On October 9, 2012 four San Francisco Supervisors voted their conscience but more stood for San Francisco values and shone light on decency, fair play, and compassion in the Ross Mirkarimi case - they are David Campos, Jane Kim, Christina Olague and John Avalos.

Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi was ganged upon and every tool that is evil used to bring him down. Forces evil and outside City Hall - used Community Based Organization that purport to help women in Domestic Violence but do not; other dubious characters to come and cast aspersions on Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi.

Ross and his wife Elena love each other and love each other dearly today. Their young son Theo had to endure the worst type of hostility that adversely affected Ross and Elena; who must understand and believe that most San Franciscans are decent and support them - they did before and they do now.

This is San Francisco named after Saint Francis Assisi. We; who share his values have always been compassionate; believe in fair play - and more decency.

Decent San Franciscans do not pelt stones at anyone; more those that have fallen on bad times; and more those that seek restorative justice, want to heal, and contribute to Society. Anyone can make a mistake. To forgive is divine.

On New Year's Eve Elena and Ross had an argument. Ross turned his car around to go home as he did not want the argument to carry on at the restaurant where the family was heading for a meal. Little Theo was asleep and may have heard some of the argument.

Elena at some point wanted to exit the car and Ross held her arm; stopping the car first, to keep Elena safe and cool down the ongoing heated argument. In the process Elena got bruised on her arm. Elena went to a neighbor in good faith to vent and ask for help the next day. The neighbor called the San Francisco Police Department after some days without informing Elena; the SF District Attorney's Office; sent an inordinate number of investigators to nail Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi to make an example of him. Blowing the family incident beyond proportion.

As a consequence the Mayor Ed Lee prompted by outside forces joined the fray and used Community Based Organization to blow this small private, family incident into something that we decent San Franciscans had to endure in the Main Press, umpteen blatant lies, strange people coming out of the woodwork; spewing diatribe and telling us San Franciscans what we have to do.

Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi was elected during the last election Mayoral Elections. Ed Lee the Mayor won the elections but it is a fact that Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi got more votes - over 20,000 votes.

In San Francisco we have our City Charter that speaks and addresses Official Misconduct. The language is vague and does not favor removing, suspending without pay, and other belligerent tactics and ploys that we have witnessed for the last nine months. Making decent constituents endure divisiveness from evil forces that are part of the Democratic Party and what we call the MACHINE.

No San Francisco wishes what Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi went through. This is a lesson for all of us; San Franciscans - to stop such nonsense and nib it in the bud. Our City Charter must now be revisited, the language amended, and new precise language introduced to hold the Mayor accountable and his carte blanche powers curtailed. The role of the Ethics Commission streamlined and its mission and objective clearly; demarcated.

Our San Francisco City Attorney and District Attorney failed miserably on this case. We know that the Ethics Commission for years have been dysfunctional and this time around this case is a slap on their face; exposing their sordid, past.

Millions of dollars were wasted and the SF City Attorney Sherri Kaiser put her worse foot forward; mentioning names and clearly proving to all astute San Franciscans; that she is a Racist. The dog fight example is glaring enough to put the SF City Attorney on notice.

Another example on Domestic Violence linked to New York; was an example uncalled for. In that case the man bashed the face of his girl friend and it was all caught on video. Enough is enough of such finger pointing that is meant to deceive the lay person and cast aspersions on fair play and meaningful - justice.

During this hearing some months ago; just when Mayor Ed Lee was going to say something important; there was a "bomb threat reported". The Mayor was removed but not the rest of the people in the audience. We must get to the bottom of this incident and we have not heard much since.

Nine votes were needed to nail Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi to the Cross.

Seven despicable San Francisco Supervisors voted their conscience; against Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi - and brought disgrace to San Francisco and San Franciscans. This misdeed will take time to heal; but the dirty deed was done in public and those voting - disgraced themselves, abundantly.

Scott Wiener and Maila Cohen; the two asked questions that were uncalled for and were the worst two Supervisors - from the seven - I term followers of Judas.

Sean Elsbernd and Mark Farrell failed their Jesuit education and need to truly comprehend what "discernment" entails.

Carmen Chu was pathetic; she even spoke against the people that pay her salary. If it is too hot in the kitchen go away. We San Franciscans will not tolerate haughtiness, ineptness, shallow, and spineless. We appreciate compassion. You voted against the Sheriff; that was sufficient - but to defy the voice and sentiments of the people; says much about you and where you come from. You were a lackey of Gavin Newsom and continue to be one of Ed Lee.

Eric Mar could have voted his conscience but found himself taking a route that favors his November, 6, 2012 upcoming election. He missed his chance and will be listed among the follower of Judas. Let history redeem his name.

David Chiu; the President of the SF Board of Supervisors - could have held the flag high but chose to take the low, sordid, filthy, tarnished, diabolical route - he disgraced himself and made his bed with the followers of Judas. Shame on him; he had an opportunity to lead San Francisco to a better place but chose the worst route; more as President of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.

There is my summation of the seven followers of Judas. We will monitor them even carefully as they term out; and when they term out; they should fade into oblivion. The do not profess first to know what is Public Office and secondly to conduct themselves by discerning when truly called to Represent. Power has gone to their head and they have failed all decent San Franciscans.

Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi's father is from Iran and his mother Jewish. Again and again some evil forces tried to factor this fact into this sordid case. Serving him a warrant on the Iranian New Year and throwing in the mix other disparaging machinations and ploys; using Law Enforcement to gang against the elected Sheriff and this is plain wrong.

I was the first in an article from the private as opposed to the Main Media to support Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi. We did not agree on many small and major issues. That is not the point; the point is decency, fair play, and compassion.

I was the first to send Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi an email. He knows what I told him and he can reveal it to the world; if he wants to.

In the midst of my recent travel to Europe and hectic schedule before I left; I attended the long, grueling - Ethic Commission meetings, to fully comprehend the process and was disgusted.

Glaring at the San Francisco Ethics Commission; the San Francisco Sunshine Task Force (SOFT) - it has not met for months. The Ethics Commission can do something about the stalling and inaction of the SOFT but has chosen to prolong and delay. It looks as if the SF Ethics Commission wants SOFT to go away.

Any audit will reveal that hundreds of sound cases have been hurled into the waste paper basket by the SF Ethics Commission; sent to it by the SF Sunshine Task Force (SOFT). We need a through outside investigation; may be the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The SF Ethics Commission is not the Court. It was meant to serve the constituents but has fallen prey to the SF City Attorney's Office, the present corrupt District Attorney office, the Mayors who take orders from evil forces, like the MACHINE; and utter nonsense, must come to an end.

I know all the parties concerned. If Mayor Ed Lee just stuck to his job and did the right thing; nothing would have happen. We would not have caused his storm in a tea cup; and create havoc among the City Family. When anyone hurts the family with intention; the consequences are deep and severe.

Tomorrow; Mayor Ed Lee knows that if some harms him and gangs up against him; I would be the first to first enquire and offer him my assistance. That he as long as he is Mayor of San Francisco and carries out his duly, appointed duties as the Mayor for the good of all San Franciscans - some 805,000 plus - has his supporters. We do not have to go on the roof top and shout what we are capable of; we do, what we do for the City and County of San Francisco and that also includes the Chief of Police, the Mayor, the other heads of Department who must work hard for our City - the fair City and County of San Francisco.

Nowhere does it state that outside, divisive forces must control City Hall and Room 200 and this is what has happened since the last Mayoral Elections.

At one China Town Press Conference recently; linked to the Chinese Hospital - you, Rose Park addressed Kofi Bonner, the Lennar point person; chiding Kofi Bonner that the $25,000 he donated to the rebuilt and expansion of the Chinese Hospital was not enough.

In public and in front of Mayor Ed Lee; Rose Pak went on to ask for a bigger donation in the millions; pointing that the sum can be added to the deal made with the Chinese linked to Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - future redevelopment. This remark was made in public; and points out clearly who truly controls City Hall. The shenaniginas planned for the Shipyard.

The November Election are here; and in the Districts where the Supervisors must be elected; millions of dollars have been expanded; pitting one candidate against the other; for ulterior, dubious motives. The only exception being in District Nine - where David Campos, does not have to put up a strong fight; but in the other Districts 3, 7, and 5 especially - the MACHINE is expanding money to control the SF Board of Supervisors in the future.

Notice I did not mention Eric Mar's district - that is so that he can think about what I have written about the other districts. No one should pretend to be good - you are only as good as your actions.

This victory and reinstating of Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi must heal all wounds and towards that I will approach some quarters to speak to the truth and facilitate, healing.

To Mayor Lee I say; be your own man - and do what is right.

To Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi; that can be no person on Earth that has learned a better lesson about Restorative Justice - first started and put in place by the Maori in New Zealand; whom I visited some few years ago and have an ongoing relationship.

In Iran today the news will be curbed but underground forces will say that in San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi was exonerated and that bodes well for us all - and San Francisco. Twitter and Face Book will be playing a major role is spreading this good news.

The digital world makes as smaller. My new introducing to my website; just made mention about our digital world and our present world and how small it is and what bodes for all of us in the future.

If Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi was not reinstated his wife Elena and Theo would have suffered a lot. That is NOT what San Francisco is about. I assure you of that - I represent the Muwekma Ohlone the First People of San Francisco. The Mayor Ed Lee of San Francisco knows that and so do those in authority - that must know that this land San Francisco belongs to the First People; the Muwekma Ohlone.

Up until 1927 one could scalp a Native American and fetch $5 dollar. That was not too long ago; today we are in the year 2012. Let us keep it real. But, more let us learn first and foremost on who land we are; the atrocities we as a Nation perpetrated on the First People - and that includes the Ohlone. Let us remember that now and forever.

This land San Francisco aptly named after Saint Francisco Assisi is about compassion. Thousands come to San Francisco to seek and enjoy our free spirit. Queer folks most of them feel secure. Yet again and again folks like closeted lesbian Malia Cohen, out of the closet Scott Wiener - are first to throw stones on those that must be supported and do not show - compassion. You can spew diatribe, ask stupid questions, what counts is your vote. Your actions are despicable - the two of you.

Eric Mar who must learn to do right - and many times - in fact most times it is very difficult to discern and vote right. This time you voted - dead, wrong.

David Campos, Jane Kim, Christina Olague, and John Avalos you ceased the moment, voted your conscience and made history. Now humility must rule in your lives and that will take you all to a better - place.

Last time around Egan was fired in the year 1932. He shot and killed a woman and went to jail as a City Official - for a genuine Official Misconduct.

We voters decided when in Office, as part of your Official Duties - if you commit crime; more serious crime - you will be punished. We the people will recall anyone; any City elected official; if we the people deem it necessary; that is the route of choice. The people have spoken and the time to heal - is now.

God Bless America and God Bless the City and County of San Francisco. Our Mayor Ed Lee, and all the City officials that have learned their lesson. Repent and do right. This is a clarion call; let us not follow divisive actions; more be led by outside forces that do not have the better interests of San Francisco and San Franciscans.

Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi you must adhere to the principles of fair play and work even harder to put the principles of Restorative Justice in place and fully operational. I will be meeting you and we must work together for the best interests of San Francisco.

On many fronts our great City of San Francisco is hurting and Mayor Ed Lee and his team knows it. Foreclosures, shootings and killings, continued very high unemployment; as high as 12 percent, in some hotspots forty percent in the Bayview Hunters Point.

Our infrastructure is failing, our roads in disrepair, our trees some 30,000 plus the City cannot maintain, our Health System frail - one must just visit the SF General Hospital and the Mayor must go there in cognito and see things for himself. Over fifty percent Seniors hurting - and here we are wasting millions on this case - with triumphed up charges, bending backwards to harm a man who is not what he is purported to be.

Seventy six percent of our students in the San Francisco Public School are not slated for college. What kind of track record is that?

While Chinese money is now being pumped in our economy; we have seen this before in the 1980s with the Japanese investment. China is losing ground; and the Chinese are planting resources; and we must be leery of the Chinese.

We need affordable housing and we need to address the SF Housing Element and Quality of Life issues. The Hunters Point Naval Shipyard is a Superfund Site that has not been abated. Parcel E2 must be dug out, and its contents moved to a legal dump site that can receive high contaminated soil; more radiological in nature.

The Chinese Government does not care about abatement and mitigation; we the people and the United States Government must have high standards and put that banner, and plant that banner of high standards on the Hunters Point Shipyard.

Our Mayors of San Francisco; be they women or men - must adhere to high principles, foster good character, be compassionate, believe and exercise fair play at all times. They must be decent and loving San Franciscans; more genuine leaders - who know the way, show the way and go the way. Aho

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