There is a vacuum created at City Hall with the exit of Mr. Dipstick aka Gavin Newsom. However he has left his minions in place both within City Hall and outside who daily carry on the ploys and machinations benefitting some dubious entities. It will take at least six month for the TRUTH to be revealed, but the ploys and machinations will be revealed in due time.

A couple of factors have slowed the ploys; the present dire economic situation, has put most City Departments on notice and with cuts linked to funding and a freeze on new hires, the old corrupt entities are put on a slow track but the corruption is rampant all the same.

The Governor of California Jerry Brown has deemed it right to cut all funds to the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency and for that matter all Redevelopment Agencies in California. It is right that these monies set aside to aid most BIG DEVELOPERS will now be going to local entities; but as often happens our Interim Mayor does not get it. Ed Lee should know that many of the SF Redevelopment Agency employees made a lot of money but did not do justice by the community. Now is the time to shut down the SF Redevelopment Agency once and for all. Now is NOT the time for Ed Lee to go pleading to Governor Jerry Brown to help SF Redevelopment Agency that does not have a good track record. More so with crooked SF Redevelopment Commissioners like Leroy King and Darshan King who were investigated by the FBI linked with Lennar and are still being watched very - carefully.

The SF Redevelopment Agency was that one conduit that supplied money to dubious entities to carry out the ploys and machinations of BIG DEVELOPERS, all over this City and County of San Francisco and the leader among them all was Lennar. Lennar, for all practical reasons having a rough time and is dying on the vine, The many sell outs that made tons of money when Proposition G was being pushed are now crying and back biting because the well is dry. Lennar is history and I predicted a long time ago; nothing good will come from Lennar and nothing good will ever happen at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

All over the Southeast Sector the mostly blue collar working community is hurting; it is hurting because this City and County of San Francisco does not have a mechanism in place to enforce the law and the policies linked to Workforce, Minimum and Union pay, working conditions at the many sites where Prime Contractors from outside do as they please. This nonsense has been going on for years and nothing much will change; unless the so called Enforcement Departments and Agencies do their duty and revamp local hire.

Thousands of skilled workers many of them Journey men workers have been out of a job for over two years. No one is paying attention to them and soon there will be a revolution. We are seeing it in other parts of the Nation but it will soon come here to California and sooner to San Francisco.

We have Big Developers come to San Francisco and not pay heed to Environmental Issues. We have seen Big Developers with the blessing of the City and County of San Francisco; fail to maintain Quality of Life Issues.

We clearly saw what Lennar did at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard when Lennar clear cut over 400 mature trees without any permission. You require a permit to cut mature trees and our City and County of Francisco knew what was happening and looked the other way.

The thug that cut the trees and took the contract still lives in the community and is still busy making thousands using his dubious connections to get contacts be it trucking, hauling hazardous material and dumping it here, there and everywhere. Conducting other evil actions while all the time crying wolf about RACISM. The man is Black and should have learned a thing or two about poor people and not adversely affecting the poor - but the man is the worst of the scumbags when it comes to wheeling and dealing and doing in his community.

It all started way back in 1999 when folks like Roy Wills contacted the leading thugs in the Bayview and started putting these sell outs on the Lennar pay roll. All of these thugs were paid off and in the years that followed these thugs assured Lennar that Lennar could do as they pleased and the thugs would back Lennar. This the worst things that could have happened but it did happen to the innocent people in the Southeast Sector and the adverse impacts are felt to this day.

Entire City Departments - among them the SF Public Utilities Commission, the Department of Public Works, the SF Human Rights Commission, the SF Redevelopment Agency that interacts with SF Planning, and the SF Board of Supervisors that SF BOS that sit on the various committees like Land Use, Budget and Finance, and so on - all cooperated, to do the community in. They did this by sending before the Full SF Board of Supervisors (SF BOS) agenda actions that should NOT have passed in the first place.

The folks form Alice Griffith were warned about the corrupt Lennar Corporation and the promises Lennar made to build new homes for those that lived at Alice Griffith in deplorable units controlled by the SF Housing Authority.

Promises that Lennar promised would come about but today the naïve folks from Alice Griffith have been taken for a ride and now at last fully comprehend the folly of their actions.

Bus loads of these folks from Alice Griffith was taken by rented vans and buses by Angelo King and Dwayne Jones, fed pizzas and told to spew the lies that were fed them by proxies linked to Lennar. Today these sorry asses do not know what to do with themselves; and the longer they wait in their sordid surroundings; waiting for the false messiah to arrive they will drown in the cesspool of their own making. Such folks are now reaching out to me and others - but let me say to them; "once bitten twice shy".

There are other groups that take money from dubious entities to build so called affordable homes, and to create some sort of Workforce Training but none of that is working. I have seen it all in all the years I have worked hard for the community, in the trenches and what I have seen has told me never ever, trust a sellout. "Once a liar always a liar".

Sophie Maxwell is out there participating in a function arranged by SF Public Utilities Commission. She was recently given an award by Ed Harrington from the SF Public Utilities Commission named the Living Legend and another was given to Toye Moses named the Leadership Award for Lifetime Achievement. Both these individuals did not represent the community at large.

Toye Moses whose job is to manage the Southeast Facility Commission Building at 1800 Oakdale; has disgraced himself and done untold harm to the community, our elders, our youth, and those that once thought the Southeast Community Facility would help the community. In all these years the SF Public Utilities Commission has aided and abetted this good for nothing pathetic fellow and they know it but now they reward him with an award for all the harm that he has done.

Sophie Maxwell for all practical purposes must be working for the SFPUC as consultant or so it seems. She just got termed out as a SF BOS and she can work for SFPUC after a year; that is if she follows the law. Sophie Maxwell should be waiting for a year to pass before SFPUC hires her and put her on the pay roll as an employee. You never know, the SFPUC may even have created a position for her with a special contract as was created once for Susan Leal and a few others that I will not reveal using my prerogative and subjective discretion.

Come January 2012 there will be a new Mayor in San Francisco and hopefully whoever that Mayor is - will rid this once great City and County of San Francisco of the corruption and less transparency and accountability that has become the trade mark and well known at all levels in Society.

Behind the scene is Willie L. Brown Jr. and it should not come as a surprise that Dwayne Jones after screwing the Mayor's Office of Community Development, stealing money from Communities of Opportunity, before that creating as mess at Young Community Developers, and in between participating in the many shenanigans is now working for Willie L. Brown Jr. and Platinum Consultants. What else is left when we permit this outsider, Dwayne Jones, who does not live in San Francisco to do so much damage - unchecked?

On the Third Street Corridor over $300 millions flows in grants and from other such conduits with mostly thugs controlling the money with less accountability and transparency. This happens primarily because of inept entities that will do anything to make a fast buck even if it is means cheating and stealing. All this with the blessing of the former Mayor - and now with those still in charge at City Hall and with intent continue to permit the corruption to continue. Nothing much has changed - same snake different head.

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