The Chinese Americans cannot take the crap that this City and County of San Francisco has dumped on innocent immigrants especially the American Chinese for so long. It is not uncommon for innocent mostly elderly American Chinese to be assaulted, robbed, beat-up, spat upon on MUNI buses, and the many other incidents and atrocities that Law Enforcement has shoved aside while looking the other way.

In the case of San Francisco such incidents have acerbated with San Francisco's Mayor Gavin Newsom not providing sufficient resources with Departments that are supposed to provide essential services. After all this City and County of San Francisco has a $6.8 billion budget. Yet NOT one American Chinese has been hired by the Neighborhood Services to do outreach to those in the Bayview Hunters Point, Portola District, and Visitation Valley in the Southeast Sector of San Francisco.

American Chinese businesses and home owners pay their fare share of taxes but get little if not nothing in return. Tally the figures and prove me wrong.

Mayor Gavin Newsom has perpetuated GENTRIFICATION and helping him are the sell outs mostly African Americans who for a few stale bread crumbs are dividing the community. Over 6000 truants are found in the City and County of San Francisco. Among these youth the majorities are African Americans and most of them are found in the Southeast Sector of San Francisco. Mayor Gavin Newsom knows about this but does not have a BLUE PRINT to address this very serious issue. There is a link with violence and other crimes tied to this fact.

In the interim thousands of families have been moved from Public Housing to other Public Housing Projects - leaving behind housing units to Big Developers and Big Property Management such as John Stewart Company. Gated communities will be built and people of color will be history. The result of such ploys and machinations have caused a lot of frustration and the youth take it on anyone - such as the innocent Chinese American man that was beaten on the Third Street Lightrail hub by Third Street and Palou. It is not uncommon for the misled youth to think of American Chinese at ATMs. This is so sad.

The American Chinese man was beaten in January, 2010 and died of his wounds in April, 2010. Some of us held a vigil but the Mayor was no where to be seen. The SF Police Commission held a meeting and the Mayor and some key San Francisco politicians were no where to be seen and did not address the situation at hand. The SF Human Rights Commission also held a meeting to address this issue in China Town linked to the on going Racial Tension and there was no concerted effort to address the issue at hand - by the higher ups such as the Mayor of San Francisco.

Every year hundreds of incidents linked to assaults, beatings, robberies, thefts, being spat on are perpetuated on innocent American Chinese constituents who pay their taxes. The SF Police Department knows about this but choose not to do anything about it. Now, the boiling point has been reached and the frustration is so high that each and every politician is vulnerable. The Chinese Americans have been venting and they have called the local American Chinese Supervisors - chicken and other such names, displaying and showing their genuine - frustration and hurt.

In the interim the Mayor of San Francisco the same Mayor that introduced "Gang Injunction" - is using HOPE SF to tear down mostly Public Housing buildings and accelerating GENTRIFICATION and lack of opportunities for mostly poor, indigent African Americans. The result is this back lash and other acts of violence that I forecast a long time ago.

There is the on going Black on Black violence that will not go away. Gang Injunction just help to move the cancer to another part of the Bay Area and beyond - but the issues at ground zero remain intact. Hundreds of mostly African American youth have no place to live and use the word "crash" to tell you that they are going somewhere to rest until they see you the next day. All this happening in San Francisco - one of the richest Cities in the world, always bragging that we are Transit First City, a Green City but losing on Compassion and Quality of life issues. The world knows this City is named after Saint Francis Assisi but today this corrupt Mayor, Gavin Newsom has failed us all. Pathetic.

This Summer, there will be no Summer Classes and with that less opportunities for our youth to recreate and work. Law Enforcement will be out to find those that they want to find and add to the tally of getting the "so called bad apples" off the street and long term incarceration. But, this mentality begs any logic and the frustration among all segments of the population Asian, Polynesian, Latino, White, Black, Native American, mostly Chinese, others - has reached the boiling point. This is no genuine way to deal with human beings and more with human beings that are given no opportunities. Violence begets violence and hate begets - hate. Good leaders know the way, show the way, and go the way - where are the leaders?

The present dire economy is being felt by all San Franciscans but more in the poorer sections of our City where in the Bayview Hunters Point the unemployment rate is over forty percent. The dire economic straits add to the problems and acerbate the situation at hand.

Mayor Gavin Newsom has been pussy footing around and thinks nothing of this serious state of affairs. Our youth do not have the education and experience to have a holistic view of what is going on - especially those in the age bracket of 10 years to 15 years. The youth watch Television and listen to all sorts of media propaganda, the see all the Spin in the Media when it comes to luxury goods. And not knowing better what they see and do not have the money to purchase they grab. It is wrong but let the Psychologists and those savvy Educationists figure that out.

Recently the Mayor called phonies like Cecil Williams, Joe Marshall, and others that I will not name but have the documents to address the current Racial Violence in our great City to City Hall to quell the Racial Violence. Such phonies are detriment to any healing. They talk in circles; they talk the talk but fail to walk the walk. The Mayor failed to call those that really do the ground work and have the pulse of the situation at hand. Shame on Mayor Gavin Newsom - forever, playing his dirty politics.

The time has come to remove some rotten politicians and the best way to do this is by your vote. I encourage good candidates from the Bayview Hunters Point and other areas to run for office and serve those that need help most. The present jerks we have play dirty politics. None of them, the SF Board of Supervisor stepped up initially when the first incident too place.

It took a Vigil in the Bayview at the end of April, 2010, several other focused meetings that none of these politicians attended and participated, and now they all want to gather on the steps of City Hall to feign some support for the victims of the on going Racial Violence. Shame on these SF Board of Supervisors and our Mayor, Gavin Newsom.

It was very sad to see hundreds of people mostly Chinese American show up at City Hall and express their concerns. At first the SF Board of Supervisors took it lightly, but when the facts were told again and again the fools began to see that their own fate was at stake. We have some SF Board of Supervisors that are Racists. We see this when we went before them and told them how our children were bombarded by a Rogue Developer, Lennar with toxic dust laden with radiological elements. They heard it all and did nothing, much. It all ties - and these jerks, who are supposed to represent - must be sent a message.

The genuine American Chinese leaders and the genuine African American leaders must meet very soon - keep the politicians out and for sure keep the Mayor of San Francisco out and seek a solution. Outreach has to be done to those that have been suffering for years. This issue linked to Racial Tension is not something that suddenly has sprouted from nowhere - this Racial Tension has been fermenting, more during the reign of Mayor Gavin Newsom and now has exploded in the faces of the corrupt - politicians.

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