It is a shame that San Francisco the compassionate City has lost its soul at City Hall - the SF Board of Supervisors (BOS), most of them are arrogant, ignorant, inept, and what is more - shallow. Scott Weiner, Carmen Chu, Malia Cohen, David Chiu, and Jane Kim on the forefront - pathetic to the core and what are more not to be trusted at all.

These opportunists that I have named have not taken a stand with the NINETY NINE and have sided with the ONE PERCENT because of GREED and BLOOD MONEY. None of those that I have named above have once taken a stand for those that need help, stuck by the needy, and taken the needy, the poor, the ninety nine to a better place.

Occupy San Francisco is here to stay: http://occupysf.com

None of the SF BOS have any clue about the Glass-Steagall Act of 1932 - less about the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of November 12, 1999 that opened the doors to the economic crisis of 2008 - really beginning in 2007 and still ongoing and adversely impacting millions of people in our Nation. Millions all over the world.

We must remember and accept in all earnestness that the sub-prime toxic loans, the derivatives, the various ploys and machinations all began here in the United States of America - with Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan Chase, other very devious people and entities - preying on the money of those that worked hard and lost most of their savings.

Our U.S. Government than chose to bail out the miscreants without any accountability, giving the crooks all they wanted and accepting nothing in return. Such sordid behavior has never been accepted before - covering so many actions that have adversely impacted millions of people. Even today Wells Fargo, Bank of America, crooks to the core and supported on all fronts by our United States Government. Bank of America is sinking and soon will ask for more financial help - and guess what the U.S. Government will help these vermin.

When it comes to the people, the "commons" we the ninety nine get no help. Why? The reason is simple - blatant disregard for decency lack of ethics and morals. Much before the strangers came to Turtle Island there was decency.

The resources of this Nation belong to the First People also known as the Native Americans that this Nation and the U.S. Government has chosen with intent and favoring discrimination - and put Native Americans on Reservations.

This injustice must be dealt with and if this injustice is not dealt with our Nation will suffer from the consequences. While other Nations have apologized to the First Nations such as Canada to its First Nations, Australia to the Aboriginals - the United States of America in the year 2011 - chooses not to apologize for all the injustices done to the Native Americans that I prefer to call the First People.

It is simply wrong for ONE PERCENT of the filthy rich to control vast amounts of money, property, and other fiscal transactions that adversely impact so many millions. These filthy rich now have bought the judicial system, the Law Enforcement, have private security much like private armies, have cash stashed all over the world and look down on anyone that belongs to the human race, that has no money to flaunt - that do not belong to their "sordid", world.

All over this Earth of ours people are now protesting against the major banks and financial institutions that have with intent defrauded millions of innocent people. As I said; it all started with the Glass-Steagall Act and by revoking this Act and bringing in the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act in November 12, 1999 when the Republican Party was in power.

Our pathetic SF Board of Supervisors (BOS) is not in touch with the constituents of San Francisco. These so called Representatives lack genuine leadership. The reason is simple they are not educated on issues. Less they are not spiritual and has do not give a hoot about morals and ethics.

Recently there was a forum at the University of San Francisco, a Jesuit Institution. There was Malia Cohen who first did not comprehend "gentrification" and does not share the abject poverty that is found in the Bayview Hunters Point.

Recently, an elder, an advocate, a woman fighter for right passed away - her name, Elouise Westbrook. Born in the year 1915 on April 20 and she left this Earth on September 13, 2011. Malia Cohen mentioned her name as Espanola Westbrook - more because she did not know this woman well and less because she will throw names out there to show that she knows some - when she know nothing at all.

Gentrification is happening in the Bayview Hunters Point where sixty percent own their homes and forty percent rent. City wide sixty percent rent and forty own homes. Gentrification in the Bayview Hunters Point was pointed out a long time ago in the document known to those that are educated on issues - called the "Unfinished Agenda".

I challenge Malia Cohen and her minions to a debate me on Gentrification linked to areas where Blacks were in numbers. Once this City boasted twenty five percent Blacks; today Blacks number less than five percent and dwindling. Malia Cohen has no clue of the under laying factors and what is important to note - ignorant, she than proceeds to mutter words and says stuff that she splutters that makes no sense. Malia Cohen is not a leader she works for the corrupt what we call the MACHINE. Malia Cohen favors GREED and for sure is attracted to MONEY and will suffer soon not later.

Recently, we have had members of Occupy San Francisco address the SF BOS. You should have seen the expression on the faces of Scott Weiner, Carmen Chu, David Chiu, Jane Kim, and Malia Cohen. The protesters reminded these good for nothing individuals that they were - "the servants of the people". These good for nothing; so called Legislators, once earned not too long ago about $24,000 and now earn over $116,000 with benefits. Daily they make deals behind closed doors and have consultants and lobbyists that rake in thousands of dollars and pay for junkets to places that these vermin can ill afford.

Large Corporations are given "tax breaks" that do not benefit San Franciscans. We see this happening all the time. Small businesses are not helped and thousands have left this City. Families, decent families - father, mother, and children are not helped are thousands of decent families have left in droves.

The present "economic crisis" is very serious and affects San Franciscans more than most other Cities. Now, we really have the filthy rich - over 3500 millionaires in San Francisco, 24 billionaires, and thousands of poor that have to work two and three jobs to make ends meet. For the first time the Food Banks do not have food to give to satisfy those that need food to survive. We have foreclosures and we do not over 40,000 units vacant in San Francisco.

One in three children in San Francisco go to bed hungry. One if four Seniors go to bed hungry. Many cannot afford to pay for their medication. The SF BOS do not give a hoot. Why?

The lousy SF BOS have no clue that in San Francisco we do not have a sound Transportation System. Some areas are devoid of transportation after certain hours. For years the old GRID helped some mostly converging in the Financial District - own town. While over 30,000 homes are planned for the Bayview Hunters Point and Candlestick Point and further Visitation Valley and Sunnydale - the transportation system is poor and unreliable.

The Third Street Light Rail begin at 4th and King and ends in the Middle of nowhere in Visitation Valley. Over $700 million was spent on this project but what a debacle it has been. A Chinese man was killed, another Chinese women thrown off a MUNI hub; hundreds of Chinese, mostly elderly are assaulted. Crime is on the increase - Malia Cohen gets the reports but in a nonchalant manner grins like a jackass and does nothing. Where is the leadership?

Rank Choice Voting is a malaise and that is the only reason Malia Cohen came in the door but now that she has been there for over a year - she is like a fish out of water. Again and again she thinks she can bluff herself and bluff others - but again and again she makes a fool of herself. She belongs to that group of spineless, shallow, inept, ignorant, and very arrogant despicable group of politicians. The sooner she removes herself and goes away - the better. She is all fluff.

The young men and women in the Bayview Hunters Point; especially those that have not been given opportunities to work are fed up with Malia Cohen. I have been talking to them; and soon we will take action and make stuff happen.

It is the same with David Chiu and Carmen Chu that tag the MACHINE and agrees with the San Francisco County Democratic Committee. The many breakfast meetings where a $500 a seat contribution brings you closer to these vermin who fail to deliver - again and again; fail to serve the people and fail to serve genuine San Franciscans who are compassionate.

We have shelters in our City where indigents sit on a chair of more than eight hours. These chairs are like a bed for them to rest and this has been going on for years. Our City has lost its compassion and the SF BOS; I have mentioned are despicable - and what it more disgusting. Many of us have lost respect for the SF BOS and do not visit City Hall as we used to. We will not throw pearls before the swine or hogs that wallow in the filthy muck of their every day politicking.

We once had the Armory on Mission Street where we could give some succor to the indigent, the poor, those that need shelter when extreme cold was felt. Today, this building is rented out to some entity that makes pornographic movies, Bondage, and a slew of movies that pimps, sluts, whores, and folks that delight in lewd acts enjoy. No compassion for the poor ñ yes to lust and the SF BOS and our former Mayor Gavin Newsom endorsed this project - being a Metrosexual himself and a disgrace to anything - decent.

When was the last time our SF BOS visited the shelters and spent some hours to witness the dire straits of misery that prevails ñ where; those that have fallen on bad days have to suffer and the long miserable days and nights - are made worse.

The current protests are all about the above and more. The most drab policies and resolutions that the SF BOS pass; like on the day the protestors met - the passing on the "Napkin Act and Nudity in the Castro" is something that makes decent people angry. Such acts are not tolerated in any decent City but here in San Francisco no one has the guts to confront Scott Weiner and his affinity to such sordid and lewd behavior.

Here in San Francisco we have families, children, adults - women and men trying to make ends meet and working two and three jobs. Here, we have in San Francisco, people losing their homes, kicked out of their rental units - and our SF BOS are busy talking and acting on polices linked to bare butts and nudity. Tongs and dandy longs that do not belong where decent people live and rear children - this is not Sodom and Gomorrah.

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