. The matter has come for review and the San Francisco Planning Department is now looking to fine tune some loose language that the Big Developers used to get away building high density units and taking the benefits while penalizing Seniors and those Physically Challenged.

The Bayview Hunters Point has over 450 toxic hotspots that is the duty of the San Francisco Department of Health and their Environmental Branch to clean up. This has not been done. These toxic sites contribute to the pollution of the water shed and no one is talking about this harm done to Mother Earth. We also have the Superfund Site that is Hunters Point Naval Shipyard, the Concrete and Aggregate Companies, the Raw Sewage Treatment Plant, the City's Asphalt Plant, the million of vehicles spewing the worst particulates on the near by Freeways. What has Sophina Maxwell done to address all these issues?

We have an aged Asphalt Plant operated by the Department of Public Works main Maintenance Facility Building in the Bayview - that has not been allocated money to retrofit and upgrade the plant. The result when the plant is in operation it spews the worst types of toxins impacting millions on a near by free way and the constituents that live at Potrero Hill. The San Francisco City Attorney has been talking about cleaning up the air but has not said a word about the Asphalt Plant that bombards his home and others on Potrero Hill each and every day. Of course the City Attorney cannot afford to take on the Public Works Department as this would expose him and open a can of worms.

At the Hunters Point Shipyard the clean up has been very slow. A former private company stole millions of dollars of the $300 million awarded it years ago, the name of the company - International Technologies (IT). It declared bankruptcy. The present private company doing the clean up is raking in millions - well known to have influence in Washington DC. So far it has handled over $500 million and its name is Tetra Tech. The United States Navy has been slow to do the clean up and want to cap the land and hand it over to the City and County of San Francisco.

Proposition P mandates the City and County of San Francisco to clean up the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard to Residential Standards. This was mandated in the year 2000 by as I said Proposition P that passed with over 87% of the voters, voting in favor of cleaning the Shipyard to Residential Standards.

Over 200 tons of Methane Gas spews into the air from the large area at Hunters Point most of it poor landfill. One ton of Methane Gas equals twenty two tons of Carbon Dioxide, so much for San Francisco's vague Carbon Footprint and the diatribe that spews from the mouth of San Francisco's Mayor's - Gavin Newsom.

Thousands of our children in the Southeast Sector suffer from respiratory diseases and no one cares about these innocent children. Our elders suffer from the worst types of cancer and other chronic diseases and no one gives a hoot. Mayor Gavin Newsom wants to run for Governor of San Francisco. Wake up San Franciscans and boot this jerk off as Mayor now. He can go to Montana and graze with the cows over there.

Public Housing has been targeted by the City Attorney, Dennis Herrera - the District Attorney, Kamala Harris while these two individuals and their Departments have done nothing to take Lennar a Rogue Developer to task. Lennar has with intent poisoned our children and elders. The Bay Area Air Quality Management District has fined Lennar the largest fine ever in its history - $515,000. The Board of the San Francisco Unified School District passed a unanimous resolution requesting that the children be tested as a result of the adverse impacts inflicted on the children and others by Lennar.

Quality of Life issues have been compromised by the Mayor of San Francisco and those San Francisco Board of Supervisors that back the corrupt, dubious, nonchalant Mayor Gavin Newsom. Supervisors John Avalos, Eric Mar, David Campos, Ross Mirkarimi, and Chris Daly have backed the community and listened to the community. The rest David Chiu, Michela Alioto-Pier, Carmen Chu, Sean Elesbernd, Bevan Dufty, and of course the worst of them Sophie Maxwell have not been kind to the community from the Bayview Hunters Point. Time will tell.

Crime in on the increase in the Southeast Sector where most of our children live and contribute to the City and County of San Francisco. The Mayor of San Francisco has decided to fire many workers, that live in the Southeast Sector of San Francisco, and who were promised that they would not suffer cuts but the Mayor of San Francisco, the lying Gavin Newsom reneged on his promise. Recreation Facilities have cut services and with many parents out of job - families are suffering while the Mayor enjoys five Public Relation Officers each earning over $150,000 plus benefits. Hundreds others make over $200,000 while the Mayor has chosen to lay off those making less then $50,000.

The lying Mayor Gavin Newsom will fall on this face. This man can and will never be the Governor of California. In all the time he has been in office the Quality of Life of San Francisco has gone to the dogs or should I say the hogs.

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