United States forces.


War is full of pain and sorrow. Initially, the media tried to paint this bloody war as one of precision and clean cut. There is nothing good about war. As one who participated very actively in Desert Shield and Storm - I know for a real fact the before and after affects of war.

This Shock and Awe theory will come to haunt us for decades!

Our Nation throughout history has participated in WAR. Our Civil War on our own land was one of the bloodiest wars in the history of the world. Our Nation helped in World War II and came to the rescue of so many Nations. Again and again as in Korea and Vietnam our Nation has learned from mistakes in wars where we had NO serious business.

Some of us remember the fake incident in the Gulf of Tonkin! Today, in Iraq a lot of the issues that are putting our service women and men in harms way is more about OIL. It is not about freedom, it is not about Hope, it is about OIL.

We should eliminate Sadam Hussein who is a bad person using our Special Forces - if that was our mission objective. How ever we all understand that we live in a world that is governed by rule and order. Our Nation has chosen to have the United Nations in New York - this International Body - made it clear to the United States that it did not fully approve this war. Our leaders paid NO heed to the U.N.

Our Nation sidestepped the United Nations and other friendly nations like Germany and France and we agreed to attack Iraq. Our main partner in crime the British.

Iraq is a young Nation. The British who conveniently set out the boundaries carved it out. Iraq has many people of many faiths. You have the Sunnis, Shiites, and Christians from all denominations, Jews, and others. You have ethnic groups like the Persians, Kurds, Syrians, Arab tribes, and people from over 40 countries all living in Iraq.

Iraq is the home of the Father all Nations - Abraham. It is also the home of civilization. Our Nation the United States is a baby in terms of civilization. Today, what we have most to offer is NOT something we can build on but our bombs and destruction.

At home our First People the Native Americans mostly live on Reservations. African Americans who comprise 12 per cent of our population still have to attain true freedom. We have real hunger in the United States. Millions have been out of jobs. Our children need help in schools and at home. This war will cost us in access of 100 billion dollars and more. We cannot put a price on those who were killed - innocent sons and daughters of this noble Nation the United States of America.

Many of us in San Francisco and the extended Bay Area support our troops. Our troops are called G.I's,, which simply means Government Issue. Many of our service women and men fully believe in defending our Nation but in this case they are taking orders. Many of us do not approve this war because the Nation's leaders do not have the interests of the service women and men - they embrace GREED and OIL.

Those in charge like our Dickey and Georgie have no idea what it means to serve in the Armed Forces. They pretend to feel sorry when our women and men are killed and taken Prisoners of War (POW). It is wrong if any service women or men were killed in cold blood - taken as POW. Our Nation knows well that Iraq and especially those in the Iraqi Regular Army will NOT follow the Geneva Convention Agreements. These guys are mostly illiterate and have NO standard Army training.

Some one has to be responsible if innocent unarmed American service women and men were killed. While we can blame the stupid Iraqi Regular Army - the blame also lies with our so-called trigger-happy leaders. These leaders do not have any compassion nor can they feel the pain of the loved ones who have lost their sons and daughters to this unnecessary war.

This war is very bloody and in a couple of days we all will be shocked as to how we performed with all our technology. We have embedded in Baghdad, Basrah, and other towns, monitors who will reveal the actual truth. Many are concerned about the Iraqi children and there will be a lot of blood spilled all over Iraq and beyond. War is full of pain.

Oil field on fire.

Iraqi mother and child.

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