Some of us constituents show up at City Hall to participate in the deliberations at the various meetings conducted to better our City and County of San Francisco. We speak and inform the SF Board of Supervisors about the pulse of the community at large.

There use to be a time when Public Comment was taken seriously and you could look forward to a San Francisco unique meeting of the minds. In recent times the current SF Board of Supervisors will prefer idiots to rant and speak in Arabic and offer the fool double the time, other provide light entertainment. However, decent, sane constituents cannot have their three minutes of Public Comment.

Public comment has been relegated to the dust pin and so in very recent days it became evident that suddenly the so called Progressives were interested in the Public for all the wrong reasons. Mayor Gavin Newsom wants to leave Room 200 shafting the present SF Board of Supervisors at least those that say they belong to the Progressive Club. In all these ploys and machinations the public at large is being shafted. Jobs, benefits, budget cuts, poor operations and maintenance will all come to haunt innocent tax payers who pay the bill and salaries of those that purport to work for this City. For every 28 constituents we have one City worker. Over 60% of the City Workers make over $125,000 with benefits.

The present SF President of the SF Board of Supervisor rumor has it has been meeting behind close doors to cut a deal. The rumor may be correct or it may not. But, the question put to the SF Board of Supervisor that have been acting haughty, more like a bunch or urchins is - what makes it so difficult to elect one of you stupid supervisors, who deprive the constituents of three minutes of Public Comment, have screwed up our fiscal operations, often waste time and money debating issues that are mundane, but now cannot take charge of the situation at hand - when it comes to required, leadership.

One a former Chair of the committees just realized that he had not read the Rules Committee, governing rules minutely and just realized that there is a difference between shall and may. What! Another idiot preferred that the present Clerk of the Board provide her with the two front-line suggestions - how to pick one of them, inept Supervisors, if at all - they are interested in picking one of them. More, one worse then the other and inept to the core, if I may add, rather politely. May be it is time to call back Gloria the former Clerk of the Board for a couple of suggestions as to how this matter can be resolved.

Rather then do that thousands of dollars have been expanded to hire outside Counsel who have not been helpful. In the written memorandum the Counsel seems to suggest that nothing precludes the sitting SF Board of Supervisors to elect a Mayor. The SF Charter does not provide the exact model and prescription but gives the SF Board of Supervisors a couple of avenues. The issue at hand is that the SF Board of Supervisors cannot make up their mind, they are trapped with their biasness and have expressed it in public revealing to the public and more that they good for nothing, so called representatives - peg themselves in deformed holes and cannot think outside the box.

None of the SF Board of Supervisors is well versed with Parliamentary laws and regulations. Most of them have no clue how to use the Robert's Rules of Order. If the did they would be able to resolve this issue at hand in no time. All one has to read are the directives of the Public Reform Act as guidance. The relevant parts of the SF Charter and the pertinent parts from Robert's Rules of Order. In no time the SF Board of Supervisors can resolve this issue with full transparency and accountability.

Here is the real problem that the SF Board of Supervisors have just realized, they are dumb and get most of the legislation vomit prepared by others. Once in their chair in Room 250 or the other Rooms 216 or so they exercise their Supervisorial privilege to take on the constituents. Rarely paying attention whiles the entire time spewing diatribe. Some of them go on and on and on with their BS. But, all the many times I have been at City Hall I have found, no one astute SF Board of Supervisor with the exception of Matt Gonzalez.

Gavin Newsom beat Matt by 4% I remember that because I worked hard to support Matt Gonzalez. Gavin had to fly in Bill Clinton to persuade San Franciscans to vote for Gavin Newsom who was losing the Mayoral election. Gavin's win came mostly from an early start, Absentee Votes and Matt's loss came because he entered the race late. In this case the Pacific Heights Mafia and I know most of them have created this scenario and will hamper any progress in the future that does not benefit the vermin that have divided our City and County of San Francisco. If the Supervisors have genuine leadership they can foil this attempt and for once serve all San Franciscans.

There is even an option as clear as pristine water for the matter to be heard at the Rules Committee - the Chair is David Campos, with Eric Mar and Michela Alioto-Pier the other two sitting members. Let us have this hearing and I will give you three avenues all very easy and clear cut - all three avenues follow the SF Charter, the benefits allowed before the Rules Committee, and of course the general commonsense spelled out in Robert's Rules of Order. Any seasoned Clerk of the Board could have contributed to this deliberation and brought about a quick solution. There was no need for some drab advice from some Palo Alto - counsel remarks that state the obvious and add no solution to the artificial - debacle. A storm in a tiny tea cup!

The City Union stewards are not contributing to this dialogue by beating around the bush. I asked one steward if he had read the SF Charter and he said no. I asked him if he has read the relevant chapters in Robert's Rules of Order and he said no. But, there he was during Public Comment on the agenda items - spewing diatribe and offering no solution or solutions what so ever.

Some one suggested that we conduct this process, at the remaining few SF Board of Supervisors meetings left. We cannot conduct ourselves properly until we the people that you all represent, first, have the plan before us that has be properly vetted, secondly have a couple of plans before us to see the difference, because we have astute constituents in San Francisco, thirdly have full transparency and accountability that all San Franciscans - deserve.

The only other time we had such a situation, to choose a Mayor in a short time, was when Diane Feinstein had to deal with the murder of a sitting Mayor and the vacancy that was created. That traumatic day the rest of the SF Board of Supervisor were united and chose Diane to be their leader unanimously. That says a lot for that SF Board at that time and moment that made history and united San Francisco and San Franciscans.

Let me make it very clear to the present SF Board of Supervisors and I know each and everyone of you in one capacity or the other. I also have qualified experience in this matter serving as the Congressional Liaison to Sixth United States Army and Presidio of San Francisco and having two Commander Awards to my credit. I have participated in hundreds of meetings at City Hall and you all know that. You sitting SF Board of Supervisors, as a whole DO NOT have the best interest of the community and you all know what I mean.

Again and again you proved that with the Lennar debacle. You may pooh pooh this statement but the decision you made will leave a scar for life and you all will remember my statement, long after this debacle of sorts is resolved one way of the other. No one can permit innocent children and elders to suffer at the hands of a Rogue Developer, the Pacific Heights Mafia, and think for a moment that you do not have BLOOD on your hands. Always remember the 8-3 vote - eight in favor of Lennar, the Rogue Developer. Now think hard about this current scenario?

You have this opportunity to leave your garbage at the door. Fine tune your conscience and the difficulties facing thousands of innocent San Franciscans. Take a peek at the future and this City's fiscal woes. Put your best foot forward and for once elect an interim Mayor for the good of San Franciscans who you all represent.

Granted there are several paths to do it and that is how it should be rather then led by your nose to follow one drab path. The guidance is there in our Charter and local Parliamentary Rules and Regulations, we have many, in-house experts that can contribute (you Supervisors do that anyway) few of you have the ability to legislate from scratch.

Let this be an opportunity to shine some light and let the light be seen by the world. It is imperative that the interests of the community at large be put first and that we work together the Executive Branch, the Legislative Branch, and of course the most important and critical ingredient in this temporary fiasco of sorts, the people. We the people, in San Francisco deserve the very best and this decision by you San Francisco Board of Supervisor now sitting can bring it about through leadership. Good leaders know the way, show the way, and go the way. Aho.

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