For thousands of years the indigenous people of the Bay Area and beyond have created Mother Earth with respect. Taking; a little at a time; the bountiful resources and savoring the blessing of the Great Sprit for generation to come.

Most everything they saw for thousands of years was pristine - the rivers, the streams, the forests, the lakes, the mountains, the air, the sky, and all that they saw that had life - the fish, the birds, the animals, anything that has life and sought to survive to play its role in this universe.

Then, came the stranger and all that was good began to change and the change has not been for the very best. From the early visitors who came and left, others who came and stayed longer, and then those that came with GREED and a sordid hunger to steal, rob, destroy, and act diabolic.

We are in the year 2011 and we see around us the concrete jungle and the pollution be it in the air, the soil, the water - the very environment that we live in - be it our homes, our institutions, our big malls - everything therein emit toxic gas and pollutes the air.

There is nothing to be said positive with that which is preserved with some chemicals that we breathe, eat, see, and touch - and think that we will not pollute and in some manner be adversely impacted. Some, in small measure and others in greater measure - and for all that harm we humans must be ashamed of ourselves.

There is no doubt that the land we call San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area belonged to the First People the Native Americans. Here in San Francisco the various clans linked to the First People - the Ohlone.

We learn daily from the various tests conducted how polluted our Watershed in San Francisco is - it stretches from the Presidio all the way to Lake Merced - a large lake underground that was pristine but daily the worse type of contaminants seep and pollute the Watershed.

It is the same with land and one stretch in particular - the land from Pier 39 all the way to Candlestick Point. Dangerous pollutants some linked to petroleum product, others related to chrome, PCBs and other toxic chemicals, in large measure and more - Methane Gas ;some 200,000 tons of Methane gas - spewing freely into the air.

Once the area was water and part of the Bay and GREED knows no bounds especially when it comes to the White Man who wants everything he or she sees. The White Man has by his very innate thinking; wants, to possess all he or she sees. It is this very singular trait that separated the Whites, the Europeans, Colonies, and the Colonial Empire from people and the other great civilizations in recent times.

If the White man had it - he would fill the entire Bay, but paradoxically some five women all White and all well placed wives of judges, heads of colleges and institutions of power - banded together and fought the developers and stopped the filling of the Bay.

Today, no one pays attention to this great deed but this deed in one singular deed that must be noted. These White women were influenced by the First People and over the years they understood what their own kin were doing - the harm they were spreading; and if they did not do something - then they too would be part of that history, greed, and despicable history of the time. These five White women took a stand and did well on behalf of all decent humanity.

We all remember the sordid deed when the filthy rich having connection with Congress took over the Hetch Hetchy Valley and flooded the Hetch Hetchy Valley to dam the water and bring drinking water – using, pure gravity so that San Franciscans and those in neighboring counties could use as much water and pay little money for it.

We all fondly remember a White Man - John Muir and others taking a stand and losing this great battle - damning and flooding the once beautiful Hetch Hetchy Valley and scarring the conscience of anything decent left in human beings and remember well the deeds of those who allowed GREED to take over cloud the best decision making .

Today, we are faced with the same dilemma - some advocates, some environmentalists, try their best to put their best foot forward, they try to do the right thing - only to be lied to. The actions; of those that foster sordidness is difficult to comprehend and diabolic and we who are decent in the year 2011 must fight and neutralize that which tarnishes the good name of all decent human beings.

It is shame that those in power fail to comprehend the shame of NOT recognizing over sixty percent of the California Tribes, we call the First People, the Native American Tribes of California. Sixty percent of the California Tribes are NOT - Federally Recognized.

When citizens from other countries are told these facts they find it difficult to believe. But, the facts speak for themselves. Even, here in San Francisco our so called evil Representatives in Congress and in the Senate will not endorse the wishes and aspirations of the Muwekma Ohlone and other Ohlone Tribes.

In San Francisco we have over 1000 toxic hotspots and over 450 are outside the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and within District 10. Of course the dumb, inept, ignorant, and very arrogant Malia Cohen from District 10, the current Supervisor would not know that. Nor does she know about the thousands of tons of Methane Gas spewing in the air - one ton of Methane Gas equals twenty two tons of Carbon Dioxide so much for all the talk – mostly, “fake talk” of some Carbon Footprint language that the strangers created, cannot explain in clear terms and cannot run away from.

The Hetch Hetchy waters are some of the most pristine and the water gathered from the confluence high up the mountains in the Sierra, even today is consider so pristine that is a source of pride to the Indigenous People. Every time I meet the Indigenous people from that area - they always offer me the pristine water which they respect and treasure and so do I. The waters do have much healing power and are Sacred.

We all remember the times when the redwoods reined supreme much as did the Buffalo on the Great Plains of America - known to the First People as Turtle Island.

Only the most diabolical of people could cut down the redwoods in the millions and what a shame that is. And - the same with the Buffalo killed in the thousands for the skin of the Buffalo and left the flesh of the Buffalo to rot - after piling them sky high.

We humans are slow to learn from the mistakes of the past. Of course, we who can discern; know who truly cares for the land and who truly can be trusted - for sure it is NOT the stranger. The stranger will take each and every opportunity to steal, rob, plunder, desecrate, and commit the most horrendous actions. We can wait and permit them to do worse - or step up and do what is right - even if it means fighting for it with all our might and suffering the severe consequences.

The shamans, the prophets speak of a time when the diabolic ghosts will come and tarnish all that is wholesome. That time has reached a peak in recent years. We see the signs of the time all over the Earth. The HOPI and other tribes worthy of their salt - have been revealed in visions and signs by the Great Spirit - those that have done harm will suffer and there is no room for restitution - for those that harm others with intent.

Today we see the sordid behavior in corrupt forces trying to pump millions of gallons of water to make it flow all the way to Southern California - that is already wasting water with no concern that we in Northern California are concerned about our depleting Natural Resources including water.

There are others who are felling our trees and think nothing of it. Some areas have been protect - the Old Growth - however, those that control these large tracts of forest with their Trust Funds are folks who at one time made money - by stealing, robbing, and plundering from the poor and the First People the indigenous people of California, San Francisco and the extended Bay Area - who could not defend themselves.

It was not uncommon to rape and steal from the First People of California. It was not uncommon to kill a Native American; no questions asked and fetch $5 for a scalp. These types of sordid acts were committed up until 1927. Edicts; were sent by the Governors of California to commit such act to get rid of the Native Americans. These crimes will not be forgotten and the time for restitution in now.

The time has come for restitution and it is not about money that fleets away and today has no value. It is about life and those that have done great harm, adversely impacting many millions of people; they and those that they begot will be dealt with very serious consequences. By a FORCE that is not easily understood by those that are not truly - spiritual. Aho.

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