Wall Street has been a scourge ever since it was formed by the filthy rich to control large segments of equity, assets mostly stolen, make money for the filthy rich, and to treat most others like S L A V E S .

The recent scandals on Wall Street linked to insider trade, sub-prime loans, derivatives and other ploys and machinations - have destroyed the lives of millions - wiping out savings and in many cases putting people out of their homes.

Further millions of people have been out of work over forty million as some reports indicate; others project the figure to be closer to sixty million. Our Nation has a population of three hundred and eleven million.

The working poor are increasing and the middle-class the strength of any Nation has decreased in the United States of America.

One in three children go to bed hungry - all this in America and we dare call ourselves the world's richest country. Our seniors are hurting too - and it does not help when the Republicans think of cutting Social Security and messing with Medicare and Medical for our worthy - Seniors.

The recent protest outside Wall Street in New York is growing and has spread all over the Nation. We have had several here in San Francisco and rightly so. Wall Street has no sound regulations and oversight, less auditing and treats most people whose equity they control - as slaves - subservient to their machinations.

The shenanigans linked to sub-prime loans, derivatives, algorithms, other very devious methods of making money, illegally all initiated here in the United States of America by Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase and others is blatantly illegal and evil. These vermin must be taken to court and in some cases deserve the death penalty. These vermin have caused untold hardship to those that were robbed, cheated, deceived, and many have committed suicide.

Others thrown to the wind and living on the streets in America. In Florida "tent camps" have been formed - with mostly the Middle Class taking refuge in these camps - devoid of electricity, running water, and sound restrooms.

It is time to audit the books of those large financial institutions; that were bailed by the tax payers without our permission. Where is the scoundrel Tim Paulson who once worked for Goldman Sachs?

Once these books are audited the results must be made available to those Financial Managers and once they have it in writing - all the "toxic assets" now held by these large financial institutions will bring down these large institutions. The word will spread that these institutions and not worth the salt.

If the hedge funds are then connected to these institutions that have been lying, cheating, stealing, and deceiving us all for the longest time ever - Goldman Sachs will disappear from the face of the Earth. So will JP Morgan Chase and so will the larger banks that are now charging us money to use our debit cards, and seeking other ways to make money; Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and so on and so forth. One worse than the other - corrupt to the core and evil - they all will fall down, one by one and drown in the cesspool of their own making.

These American Insurance Company together with those institution that back their credit worthiness the likes of Moody's all cheated and lied. None of them can be trusted. Not even the private Federal Reserve Bank that has been printing trillions of dollars - to float the economy and give some wrong sense of stability.

The "Spring Uprising" - the recent "Wall Street Protest" have everything in common. The Main Media needs some reason why people are "uprising" - it is their prerogative to protest and none of your fucking business to get any answer less question the people.

You idiots do not cater to the people, less inform the people, less investigative reporting, and treat the decent people of America with news that is drab - you all pander and spread misinformation and disinformation and have been doing so for the last fifteen years and more. Shame on you the fourth estate of sorts!

The Main Media is used to taking instruction from Media Czars mostly Zionists who are connected to Goldman Sachs and other such evil institutions. There are Nations who have suppressed others - their days are numbered. The French Revolution will pale in comparison and rivers of blood will flow. The rich that have had it so well; cheated and taunted the poor and those that they have stolen from - will not be shown mercy. Their time is coming and that time is - now.

American must learn not to mess with sovereign nations. We had no business doing to Iraq and Afghanistan. We had some business bombing the hell out of Pakistan and Saudi Arabia - if some measure of decency was calibrated. But; as usual with an idiot like George W. Bush - our Nation had nothing to say and the few that were against the war - no one listened to them.

Wall Street must be demolished and a brand new currency introduced. The "toxic assets" incinerated and those that initiated the ploys and machinations - sent to the gallows.

We must protest peacefully and send the right precise message, remind those that committed crimes and if need be publish their names on the Internet. The names of all the culprits and if nothing happens - all those that benefited from their crimes. Aho.

As I say - from time to time, America - Turtle Island was stolen from the First People the Native American. Today, what we see is about restitution and it is about the blood of the innocent on the hands of those materialistic thugs that have no conscience and have much blood on their hands. Joining them so called Representatives in Congress and the Senate - not all of them but most of them - that worship - greed and money.

Wall Street treats most people like slaves - and the time to tear down Wall Street is now. The large insurance companies, the large financial institutions, the Credit Card Companies, those that encouraged cheating, stealing, robbing, deceiving - must be brought to book. In some cases the judicial system and branch who have decided to be joined at the hip of the Executive Branch.

The time for justice is now - and time is running out. Watch out for the Tsunami Justice moving so fast that most will not be able to escape.

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