Elements such as LENNAR backed by the MACHINE with folks like the Pacific Heights Mafia, and enablers like Willie L. Brown Jr. have decimated the community all over the Southeast Sector where a lot of development is going on - now.

Most folks are unaware the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency and the Commission that carries, endorses and executes dubious policies has favored Big Developers and decimated the many decent organizations and community leaders in the Southeast Sector.

In order to have some semblance, the Southeast Sector is all the area we know as Potrero Hill, the area around Dog Patch, the area we know as Hunters View, the Bayview, Silver Terrace, Portola District, Little Hollywood, Visitation Valley, the Mission, Excelsior, Bernal Heights, and beyond. It is where mostly blue collar workers have made their home. Folks that work hard and are hardly given an opportunity to participate in the deliberations of the policy making and adverse impacts that continue to be piled up on hard work constituents that pay their taxes by City Hall and so many fake Representatives.

To give some context to the area and the Representatives that purportedly are supposed to serve the constituents of the area - the area in question are District 9, District 11, and District 10. It is time that these Representatives come together to tackle the common issues linked to transportation, education, health, housing, small business, pollution, truancy, safety, and the many other issues linked to Quality of Life Issues.

The so called Representative representing these areas John Avalos, David Campos, and Malia Cohen are all known to me. I have studied them in ways they many not know. They could address the issues facing their constituents but they have no viable plan. Things have changed drastically with the dire economy cloud hovering over the heads of these Districts, their constituents, and naturally the Representative themselves. Two of them for now can be labeled Progressives and have their own hidden agenda and Malia favors the MACHINE which is what some of us knew, but now have every confirmation that it is so.

For years I have participated in meetings at City Hall and some may not think this is a good idea. The main purpose it to see how the Representatives think and act and I have a fairly good idea of John Avalos and David Campos who I have backed from the inception. I could say the same of Malia Cohen but I am not going to stand up and pay lip service to those that work with elements that favor Big Developers and work against the community at large.

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission for example is expanding billions of dollars that will affect the Southeast Sector where most of the polluting facilities are situated. The Digesters, the Power plants, the Concrete and Aggregate companies, the Tallow Company, the Superfund Site, the over 1200 hot spots that are all found in the Southeast Sector in a large manner.

Most of the freeways that accommodate the millions of vehicles that spew thousands of tons of particulates are found mostly in the Southeast sector. The Mission Street corridor, the Silver corridor, the Geneva Street Corridor, the Third Street Corridor, the Bayshore Corridor, the Cortland Street Corridor, and the many other corridors I could name need to be evaluated, analyzed and the data compiled for the three Representatives to study and act upon. This empirical data linked to contamination will shock them and bring them a realization that they do not have right now; thus causing them to fail to prioritize the mandates and a great disservice to the many constituents of their District. Many so called affordable housing have been built along these dirty corridors causing more harm than good in the past.

The ignorant, mostly novice Representatives has no detail idea of Land Use issues. There has not been any meaningful dialog linked to Cumulative Pollution where people live in the Districts. And even if the empirical data is given to these buffoons, they may think I am put them down - but they are clowns, all the same, because I have been bringing these issues for the longest them to their attention - but they seem to hear it but not really listen to the issues at hand. Pay little attention to what is critical and dabble in mundane issues.

We all know the consequences of what happened to the Mission linked to the SF Redevelopment Agency. The GENTRIFICATION in the Mission is well known to the Elders but we do not have one single, astute leader who wants to come out and address the pertinent issues at hand, in the open. Many of them are afraid that their funding will be cut. I know many of them but they have exhausted themselves so such an extent; that they have given up on hope and when you give up - you permit the devil and his minions - to rule.

Big Developers were having a great time using the pimps at SF Redevelopment Agency as a conduit to use REDEVELOPMENT monies, that is tax payers' money, make hay while the sun was shining and look down upon the advocates that fought for the people. As I said, we saw this in the Mission, we saw it at Mission Bay, we see it the Bayview, and we hope we do not see it at Potrero Hill, Hunters View, Bayview in large manner, and of course the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - where efforts have been expanded to build 10,500 homes on very contaminated soil.

Simply put, we must permit the SF Redevelopment Agency to die - we must memorialize the demise of this ugly institution. But, before that we must initiate an audit and the "thugs" that made money, the executives that made dubious deals, acted like pimps and whores - must all be taken to task. We must NOT permit this institution to just fold without some sort of RESTITUTION and these cannot happen with adjudication where most everything is revealed.

The SF Public Utilities Commission is busy digging our streets in the Southeast sector, desecrating the remains of the First People, making loud noises over the decibels permitted, in the name of aiding and abetting Primes, that are making millions in profit. These contractors that stand to make large amount of money; bring in their own people and the community looks out of their window and watch the circus - each and every day. This nonsense must stop right now - and if worse comes to worse - we can and we will STOP the projects in their track. Make no bones about it. The SF Representative are asleep; we see this day in and day out when we are at City Hall. When we go to meetings where there is no voice heard by the people. Consultants the like of Platinum Consultants have all the bases covered with the blessing of the so called City Departments and dubious Representatives. Money is exchanged and where money is involved - all sense of decorum, accountability and transparency goes out the window.

Further insulting the community outsiders are brought in from Oakland and other such places; paid as CONSULTANTS, insulting us San Franciscans and folks from the Southeast Sector, adding fuel to fire. Employees that now live in the East Bay and act as outreach Directors for the SF Public Utilities Commission rake in money through bribes, and other such dubious ploys and machinations. This has been going on since the days when a local Community Based Organization - Business Development Incorporated (BDI) was investigated and the some nonsense in happening today. Ed Harrington knows about this, I have informed him about it - but he still seems to think - that I am not capable of doing - much. Time will tell.

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) fined Lennar over $150,000 (that is one hundred and fifty thousand) for polluting the neighborhood with toxic dust, radiological elements and Asbestos fribales. The impacted radius with the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard as Ground Zero - about six miles - covering SF Districts 11, 9, and 10 .

The inept Representatives know about this fact but have not informed their constituents about it. Thousands of innocent people are suffering from respiratory diseases, cancer, and other chronic diseases well known by the local hospitals - Saint Luke's, Saint Mary's, Kaiser, Pacific Medical, Saint Francisco, SF General Hospital, Seaton and so on. All this happening in San Francisco one of the richest cities in the world and the Mayor and his minions the former one Mr. Dipstick aka Gavin Newsom and the present one- think that looking the other way will make the ongoing adverse impacts go away. They are totally mistaken.

The SF Department of Environment says that the down town area - the mostly commercial buildings, known to us as the Financial District emit over 500,000 tons of Carbon Dioxide. If that is the case the area that I am talking about District 11, 9, and 10 emit over 30 million tons of Carbon Dioxide. Over 22 million comes from the areas prone to liquefaction that is mostly landfill and spew Methane Gas. One ton of Methane Gas equals twenty two tons of Carbon Dioxide. Mostly Mission Bay, of course Hunters Point Naval Shipyard, Candlestick Point, many parts of the Mission and the Excelsior, and the many areas that make District 11, 9, and 10 that are landfill.

Add to those particulates and other elements from the toxic traffic, industrial waste and industrial smoke stacks, the Concrete and Aggregate operations - and we have an ideal toxic cesspool right here in our City and County of San Francisco ˆ more in District 9, 10, and 11 .

I detest the LIES that are put out day in and day out that San Francisco has reduced their Carbon Footprint. This is a LIE and if we take the Department of Environment to Court; we will win hands down with the Empirical Data we have at hand. No one can look away from the Empirical Data.

The SF Department of Environment that mostly relies on grants and does not tap into the General Fund, survives some, by coming up with ploys and machinations. Now, with a program to replace light bulbs, old refrigerators and like equipment to safe energy with modern equipment and energy serving kind. Then add to that, the collection of waste car oil, needles and neon lights, exchanging old Christmas lights for more efficient Leed Lights.

Now, they want to go into the business of tackling the Financial District with Energy Audits when another group is already going it under the auspices of the Pacific Gas and Electric Company and have been doing it for years. They started in the Bayview with ploys and machinations with the money they got from the State when Willie L. Brown Jr. was Mayor some $13.6 million from the sale of the PG&E power plant to Mirant that is now being deactivated. Sophie Maxwell was the Representative and with the blessing of SF Department of Environment doled our money to dubious organizations.

Literacy for Environmental Justice (LEJ) was one of them without even having the status of a non-profit; they received $600,000, the Enola Maxwell Middle School receive thousands for Solar Panels and nothing happened, The Bayview Hunters Point Advocates that have been audited, Young Community Developers, that were part of the machination and wasted millions over the years; mostly with Dwayne Jones in charge of the sordid affairs. YCD has been audited and the results have not been good to say the least.

The recent trend is to give money in the Southeast Sector to dubious Community Based Organization to train youth that mostly have not passed High School, do not have a General Education Diploma (GED). Former jail birds and other from outside San Francisco have been raking in the money and pretending to do some workforce training. Of course we all know about the millions wasted by City Build, and I mentioned YCD, and the so called one stop centers all over the City, a couple in the Southeast Sector all are buys training or pretending to push for Workforce.

Never mind thousands of journey men and women are out of work and have been out for over two years. The Mayor's Office of Economic Development and Workforce has grown from a couple of Full Time Employees (FTEs) to over a fifty if not more - with a budget of over $18 million.

District 11, 9, and 10 comprises over thirty percent of the youth and truancy is a problem. We have over 10,000 youth are labeled serious offenders and over fifty percent live in the Southeast Sector. One has just to visit the Juvenile Center to learn what truly has been happening in the Southeast Sector and the youth. Mr. William Sifferman, Mr. Allen Nance and Sheriff Michael Hennessey all get my emails and know where I stand on these issues. They all do as much as they can do with limited funds and the many knuckle heads that order them around, not know anything much about Law Enforcement and less about family issues and parental care - keep talking the talk but less of walking the walk.

The demographics of the Southeast have changed with Asians mostly moving in droves and leading the figures, followed by Latinos whose population will be the majority all over California, the Blacks are moving out mostly because of gentrification. Sadly that is the case with the Polynesians too, in this case Samoans to be exact. The Whites, Native Americans, others can be found in the District 11, 9, and 10 and are studying the situation at hand.

I have thrown a few ideas and hopefully some FORUM will be held with the Representatives in District 11, 9, and 10 taking the lead. The rest of the SF Districts do not give a rat's ass about the Southeast Sector. I do not want to get into the detail discussion right now. Just opens the door for armchair critics that want to put their finger in every pie, less educated on issues and trying to instigate controversy for the sake of instigating controversy. That is not me.

The Progressive did have an opportunity but lost it at SF City Hall. This concoction that has still to be figured out at City Hall, with the current SF Board, is an evolving issue with the corrupt DEMOCRATIC MACHNINE making hay whiles the sun in shinning.

Ed Lee is beholden to the MACHINE, he may pretend and make belief he wants to adhere to the community at large but let me let you; Rose Pak and Willie L. Brown Jr. are entrenched in ploys and machinations daily - that the world knows about. I can tell you up front and personal they do not favor those that need help and for sure they do not favor the poor. More, hard working blue collar workers and those that have a home, pay their mortgage, but still live pay check to pay check. They say it will take ten years if not more for this economy to improve.

Right now with the dire economic situation the poor and those that need help; be they the mentally challenged, the physically challenged, environmentalists seeking redress, anyone that wants to the take on the policy makers and those that favor Big Development - are left to fend for themselves.

The Federal Budget Report has been out; thousands of pages and I have perused, the pages tell it all and there are cut across the board and more to come - including entitlements. Governor Jerry Brown has made up his mind and those that need help will have to represent themselves. Do not count on Mark Leno for sure. Fiona Ma, Leland Yee and Tom Ammiano need to hear from us - you have to go to Sacramento and face these so called Representatives - face to face - look them in the eye, and tell the TRUTH.

As things stand today the Representatives from District 11, 9, and 10 have no Strategic Plan, for sure they have no fiscal plan with any base line funding that they could share and help the Southeast Sector with any one single, meaningful project. They have no idea about the ploys of the SF Public Utilities Commission that is expanding billions of dollars and whizzing past the constituents of the Southeast Sector. I am watching and have been watching these folks for a long, long time.

We just cannot sit down and allow these so called Representatives from Districts 11, 9, and 10; the others from Districts 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, to spend the next four years working without a plan. Then come January 2012; swear in a Mayor who has to re-invent the wheel and take us in some direction that adversely impacts the entire San Francisco and its worthy - constituents.

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