From way back 2005 and before we have seen large financial institution steal, rob, deceive, and loot decent folks who invested on Wall Street, large financial institutions such as J.P. Morgan Chase and Goldman Sachs and other insurance companies such as Moodys. Large banks such as Wells Fargo and Bank of America and other evil banks like them one worse than the other.

The above with intent stole money, used money without permission, and deceived millions of decent people; using sub-prime loans, derivatives, devious algorithms and other such ploys and machinations to make billions of dollars.

These evil institutions then proceed to do the same all over the world. The mess in Europe today is because of these financial institutions and no one has apologized to the world. What we see happening in Europe today is coming our way, the financial tsunami will hit us suddenly with no time to react.

All over the world; decent people are fed up with the financial institutions who pander to the filthy rich. Governments that once had some credibility have lost all respect, high of the list the Federal Reserve Bank, the United States Treasury Department, the United States Congress and Senate, and of course the White House more when some drab and shallow, Republican was in the White House.

We the United States had no business going to war and wasting billions of dollars some 150 billion every year on wars that we had nothing to do with. The culprits that we really should have gone after according to the evidence were Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. But, in our foolishness we decided to go after Iraq and Afghanistan. On both fronts we the United States have been a total failure.

Today we see the great divide - the filthy rich some one percent of our population that is about 313 million. The ninety percent who are getting poor and those who are in authority fails to see this reality unfolding before them.

The Middle Class in the United States is eroding and the working poor now do not have food to feed their families. We see people all over this Nation - we call a Super Power - go to bed hungry. It is a shame when one in three children goes to bed hungry. One is four of our Senior citizens go to bed hungry. We know this but we do have the guts to speak out, challenge the establishment with a Blue Print that can bring about rapid progress and change.

Not too long a Captain from Philadelphia Police Department from the City of Philadelphia - the City of Brotherly Love was arrested and handcuffed for protesting with the Ninety Nine. At first glance this may come across as something not becoming; but, I can tell you if you truly witness the suffering, this man will go down in history having done the right thing.

All over our Nation there are protesters and there are protesters. The Main Media was slow to spell out the details, mostly because the Main Media is selfish, greedy, and does the bidding of those that are not sensitive to the needs of those that need help. The Main Media is famous for SPIN and lack the ability to tell the truth and investigative reporting.

I personally know the Mayor of San Francisco, Ed Lee and I personally know the SF Police Chief, Gregory Suhr. I know where their heart is - and I also know those that can protest with reasonable demands. I do not endorse violence, such as the Anarchists and those that pillage, deface, burn, and destroy. Such folks have no place in any protest that is sustainable.

It is common sense that anyone that defies common sense; favors being dirty, filthy, favoring feces and fleas and endears to such conditions that adversely impact the health and safety of all San Franciscans - do more harm than good. No one in their right mind will listen and negotiate with one that is filthy, spews diatribe, talk nonsense, do not have a viable plan that can bring progress and take us all to a better - place.

Good leaders know the way, show the way and go the way. We cannot take anyone to a better place if we are angry, not educated on issues, unbalanced, have no spirituality, lack a moral conscience, and think that we are leaders when we are not - folks that do not fine tune their moral conscience will not be able to deliver and take us to a better place.

The protests we see all over the world got their inspiration from Tunis and Egypt. This spread to Yemen and Bahrain. On to Syria and even in Israel; where, we saw protesters bring out their sofas, tents, and organize a clean, well planned - protest. Protests done properly can make a large difference. In our times we saw the Great Mahatma Gandhi bring the British Government down.

Dr. Martin Luther King admired Gandhi and used his method of protests, during the Civil Rights Marches and brought about astounding social changes. President Johnson admired Dr. Martin Luther King and so did those that were his enemies. Non violence always wins but not too many can be disciplined to carry out a plan to its very end.

The City and County of San Francisco is unique as we are compassionate and rightly so named after Saint Francis Assisi. The history of our City favors protests and many a movement started right here in San Francisco. However, enough is enough when some are given the "rules of engagement" agreeing to the order and then do as they please. We cannot have order - where disorder is prevalent.

If saner minds had organized the Occupy Movement in San Francisco we could have set a model for the entire Nation. However, certain elements want disorder, want to live in filthy conditions, and have in a swifter way brought a certain sourness; to this otherwise healthy protest - warranted, because of Wall Street and the Big Financial institution who were behind the fiscal heist.

A protest that gets out of control and creates a health and safety fiasco does not do San Francisco any good. The City and County of San Francisco has spent over $700,000 on this SF Occupy Protest. This money could have been spent elsewhere for causes that need money.

Let us be cautious that while we target Wall Street, the Financial Institution, the bad elements - we do not bully Cities and Towns by ruining small businesses, irritating decent hard working citizens, messing our bathrooms and other public facilities by urinating, defecating, trashing, littering, destroying public property, and think that these and such other activities will fly and that no action will be taken. Enough is enough.

While some cities have done well; others have tarnished the Occupy Movement and the SF Occupy Movement has crossed the line - the City permitted a sizeable amount of tents in one area. It is simply wrong; to camp on the sidewalk on Market Street and think that camping on the sidewalk in the Financial District favors decency and sheds light - it does not.

While some of those, now protesting - have just awoken; many of us have written about the Financial Ciaos a long time ago. In the year 2008 many of us who lost our savings, our assets in our Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs), and our investments in other areas protested in ways that made it known that things would get worse and they did get worse.

Today, the 413 million who have joined the poor are hurting. All over Cities and Towns feel the pain but no one is looking and investigating our Congresspersons and Senators. Closer to home Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, Barbara Boxer are the one percent and must be removed.

The filthy rich who are part of the Board of Directors and control our University System must be removed, the likes of Richard Blum and there is more.

A better system of a model would be to have fewer tents twenty or so and fewer protesters occupying the tents or a rotation basis; keeping the Occupy Movement alive while projecting the best interests of the ninety nine. Right now something is not working; too many cooks in the kitchen. Disturbing are the dogs with fleas, the smell of urine and feces, the abject littering, and using our better facilities by the Ferry Building and leaving them - filthy. This is simply uncalled for and must be stopped at once.

The future is there for us to handle the situation and make progress. There is no way progress can come from utter turmoil, in filthy conditions, disrespecting those that want to help, and alienating those that once had the better interests of the SF Occupy Movement but now are having second thoughts.

There must be a strategy that works and leaders that are from San Francisco that are not hoodwinked by dubious elements and I have seen them in action and do not favor their tactics. We must fight for the more pertinent and meaningful factors and rights that favor our First Amendment.

There is Freedom and there is License - abuse of Freedom is License.

By far our Department of Public Works, our Mayor Ed Lee, our Police Chief Gregory Suhr, our SF Health Department, and our volunteer Nurses, our Union members, and the general population have lent their support but will not if "pandemonium"; is the norm and confusion made the common thread. Wall Street, the Financial Institutions, the likes of Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Chase, the likes of Bernie Madoff and his ilk are the real culprits not the City and County of San Francisco.

We have a very small window of opportunity for saner and brighter minds to create a favorable situation and bring some sanity to this over grown madness. Under no circumstance will our City and County tolerate the anarchists and those that want to loot, deface, pillage, and destroy. No way.


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