The 2012 Presidential elections have confirmed that Blacks, Latinos, Asians, Native Americans others - other than Whites - especially; racial inclined White men - can kiss their attitudes - good bye.

Both parties; the Democrats and the Republicans - expanded over $6 billion - this; when our Nation has high unemployment rates starring us in the face; our children go to bed hungry; and our Seniors suffer hunger and lack good housing, medical car, and lack quality of life issues. And there is more.

Even in Florida the other Latinos not Cubans - stood in line for long hours and voted - Obama and astounded the Republicans who continue to use tactics that have failed; nothing registers - these fools love to swim in the cesspool of their own creation mostly antiquated - mannerisms.

I am an independent voter; meaning I do not vote for the two standing parties in toto; I study the issues and the performance of each candidate; and vote my choice. If I do not like what I see; I leave it alone. I do not follow SLATES; where entities tell you how and whom to vote for.

As you can imagine I voted President Obama; because he did what he could do - in the most difficult circumstances. Again and again those that voted with their heart; assured President Barack Obama that they would not let him down.

Close doors and at the campaign headquarters; the President Obama wept as he thanked those volunteers who worked so hard to bring about his victory. Advising his ardent volunteers to do well in life; and that would make all of us happy.

Millions others like me did what we did; and we knew that if we worked hard; our victory would be registered and history would note this victory - as unique and praise worthy. With little going in terms of employment and the economy; the President with the help of grassroots support - pulled it off; and good for him. With God on your side there is nothing to fear.

With our economy still is peril and with high unemployment; making some little progress; the President had but the TRUTH to speak to and made some promises that he now has to keep. The fight was a long one; and it took a heavy toll on the President, the First Lady Michelle, and his daughters Malia and Sasha.

The President can now address the issue of the Native Americans. He could Federally Recognize; those tribes that have not been recognized. This is easy and it long overdue. I will be writing a letter to the President and he should address this issue in fair and just manner - given that the time is now.

The President must be leery of those advisors that do not have his better interests. He knows who they are; especially those that favor Zionism that will erode our Nation's values and bring us to war with Nations - that we have no business warring with.

The trillions of dollars we spent on war; now stares us daily in the face; Veterans who are suffering, and with them their families and loved ones. Veterans who must wait for years to get their benefits; this nonsense must be remedied and those that served our Nation - given prompt attention and all their needs met.

Our politicians must be forced to spend within a limit. This Political Action Committee crap; where the sky in the limit; will corrode our political way of addressing representation; the sooner we get rid of Political Action Committees and bring the Koch Brothers and other to justice - the better.

The Supreme Court's ruling that Corporations are people; must be over turned. As long as we have our Supreme Court fancying clich├ęs and trying to play on words; that do not benefit the majority of our Nations people; the Supreme Court does NO justice; and where there should be checks and balances the Supreme Court with intent; is fostering - divisiveness.

We have Corporations who spent millions; totaled to $6 billion plus; which is a lot of money that we could have used to help our Nation; seed money to help the hungry, for education, health programs - more to build the Middle Class - stop foreclosures of homes and bring succor to thousands of decent, Americans. There will be a time - that I will be meeting the President one on one. His father was born in Kenya and I was born in Nairobi, Kenya. The President is fair; much more fair than the many other representatives or politicians that have failed the constituents; bringing hurdles and fostering filibusters. Surely; the President has fortitude and he has much more compassion than Senator Diane Feinstein and Botox Nancy Pelosi - two old Representatives that better get their act together.

The Chinese are happy that President Barack Hussein Obama has been elected and with the four years before him - the President can work the Chinese to see light and not take advantage of our generosity and fair play.

The Chinese wants to show off - trying to land a Chinese on the moon - once they achieve that - they will flex their muscles with long range missiles and try first bullying the Nations in and around China - Japan, Indonesia, and those Nations that do not have the bullying power that China has acquired at the expense of its people.

Our great Nation must not repeat the mistakes of the past - no more going to places like Iraq and Afghanistan. We can reconcile with Cuba and also communicate with Iran and bring about peace of another kind - long lasting and beneficial to the Iranian community who truly speaking love the American - people and has a long civilization.

The Israelis must read about Cyprus the Great - who allowed the Jews to go to now Israel and build the temple. We human beings always want to have it our way - and the Jews must remember - that we cannot always comply with those that want everything their way. For over 60 years we continue to send large amount of our tax payers money, share on technology, and all we get are requests to go to war - with entities that we have nothing much to do with.

We have failed to take advantage for good with the happening surrounding the Arab Spring. We failed in Libya with a population of only 8 million; instead of consolidating and helping to help the Libyans, help themselves; we have chosen to side with those that do not have the best interests of the Libyans - harming the general good and progress of the Libyan Nation that liberated - themselves.

Brazil has found large resources of petroleum; the Chinese have already delivered to them large tankers and are aiding them in whatever way they can. Brazil now offers good jobs in the oil industry to Americans - complete with better benefits than they would get at home.

We falter with our educational system at home; standing 27th in the world and not knowing how to address our drab curricula. We talk a lot about trying to do better. It is better to walk the walk and do less of talking the talk. Education is the key to any improvement that leads to the betterment of our Nation.

Our Nation has large resources - we the people of the United States of America. We have a population of about 311 million; not the billions that India and China have; so it is sad when we cannot provide quick resources to the people who are now suffering on the East Coast - due to the adverse impact imposed on them by Hurricane Sandy. Help our veterans when they need help.

On a more positive note when it comes to governance; we now have more women in Congress and in the Senate. We need more of them; women, good women Representatives who can and will build - consensus and better - society.

Our first lady Michelle Obama needs our support and so do Malia and Sasha; we kind of forget them - while President Barack Obama has to deal with the major issues both at home and abroad; spend long hours dealing with pressing issues dealing with our Veterans, our youth, and seniors.

The minorities in our Nation; can be rest assured that if they do their homework, are educated on issues, work hard, contribute to society as most American do willingly - more by volunteering - these good deeds will bring them blessings.

God bless our President Barack Hussein Obama and God bless the United States of America.

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