OUR WORLD IN A FLUX (11/17/10)

Our world is in a flux and those that delve deep and philosophise find it difficult to find solutions because Nations are moving very fast and in many awkward directions. Not too long ago after World War II we made fun of Japan and their cheap goods but we were shocked when we realized that in less then fifteen years they had mastered technology to sell us among other things the best televisions and cars. In the eighties Japan bought our Real Estate and will wondered what was next.

Today, we see that with China and Korea. Building the fastest trains in the world and adapting and tweaking the rails on which the trains literally float to put to shame France and Germany and those that only dream they are the best, when they are not. The trains in China are clean and what impresses most experts very efficient.

The world biggest big ship was built in China and Korea too can muster any project big or small when it comes to building first class ships. Korea is making inroads when it comes to cars and other technology - we know it but we do not want to admit it in public.

All over the world be it in Brazil, in India, in Australia, in South Africa inventions and products are being built, challenging human beings and their ancestors from deep within Africa that once adapted themselves and began this very long journey to start civilization. We human must find some common ground to appreciate the good we contribute to all human being all over the world without any animosity and in the spirit of sharing.

Some of this has been done in the medical field. India for example produced drugs to fight HIV and was able to distribute these drugs all over Africa for example to save millions of lives. Other countries have produced protein, one example protein from peanuts that helped starving children in countries have there have been famine for years. Countries if given the opportunity reveal their best but we do not do this with uniformity. For example, the world has failed in Haiti where thousands are dying and will die because they are no Blue Prints with the best of logistics to help the innocent people of Haiti.

When I was young I was influenced by Richard Leaky the famous anthropologist and more. As I grew up in Nairobi, Kenya and ventured all over the world as a young man this journey of human beings fascinated me. As an adult I looked deeper visiting museums in various countries and talking to people and experts that made it their life experience searching for the deepest secrets within so many very rich civilizations.

Here is San Francisco we do not ponder deep enough when we have the privilege to meet people from all over the world and learn from them. San Francisco has it all, from hundreds of ethnic cuisines, to the various cultural events, to just mingling and meeting Polynesians, Asians, Africans, South and North American indigenous and those that are not.

Then you have the Europeans and of course the many mixed races that created this wonderful world of human beings and their very rich experiences. Africa and Africans have offered the world a lot. The Chinese with their thousands of years of civilization have played second fiddle to colonization and other dubious ploys but no more. Forces within South America are waking up and taking on those that think they are a Super Power but are likened to a paper jaguar.

The Middle East offers us the suffering of those that should be free but are kept down by migrations of old and the affects of dictators and ruthless Kings and Queens of a people who now have created new a new Statehood but at the expense of their long lost cousins. Europe has gone to the Middle East to create turmoil and suffering that will come to an end with more suffering.

America does not respect the indigenous people. America with intent robbed land and decimated the indigenous people. Yet, we call ourselves a Super Power. There is nothing Superior about this behavior and the Power attained by putting down those that cannot defend themselves does not merit any mention.

The information age has brought us all together. Recently when there was turmoil in Iran we could send message and support those that we have not will ever meet. We kept a movement going and stalled the evil machinations of a government that will not respect their people. America allows you to do this.

On another level millions linger in jails in America - some are duly charged but most do not belong in jail. No civilization is worth its salt that makes incarceration a method to cull and suppress its population. A power that talks the talk but fails to walk the walk while the world monitors us and wonders why we treat our own citizens with blatant, disdain.

All over the world our youth are in a flux. Here in San Francisco they find it difficult to go to College and University. On one hand we encourage education and on the other we put the maximum amount of hurdles and difficulties to permit our youth to be educated. California for example does not figure in the first fifty places in our Nation when it comes to quality high school education. When compared to the world, shameful to mention and less to make a comparison. Universities keep raising tuition fees and students are found lacking the enthusiasm to pursuit a sound education.

It is not easy for students all over the world to have a standard of living, more with the availability of cheap food, the internet, transportation, health, and other basic amenities we take for granted in the United States and more here in San Francisco and California. Be it in China, Japan, Korea, India, and Europe and for that matter South America, Australia and the many other countries - citizens of those countries want to visit us and find out how we live and perform. Most of the information they get - is from television and manufactured news.

We here in America have it all but our government has failed us and the recent message sent to the Democrats is just that, get your act together or forever hold your peace. The Democrats failed to create a short and long term Foreign Policy and have failed on the National front miserably. We do have the talent to produce better, but corrupt politicians, inept and worthless keep hoodwinking the constituents. Just the idea of using Pork Barrel projects when the Nation is undergoing its worst Economic Crises says it all.

Now, the Republicans have the floor but they have no plan to serve the people. They have no idea about International Politics and we Americans are becoming the laughing stock of the world not so much because of the people of America that are very astute but the corrupt politicians that have made their goal corruption, greed, and the exploitation of the constituents and the tax payers.

We, in America have failed our women and men soldiers that have been sent to fight a war that is NOT of this Nation. Corrupt politicians have no idea about the over four thousand and growing that have died. The over eighty thousand that are suffering some trauma and the millions of families, friends, and supporters that have been adversely impacted by the actions that believe more in war and less in peace. We have astute General in the U.S. Army that do not believe in the politicians that think they can order the Generals to do what the politicians are not trained to do less think in a sane manner. Our actions affect the whole world, we make it a better place or one worse then it can ever become.

We must learn to think outside the box when it comes to energy consumption, our water, transportation, our health system, our education, sound housing, and good infrastructure and so on. China spent billions of dollars on its infrastructure while we in America even with our so called Stimulus Plan have failed to address the tip of the iceberg when it comes to our infrastructure.

America has failed to embrace the best in civilizations and its population from so many areas. We still are fixed on dividing and putting down all Muslims. We used to be a Christian Nation but too few practice Christian values as least those preached by Christ. Muslims outnumber Christians and then there is more as part of the six billion world population and growing. Our three hundred million in the United States is just that and we should not impose our will nor can we in the context of what the other Nations have to offer including military strength.

China soon will soon boast control the Ocean with more then five hundred world class war ships of various classifications. We have some but not enough to mention, less compare, in this power controlling the Ocean and trade.

America and perhaps Argentina can produce sufficient food for its own population and more to export for the next fifteen years. This is a luxury that large companies like Monsanto want to control. We are playing second fiddle to car building and have fallen in disgrace to countries like Korea and Germany when it comes to quality products. Soon, if we do not do something about our medical care it will be cheaper to get better care in some developing country. People do it today and will continue to do it - tomorrow.

America has the lead in the information technology world and it will be sad when we send our students abroad to learn when we cannot invest in our youth in America today. It is a shame that few of our newspapers have investigative reporters. The reason is simple; most of the younger reporters are not well educated and less educated on issues. I meet them all the time and they fail most of the time. At least those under the years of forty five years who prefer to use the information on the internet and take short cuts rather then study, read, talk to people, travel and examine the hard facts - personally.

The media is tainted. Most Americans are taken for a ride when it comes to what we created today in Iraq and Afghanistan. Iraq is worse off today then it ever was. No steady electricity and no clean water. The Security is touch and go and often times when the authorities let their guard down - a couple or more of bombs will ruin the peace of mind of the constituents for months and years to come.

The paradox is that more Christians have been killed today in Iraq then under Saddam Hussein's regime. This is not to say that Saddam was a good man but more Iraqis have died after Saddam was brought down. And America must always remember we propped up Saddam when we became enemies with Iran after being friends with them. This stupid mentality that we can choose our battles as we deem fit, invade any country, think we are powerful when we are not - will NOT work.

Our work is in a flux - and we have but one opportunity to first say afloat and then work our way up in humility. Aho.

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