In years past San Francisco has had a variety of experiences when we have had good leaders and at time bad leaders - to bring more clarity to this picture good Mayors and bad Mayors.

In these dire economic times we San Franciscans who are astute want to make the right decisions. I say this because in San Francisco the average San Franciscan has gone to college and even if she or he has not gone to college or university - we enjoy a higher standard of life; this comes with sound education.

One way of look at sound education is when any person or persons have the ability to gather the best information. This often happens in San Francisco because we have a variety of ways to have sound dialog. Opportunities are created to have meetings at every level - where a sound agenda brings about sound dialog leading to sound information - thus sound education.

In recent years the San Francisco Board of Supervisors the Legislative Branch of City Government - the City and County of San Francisco. We are a City but we also govern other counties - where we have special agreements - linked to clean drinking water, sewer services, open space, recreational parks and so on.

As I said in years past we have had good and bad Mayors - worse Mayors during the Gold Rush. The history is all there for most people to read and connect the dots. This was not too long ago - we could start with 1849 - and the Gold Rush. The very reasons why our National Football Team representing San Francisco are named the 49ers.

This land all of it belong to the First People - the Ohlone. Up until 1927 edits were issued to kill any Native American and one could fetch $5 for the scalp. The strangers who invaded the land - were racist and this remains to this day. Minority politicians can change the general attitude but they have fallen for MONEY and GREED.

This year 2011 will be an unique year where every San Franciscan who can vote will decide the future of our City and County of San Francisco - linked to our San Francisco Mayoral Race which is very, very convoluted.

There are a few of us advocates that are well known that go to City Hall to represent. Not too many; some of us that go that extra mile to monitor what goes on at City Hall. I am one of them. I can sincerely say that the Legislative Branch of our City Operations - the San Francisco Board of Supervisors- that function as some SF Board of Supervisors (SF BOS) - I am sorry to say - pathetic.

It is critical that with a $6.9 billion, yes BILLION dollar budget - we have leaders, so called Representatives, better known as politicians; I call them corrupt politicians. Two stand out among the eleven that make up this sordid so called Legislative Branch of the City and County of San Francisco - one is Carmen Chu from District 4 and the other is Malia Cohen from District 10.

In general it is becoming fashionable to build one's political portfolio when you are a dumb Supervisor - the prize sought after is Mayor of San Francisco. This year we have a number and not one of them who has been a Supervisor before has the ability to run this City and County of San Francisco - as a good, decent, experienced leader less - Mayor.

San Francisco deserves better. Right now we have some dumb Supervisors who I have called "morons" when addressing them. It is simply bad manners that when decent constituents address the Board of Supervisors that the SF Board of Supervisors - listen. On the contrary, you will have the Supervisors walk out, have side bar conversation, yawn, and many a times stand and gossip. This disgusting behavior must stop - now.

By far our Supervisors are liberal but this year we have many that are confounded, dumb, and simply put not capable to legislate and less not educated on issues. We have serious issues linked to Health and Safety. Need experienced Supervisors - that comprehend Environmental Impact Studies and Reports. Few have the ability to do so and do a disservice to the constituents of San Francisco - on the many committees the Safety and Land Use committee come to mind.

Any Supervisor who feels they want to serve San Francisco and San Franciscans - and worship the political MACHINE must think twice. The MACHINE; a diabolical group of people, mostly former politicians, current Representatives - the Senators and Congress Person, others who openly exercise undue influence - we call them the MACHINE and they are worse than the Mafia.

No politicians should think that can speak and think for the people. Not without our written permission and by voting for any politician we do not give them a carte blanche permission to lie, steal, and create hurdles that adversely impact the constituents.

In recent years we have seen this happen at the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. So much so that most people have lost respect for the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. Now, this year this disgust has spilled over to the Mayoral Race. This is not as it should happen but as I said the disrespect these scum of the Earth - politicians; by their sordid behavior and mostly their utter, disrespect for all San Franciscans; have tarnished the good fair name of this City and County of San Francisco. Two good for nothing scum bags Malia Cohen and Carmen Chu.

It has become well known that Big Developers will influence and sponsor political candidates - if they are women they act like whores - work, for the highest bidder. If they are male candidates - they prostitute - work for the highest bidder. They look at you in the eye and lie. Pathetic.

We had cases where Rogue Developers with intent bombarded the community with Toxic Dust, Asbestos Friables, dangerous particulates, radiological elements - and after explaining in detail the adverse impacts on our children and elders. These shallow SF Board of Supervisors have gone ahead and voted for the projects linked to Big Developers - two come to mind ˆ the Rogue Developer Lennar and the John Stewart Company.

Good leaders know the way, show the way and go the way.

An important element to bring to the attention to these morons is the lack of spirituality which leads to lack of ethics, which leads to lack of morals. They can receive large amounts of money from sordid transactions, condone public nudity all over the City - any person can roam in the nude in San Francisco and the law protects her or him. In the last ten years over 30,000 decent families, normal families - father, mother and children have left San Francisco.

This group of current San Francisco politicians favors the likes of the happenings in Sodom and Gomorrah.

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