There was a time, not too long ago, when for sure we had good Representation at San Francisco‚s Board of Supervisors (BOS). In recent years we have come to endure a kind of Representation that smacks of haughtiness and can be pointed out to a certain segment of the population of San Francisco that has failed to assimilate and do not truly appreciate time tested American values.

We have Representatives from certain Districts that do not want to allow the Public at Large during Public Comment to speak for the three minutes that were allocated to the public - every since I can remember participating in Public Comment and deliberation for the last thirty five years - plus.

Again and again at the State Level we have seen no competition and upward mobility without any contest, Representatives just presuppose that once they get into the State of California, Assembly that they should automatically get into the Senate and so on. In the past 8 years this process defeats itself.

The State of California Budget has not been passed on time. And, to make matters worse - the constituents of San Francisco have been suffering on practically every level. Our so called Representatives have been involved at the State Capitol mostly pussyfooting around. Passing drab legislation not worth the salt and other such legislation that have minimal affects on the ordinary constituent that pays heavy taxes, but get very little in return.

In one District in San Francisco, on the local level - there was a vacancy when the Democratic Machine ganged on one Representative. It did not take long, for a crony of the Democratic Machine, himself found sleeping with his best friend wife - to anoint a woman to this District as Supervisor - that has been pompous, and failed to serve the better interests of the people of San Francisco.

We must learn not to be attached to those cultural values that impede American values that have been time tested and admired all over the world. One of them is freedom of speech and to curtail Public Comment, give mandatory orders for the Clerk of Board to cut off microphone is to say the least ˆ disgusting. We never had such behavior before and have to deal with it now.

In years past, we have had immigrants from many countries and most of them be it from Germany, Japan, France, Canada, Australia, Indonesia, India, Korea, the many countries in South America, the many countries in Africa, even the Middle East, the United Kingdom and other countries - these immigrants have learned to embrace American values and if one of them Represented constituents in politics at any level - they worked hard and fought hard for American values. Not so, some who want to Represent but have screwed up at City Hall and lowered the standards when it comes to Quality of life issues.

We have some thug prominent so called consultants. Others who call themselves brokers and these vermin will do all in their power to place stooges in position to do their sordid will. Recently, we saw this with the appointment of an Interim Mayor who has been all talk and no walk.

We have seen the power of consultants and power brokers - interfere in the process linked with the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) on SF City projects. We have seen political forces contribute to the campaign coffers of some San Francisco Board of Supervisors and when the time comes to vote - we, have seen these despicable SF Board of Supervisors vote - for what is wrong.

In writing about these so called Representatives, corrupt, inept, divisive, and shallow - if you are direct, the norms of the day are so cockeyed that many feel - one is not politically correct to call a spade a spade. If you name their country and the culture they are attached to, demeaning progress and the values of our great Republic that is the United States of America.

At the end of the day most of us Americans want Representatives that speak the truth and work for the people. If we consider ourselves Americans and have genuine aspirations, fortitude to do right - we, the people need Representation - sound Representation. Worthy of respect and standards that are deeply rooted in the American system of politics and not Mongolia or some country that does not take freedom of the individual at heart, have no place for free speech, and a justice system that allows one the right to defend oneself.

The time has come to take the current Democratic Machine to task and rid them of the many atrocities they commit and the many that are adversely impacted.

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