San Franciscans are astute and savvy and over the years have challenged the system and challenged world opinion and norms and made a difference. San Francisco and San Franciscans have embraced so many that is why the diversity we have in San Francisco is second to none. However, in recent years most of that is changing - we see forces that want to control and suppress those entities and organizations that have stood the test of time.

Most people the world over are shocked when you tell them the United Nations was founded in San Francisco. It was moved to New York because of vested interest; that even today, misuse the United Nations and Commercial interest to benefit their own pockets.

San Francisco and the neighboring area was always an area where the best minds, artists, writers, computer software engineers, architects, builders, engineers, business folks, doctors and nurses, culinary experts, fashion aficionados, Educationists, environmentalists, military experts, world renowned folks with international acumen made their home. We have them even today but we had more in past years and they had acumen.

The land we know as San Francisco and the neighboring areas belong to the Ohlone and it was stolen from them. The most shocking aspect of this moral equation it that the Ohlone are NOT federally recognized and the world thinks that is fine because very few understand about sovereignty and less about moral values and vain dictates.

All around the Bay Area once stood Shellmounds - healing points that made this area we call San Francisco and the surrounding area - very special. Once stood tall, huge, majestic redwood trees and within them the best flora, animals, birds, insects; the best this universe had to offer. We see glimpses of this - in the old growth that we now full realize; these passing treasures have to be preserved.

The indigenous people of the area have been totally left out in the vast changes for the worst that have been made by the Whites who stole, plundered, murdered, raped the women and killed innocent children. This legacy haunts historians who have been slowly to admit and nonchalant in telling the truth. They say the truth, - hurts; and in the case it could not be more poignant.

So what has all this to do with lack of leadership in San Francisco? Well, we see leaders reach a certain point; but fail again and again to tell the truth. Why? Because again and again our leaders lack the fortitude, the moral gumption, the wisdom that is given to those that can see beyond the beyond.

In the past, we - in San Francisco did not shun from speaking out against the discrimination against the Chinese and China Town. Few spoke about the Angel Island the thousands of Chinese that were held on that infamous island just because they were Chinese. It was fine to steal the land, bleed the indigenous people but someone had the authority suddenly; as to who could immigrate to this land and who could not. What a shame that cries to heaven even today.

We all remember the incarceration of the Japanese; all Japanese Citizens. Their homes and property were raided and for no reason what so ever they were treated like second class citizens. Today, with some drab apology to the past sordid actions; we continue to think that history does not matter and the fools that are leading the charge are paradoxically - the Chinese. Shallow, to the core David Chiu, Carmen Chu, Eric Mar and joining the fray; a buffoon Ed Lee - San Francisco is worse off because of these charlatans.

The wisdom that China, India, the Middle East, South America, and Africa bring to North America is deep and rich. While we may tout we are diverse, more like a rich salad, each one must maintain our identity and richness and never, ever forget the history of the past and how we must not be used as tools. We must never, ever permit power to go to one head. David Chiu will never be the next Mayor of San Francisco and we must be careful not to vote for someone that has not proven to serve the constituents of San Francisco with - humility.

We must not forget the abuse of the Latino laborers and the discrimination of the Irish in past years. San Francisco has witnessed all this and more; in its not too long and convoluted history. The farm lands are not very far from here and many Latinos who make their home in San Francisco bear witness to that torturous history. The Irish have come a long way but in solidarity must remember the past and not forget the disdain of the snobs that today rub shoulders with the Irish for vested interests.

Once Blacks made up twenty five percent of this great City and County of San Francisco; not anymore, more like four percent of the population. We do have a population of 816,000. We did not read and pay attention to the Unfinished Agenda linked to the eradication of Blacks in San Francisco. This document still sits on the shelves and followed by the mockery of the Out Migration - led by shallow Blacks the likes of Doris Ward and Fred Blackwell - who favor gentrification. Behind the shenanigans that have harmed so many Blacks, even today in San Francisco - the former "thug" Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr. and the so called Representatives that follow his dictates. Time will tell.

Had it not been for the Buffalo Soldiers the many so called Pioneers would not have made it to California and done well. The Buffalo Soldier protected the Native Americans - even though the movies and some liars would like to say otherwise. They Buffalo Soldiers were Black and over four hundred and fifty of them rest at the Presidio of San Francisco at the Veteran Cemetery. Check out this history and reveal to the Pacific Heights Mafia who really matter.

The world is looking at San Francisco and it will focus on the events that will hit San Francisco and be more then the ongoing saga we see in Japan. I predicted, months ago that the year 2012 - will bring unprecedented changes. San Francisco once had some leadership; but today is fumbling, shaky and shallow, with leaders that are inept and spineless. Look at the fools they are the laughing stock of those that know - better.

In recent months we have seen no movement at City Hall; it is as if City Hall is stagnant and with very little movement that is progressive and holistic. Thugs are positioning themselves, be it the Pacific Heights Mafia manipulating behind the scenes, and sellouts on the take - selling out the community.

Lennar is Dead and there will be no movement at Treasure Island and Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. The Americas Cup is a ploy where waterfront properties will be leased to the GREEDY and this City will suffer in the short and long run. Sport sailing is for those that have money and time to waste and does not contribute to any sane equation and to our Nation's failing - economy.

Not with the impending Tsunami and Earthquake that will announce itself and stall the sordid intentions of those that care less about humanity and more about their selfish interests. The same will all the plans at Pier 70 - there are some that want it all. Once confined to ghettos and not permitted to own property today they will take it all - then, if they see some cesspool they will make sure that they take that and some more too.

Good leaders know the way, show the way, and go the way.

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