We all went through the financial crisis in the year 2008 - that is anyone who had money in the banks, invested on Wall Street, and had anything to do with the larger financial institutions who had free reign and manipulated long standing fiscal, fiduciary, and judiciary - long standing principles.

It is here in the United States of America that banks that the Federal Reserve Bank knew fully about - initiated a series of schemes, ploys, and machinations ñ now known to us better as sub-prime loans, derivatives, and other fancy names that come from the devil's workshop.

Just before George W. Bush who leave office and President Barack Hussein Obama could take office - George W. Bush called President Barack Hussein and explained to him the nature of the situation at hand. Tom Paulson crafted a deal with no checks and balances and bailed the banks and the large financial institutions with OUR tax payer's money. We, the tax payers were not consulted.

Trillions of toxic loans initiated in these the United States of America by banks from the United States of America - sit in Banks all over the world - are worthless and now have come to visit the larger financial institutions and insurance companies, the know rating entities such as Moodys that were all taken for a ride. Those that once guaranteed these "toxic loans" thinking they were of value what those larger monitors said they were - but alas - proved to be worthless. Today, we call these loans ñ "toxic loans". They sit there and contaminate and cause endless - problems.

Again these "toxic loans" - derivatives, sub-prime loans, call you what you may were hatched in these the United States of America. Some devious people and we all know who they are made billions of dollars and are today - Scott Free - time to rein them in and send them to jail for long periods of time.

A large insurance company was going to collapse and guess what - it was mentioned Europe was going to suffer and we had to do something. The man was Tom Paulson and many of us who had not heard of AIG, Stearns and Bear, JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs - in terms of hedge funds, sub-prime loans, derivatives, were just beginning to understand the calamity - these financial tsunami that enveloped the entire world monetary system.

Without our permission, the permission of the people of the United States the Federal Reserve Bank printed trillions of dollars to float some large banks, and those large financial institutions that were not regulated and are still not regulated.

Here in the United States this Mafia Bank called the Federal Reserve Bank can print Trillions of Dollars - just to float any monetary system. To date the Federal Reserve Bank has not released the names of all the "crooks" Presidents, Vice-President, Chief Financial Officers, Controllers, other banks members that participated in blatant - fraud.

All this happened in the United States of America by banks and large financial institution that are not regulated that with "intent" committed - fraud.

Gauging from the immense harm done here in the United States, other countries, and more the European countries - these greedy ploys and machinations, this lust to have more money, this evil desire to have it all - has tarnished the fair name of America forever.

We have no mechanism to bring banksters like gangsters before any meaningful body to be adjudicated and jailed for long terms. We have "crooks" who have defrauded millions of people of trillions of dollars - having a good time somewhere on this Earth; when they all should be sitting in some jail and spending the rest of their lives - there.

There is only one way to solve this problem and that is to have ONE CENTRAL BANK and it should not be anything like the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK. It should be called the World Central Bank - complete with a new currency and detail methods of execution. We have independent experts that can handle this case.

The first order of the day is to audit and remove all the "toxic loans". Start from scratch. The second order of the day is to have a new monetary system backed by equity. Before it was gold - now it could be the value of the money - against a variety of "value assets". Precious materials, real estate, bonds backed by equity. We cannot permit the situation in Greece to overcome and over spill ñ worldwide when it can be curtailed with any ramifications and residue of contaminations stemming from toxic loans and assets.

The crooks that created the "algorithms" can now figure a way to rid off the toxic loans - and start from scratch. This must be done soon - within six months.

Europe as we know it; is falling and America that started this domino affect linked to "financial ploys and machinations" is responsible for this mess.

Already, Ireland has sunk, Greece downing, Spain, Italy, Portugal, France, and even Germany - tittering, and waiting for someone to take concrete - action.

Some Monetary Leaders have met in Poland, here in the United States, in France - and have been slow to come out with a plan. The World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the leaders of those countries that have large reserves of gold, other minerals, oil, anything against which large sums of money can be borrowed or loaned - must now agree to a system of fair play, quick adjudication, penalties - a system that is full proof and ready to operate.

The World Central Bank should have strict rules on "hedge funds" and cap the amount of transactions per nano second. Large computers can generate penalties and halt transactions that are dubious. Two infractions and you are out. Three are you go to jail for long periods - ten, fifteen, twenty - years. Right now the crooks have no deterrence and this is a crying shame.

It is simply wrong in this present system for the filthy rich the billionaires to make a 16,000% gain in their sordid - investments. We have thousands of millionaires and hundreds of billionaires and all of them have not earned their money by producing anything much - expect betting, gambling, and raking in the profits - that is the billionaires. The hedge fund betting must be curtailed.

This money belonging to the billionaires could be confiscated that would send chills among the rich and could be used as an extreme case. Much the same as those middle class that lost most of their money and investments starting in the year 2008 that has lead to this long depression that will soon double dip.

As a secondary measure the World Central Bank could reassess large sum of money - 20 cents on a dollar. In the new system with a brand new change of currency - most everything would fall in place.

Mathematicians well versed with algorithms can figure most of the most difficult equations give it a value against some proven equity and bring some semblance where there is utter chaos - today. Crooked banks today own all of Greece ñ its treasures, its landmarks, everything owned by corrupt banksters that have no conscience, less morals, and still less standards of any kind.

Poor countries must be forgiven their debts. That is just the price Western and American banks and their fiduciary large financial institutions, insurance companies, and other legal institutions - must come to bear, settle, and move on. For generations Western Banks have stolen, pillaged, and thought nothing of such crimes - generated by sheer, greed.

In ancient times there was a system of "barter". It was not totally equal but it made sense. Both parties with a hand shake made this world - a better place. It worked for thousands of years but cannot worked today with the fast pace of transactions and the huge volume that cannot accommodate the snail's pace.

This greed of exploiting and cheating, playing with fire and thinking that all will be well is nothing new. Some crooks took Manhattan in exchange for some beads. In Australia some crooks gave some blankets and took it all. It was the same with the colonial crooks in Africa. You get the drift.

Our digital world can put us all on and at one level. The recent "Cloud System" and other "more sophisticated models that have been explained to me" can make transparency more transparent; with accountability - in seconds.

The issue is how to penalize large Financial Institutions immediately - that can borrow for less, loan for more, and deal with "methods of greed; falsely called financial transactions" that have no value but sell them as if they have some value. Today, we call them "toxic assets" - linked to sub-prime loans, derivatives, and other fancy machinations and ploys of a kind.

Today, thousands of "crooks" are watching over their back; how they will be dealt with. Some are in the White House, many are working in the Treasury Department, thousands are on Wall Street, still thousands in banks and financial institution - they all must be rounded up and jailed.

They have the blood of millions of innocent people that have died from stress. Those that committed suicide because they lost all their savings - millions of others; whose homes are in foreclosure. Still others that became poor over night from Middle Class to Home Less.

These greedy bastards must be taken to task - in the next six months. They can be indicted for starters and judged by an International Court. If America wants to give the crooks cover; as it is going now - the repercussion will be severe. Banksters are Gangsters and they deserve to be jailed. I will equate them with "the worst terrorists" that America and Homeland Security has put more emphasis on to distract the American People.

Now, America in many areas of Georgia and other so called conservative areas did not blink an eye when Troy Davis was executed - recently. Troy Davis was not given a trial, even though there was evidence that he did not commit the crime in question. America killed an innocent man. The Supreme Court was slow to adjudicate because our Judicial System is a farce. The rich get one set of justice and the poor another.

Hence the list of crooks need to be tried by an International Court and warrants issued by a new entity much like one set at the Hague and the World Court. As much as possible America must be taken from playing a role in monetary, fiscal, fiduciary adjudication; in pertinent matters it has proved to be an utter - failure.

International Law Enforcement must now play a key role in our civilized world. Screw the Intelligence Agencies that we know in America and worldwide that are all involved in "laundering money".

There is only one way to earn respect - full accountability and transparency. The enforcement must be away from America and must be International. With strict accountability and transparency and imbedded within the framework of fair justice and strict proven standards - both judicial and fiduciary.

Brazil, Russia, India, and China are really not beholden to the mess that America has created. Let us call out the names of those really responsible and you will see a pattern. History repeats itself. There is a segment of the population worldwide that will sell their mother for a nickel - the likes of Bernie Maddoff. Such vermin deserve long jail terms. Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, others of the same veins - who embrace greed and should not call themselves; Americans.

In America the Judicial System is corrupt and controlled by wicked politicians. George W. Bush came into power because the Supreme Court failed to acknowledge Al Gore. We all seem to forget that episode. George W. Bush stole the elections.

George W. Bush Jr. led America to war - two wars one in Iraq without any justification. The second in Afghanistan without any justification and Americans know that and must speak up. We cannot attack sovereign nations with just cause and in short have not business using convoluted excuses to bully smaller nations for ulterior motives. Lying to the American people and pretending to serve the Nation's cause - while giving opportunities to rogue companies linked to Dick Chaney and Halliburton.

America has one last chance to think outside the box and create a new monetary system, a new International Judicial System, a new Insurance System, and new governance of trading that must stay afloat and undo the mess that started here in America. America is now a recognized paper Superpower.

We have missiles that cost millions. Aircraft carriers that cost billions - we are bankrupt - our middle class the strength of America is eroding - very fast and soon the poor will be in our face. Our population is 311, 000, 000 and we have today roughly more then 45,000,000 ñ poor and growing. Shame on America, and the crooks that have ruined it for everyone - brought shame to America and Americans.

One in four seniors in America goes to bed hungry. One in three children in America goes to bed hungry. Millions of Americans are without work - a mess created by the Republicans and started by George W. Bush Jr. who continue making a fool of themselves - just watch the Republican prospective Presidential candidates - none of them have a clue about foreign policy.

Three things right now are going for America. Firstly we have a population that is under control - some 311 million - unlike some countries that have billions. Secondly, we have vast expanse of land with untold resources that belong to the First People, the Native American, watched by the Great Spirit. Thirdly, we are the chosen people that must do right and come out of this mess. We cannot be led by greed and those that think, live, and practice - greed.

Years after some "greed banksters" stole trillions and ruined the lives of millions - our Government has not taken them to task. Why?

What is the difference between the terrorist that we make so much of - and the greed banksters that we know of - and continue today, even after we have gone through so much - deceiving, cheating, and bluffing. What is happening America?

When did it become fashionable for the President of the United States to have fund raising events where folks shell out $35,000 per plate and think that this type of malaise is fine. President Barack Hussein Obama pandered to Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, Barbara Boxer other Zionists associated allies that have disgraced our Nation.

None of these vermin should be on any intelligence committee. None of them should be allowed to represent. All of them have and continue to make vast amounts of money - pretending to represent - "the American People". California and San Francisco is worse off with such sordid representation and Representatives.

God has given us the intelligence and we can save ourselves if we take the drastic actions. Neutralize the Federal Reserve Bank that has nothing to do with the Federal Government and is a Private Bank. Jail the banksters. Incinerate the toxic loans and start a fresh.

Checkmate Wall Street and bring in the regulators - no insider trading and other gimmicks that we all know about but have no access to - to garner billions overnight.

The time has come to create and fashion a World Central Bank and fashion a new monetary system with like equity - comparable with contemporary business practices that can be gauged and evaluated in seconds in this digital world. Aho.

We can stem this financial crisis looming on the horizon from causing further catastrophic damage.

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