In recent years; many of our playing fields, more soccer fields have been handed over by San Francisco Recreational and Park authorities and more the corrupt Recreation and Park Commission - to very corrupt forces, who only have one thing in mind - money.

It has become fashionable, without any regard for meaningful discussion - to come into the community, a diverse neighborhood; by mostly filthy rich folks like the Fishers - disregard the community completely - and carry on some devious acts and policies that have little to do with Quality of Life issues.

These greedy bastards; who do not live in our neighborhood will take over and exercise their corrupt rights given to them by Recreation and Park to remove natural grass and substitute it with artificial turf. Never mind that artificial turf or sod; the world over has proven to contain many dangerous chemicals - the most common and outstanding being - lead.

If dog or cat feces; contaminates the artificial turf; it is very difficult to clean the mess. Even if you use water - the mess spreads around and when it reacts with the laden chemicals makes matters worse. The worse case being feral feces; that are very acidic and harmful to humans and as a matter of fact all life.

We have a Precautionary Principle on our City books - it is a law passed by an Ordinance and a mandate. It states as plainly as can be stated that if there is cause to believe that any life is adversely impacted by any project; the factors known; then we must STOP and investigate. The layperson has done that but not Recreation and Park; not the City and County of San Francisco.

Decent, well educated folks can explain, try their level best to reason - and all they get is a nod and utter disdain. Parents who love their children and do not want to put the children in harms way; Recreation and Park will listen; turn a deaf ear; hundreds protests - Recreation and Park continues to have their way and this nonsense must stop - NOW.

This artificial turf has an innate problem; those that purport to replace natural grass do not want to maintain them for an extended period; that is never mentioned in any agreement that we have acquired. These greedy people are always thinking short term; and what is most important to them is making money fast.

Our once most beloved fields at Silver Terrace, Cayuga, Holyfield, Burton High School - the many other Recreational and Park facilities and some High Schools are now under the control of the - crooks. The rake in millions; with these field and the ongoing tournaments; soccer, baseball, football, track - the many sports.

The only time the public truly comes to comprehend the hoodwinking; is when ardent family members oppose covering natural grass with artificial turf - as was going to happen on Potrero Hill and the families rallied, put a stop to the nonsense.

By Beach Chalet and other places that we treasure as our Open Space we have the Fishers and their ilk - trying to put flood lights, artificial turf, speaking for our children, trying to pretend to promote sports - when all that these corrupt folks have in mind is - GREED.

It is even worse; when Phil Ginsburg who is the Recreational and Park Director bends backwards to help these folks that are like him - corrupt. We the people have suffered for a long, long time - and now is the time to take back our playing field and restore them to the state they once were - natural grass.

We now have natural sod or grass that is durable and has been especially grown to play on and can take heavy use. There is one variety where cars can be parked on with little or no damage; and it is all natural.

Our City and County of San Francisco has been so embolden by these vultures that prey on our children; that these vultures were so bold to cover very contaminated soil at Treasure Island with artificial turf; bus thousands of children; and expose them with intent on this CONTAMINATED - surface. All in the name of Soccer Tournaments and other sports.

Not a word about this blatant corruption and well known contamination; from Barbara Garcia the Director of SF Health Department. Not a word from Dennis Herrera the City Attorney. Not a word from the District Attorney. Even the Mayor and his team - seem to be drunk with all the money and offers made by these corrupt folks that are raking in millions; filling campaign coffers; while the crooks are pretending to foster recreation, pretend to have the interests of our children - but the opposite is true.

At Lands End there is Open Space where I have gone many a time on a dark night; you feel you are at the edge of the Earth and when you watch the stars you feel the majesty of the Creator and one with Mother Earth. Now these folks lacking spirituality have chosen to target this hallowed ground. You, the diabolic have crossed the line and you must back off and remain there.

Only the diabolic would think to put floodlights and deprive those that enjoy this sacred site; one of a kind on the entire Earth and I have traveled all over the world. Why would anyone destroy this unique environment, an ambience that those who experience such wonders - return again and again?

These evil people know for example besides polluting the area with artificial turf that contributes to the Carbon Footprint, the heat from the flood lights generating heat at night; harming the trees and confusing the migratory birds and other birds who will be confused with the bright lights that will be seen from miles away. This artificial glare will affect the residents. No one seems to care anymore. Why?

Of course; if the sane invoke the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) then Scott Wiener who like Phil Ginsburg loves to pander to the money mongers; just to prevent the use of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA); so that the corrupt and those that are GREEDY have a field day.

What is happening to San Francisco? We the people are being taken for a ride by these greed folks and their ilk that will do anything to make a fast buck; even sell their mothers for a nickel. The Fishers, Phil Ginsburg, Scott Wiener, Diane Feinstein, Richard Blum, Barbara Boxer - all those so called investors; who rake in the millions - all at the expense of the poor and now using our children as ploys and pawns.

Study after study has shown that the use of artificial turf is harmful. First tried on the East Coast; now more and more facilities on the East Coast; shun using artificial turf as play fields. Here on the West Coast we have been blessed with good weather; and we have had the blessings of avoiding chemical and things artificial for many years. That is until the money mongers; who destroyed our economy and who are hovering around all projects raking in the millions - are now in our face and on our recreational grounds.

Like a hornet's nest we have these corrupt folks without any conscience all over the place. At short notice ready to hone on any target; complete with fast tracked permits, fake Environmental Impact Reports, corrupt Supervisors that vote on their projects - lock, stock and barrel. The scum of the Earth; when will these folks ever learn; that no matter how well you treat them; they always end biting the hand that feeds them. Aho.

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