Recorded history of San Francisco and empirical data point to the Ohlone living in San Francisco for over thirteen thousand years and using Carbon Dating one of many scientific methods proves this to be a fact. The Ohlone practiced sustainable practices in every sense of the word.

Three hundred years ago all that you would have seen in San Francisco was pristine. The rivers, the streams, the lakes, the forest, the land, the air, the water by the bay. Most importantly the watershed an underground LAKE from the Presidio of San Francisco all the way to Lake Merced and beyond.

The fish were healthy, and on the land roamed the brown bear, deer, and other choice animals. The same could be said of the many variety of birds and other plant and other life. It was all good for one single reason the inhabitants were not greedy, treated Mother Earth with respect and preserved the Earth for future generations, those living healthy - lived past their sojourn on the Earth and in leaving this Earth, left the best for those after them.

Then, from no where lands a parasite - a two legged parasite that killed everything and destroyed all that was very good and in doing so practiced everything that was NOT sustainable. Today, San Francisco and those that make drab policies should be ashamed of themselves for not addressing in the first place the mockery they have adhered to and supported for decades - and now superficially preach a fake religion called - sustainability and Green Practices.

As a student of Philosophy and Theology, that of Educational Psychology and Environmental Sciences - wearing the hat as Representative for the Ohlone and more the Muwekma Ohone the First People of San Francisco - I have to think beyond the beyond. It shames me to fathom how evil the strangers that came to this land are even worse to this day. Consider it in this manner if you may, up until 1924, you could kill a Native American and for a scalp (the skin from the head of the dead Native American) you could fetch a measly five dollars. Now, think that when the parasites arrived they were treated with hospitality in return these good of nothing strangers - killed, raped, robbed, and took over everything they saw. Greed and evil intentions was their make up and to this day it is evil that consummates their inner being and living. Never forget that for one single moment.

These same strangers killed the First People and stole their land. No questions asked. In course of time these strangers cut all the redwood trees and all the oak trees. Killed the deer and the brown bears. Fished the Bay until there was nothing much and raped the shores of all the abalone and more. But this was the tip of iceberg - with greed, hate, and avarice matched only by the devil himself they killed the innocent Ohlone who were defenseless.

San Francisco is the modern Sodom and Gomorrah and its leaders worse then those from the evil city I write about. Today, the San Francisco policy makers think little when it comes to the watershed that they have polluted, the Shellmounds that they have destroyed, the air that they have polluted, the rivers, streams, and lakes many filled in and those that are in existence devoid of hope. There is more that God knows all about but yet these vermin of deceit talk about Sustainable Practices. These demons have nothing to offer and anything they touch and build like the Tower of Babel will fall to the ground and perish. What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?

We get our water from a far away having stolen it from the tribes that treasured the water from the Hetch Hetchy Reservoir and the many confluences that brought the water to a holistic place. This water at Hetch Hetcy is the purest ever but then further down it travels to be sold and violated - is added and polluted and needs artificial chemical treatment. When the water is added from unholy sources it does injustice to the pure water from Hetch Hetchy. Those that are EVIL do not comprehend this because they are not righteous and being indecent, immoral, they are a disgrace to humanity and not worthy of the WORD and approaching the Supreme Source.

You may build a tower of Babel at 525 Golden Gate Avenue but it is a mockery to all that you all have polluted and destroyed. Test you air and compare it to the pristine places and sources and see for yourself what you have done? Where are the native species that was found in abundance and where are the many species of fish and animals? Why do you all, strangers, have the demonic spirit to destroy and pollute and then one day dream to be makers of fake sustainability? Where do your evil designs come from if not from the DEVIL himself?

San Francisco is one of the healing points on this Earth. Once the Shellmounds the Sacred and Patrimonial Jurisdiction stood witness to the future and future generations. One of the largest Shellmounds stood where now sits the Emeryville Shopping Center. At Hunters Point Naval Shipyard stood two hills and many Shellmounds they were destroyed and Sacred Remains scattered all over the Hunters Point Shipyard - ninety five percent of the Shipyard is landfill. This desecration does not go unnoticed. There is a Supreme Power and men in their frailty that know less about the Supreme Power; because it takes courage, sacrifice, and pure love to embrace that which is difficult to attain when one is prone to mundane, easy to reach, worthless and passing frailties of life.

Sustainable practices as practiced by the First People, the Native Americans is the only practice worth noting. The rest that the STRANGERS deceive us with is polluted and will perish in the cesspool of LIES.


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