Hunters Point Shipyard.


In a couple of months the Navy is poised to transfer the very polluted Parcel A to the City and County of San Francisco. Right now the Navy has some liability but since the City and County of San Francisco and Gavin Newsom is so anxious to have Parcel A conveyed - the Navy is more then happy to have the fools have what they want to give - anyway.

Proposition P passed by 87% of the constituents of the City and County of San Francisco, which mandated that the Navy cleans the entire Shipyard to Residential Standards.

Some where along the line the corrupt Willie L. Brown Jr. his cronies Sophie Maxwell, Linda Richardson, Nancy Pelosi, crooks from the SF Redevelopment Agency made a deal with the then Under Secretary of the Navy to have parts of Hunters Point Shipyard - transferred.

Willie Brown is about money and himself. Since money promised to him by Lennar BVHP LLC was tied to land - he could not wait forever for his due. So he came up with his parcel by parcel hand over of polluted land - never mind the radiological hot spots, the communicating methane gas, the PCBs, the lead, over other 40 toxins that make their home at the Hunters Point Shipyard.

The groundwater is contaminated. Even Parcel E that lies under water is filthy and has harmed all of San Francisco for over 50 years.

The Navy has promised its best to clean up the Shipyard and companies like International Technologies have fleeced the Navy millions of taxpayers dollars, done nothing and declared - bankruptcy. No one can give the item by item break down. As usual millions of dollars go to companies within a 50 miles radius. Crap goes to the community.

One should attend the Restoration Advisory Board meeting some are as interesting as the Saturday Night sitcom. Constant bickering and what not.

Right now Tetra Tech Inc. and its other subsidiaries like Sultech have been established to fleece the taxpayer. Never mind that very little goes to the community in terms of contracts and jobs. The more of the pie Tetra Tech FW, The Shaw Group Inc., Sultech get the better. That is the American Way - make as much and more at the expense of others.

The Shipyard all of it was stolen from the Muwekma Ohlone. Today with all the so-called laws and regulation - not one square inch has been archeological surveyed. The White man with his greed will sell his mother for a dollar. He always has. Once two Shellmounds stood on the Hunters Point Shipyard - no mentioned is made of that at all.

The Navy has blood on their hands. Now with the fake transfer that LIABILITY is being transferred to the City and County of San Francisco and its protégé San Francisco Redevelopment Agency.

Now, is the time to sue the City and County of San Francisco. The artists should sue the SF Redevelopment Agency for putting them in harms way. The constituents who live on the hill - even those who have legally lived there for a day - the City and County of San Francisco.

Let the savvy Gavin Newsom and the young Turks like Jessie Blout, Dwayne Jones, Alex Tourk, advice the boss as to what to do with this mess Gavin Newsom has gone out of his way to inherit. Liability.

There are over 30 mandated laws governed by the State, Federal, and even Local that discourage the conveyance of the Shipyard at this time - parcel by parcel or even in toto. One does not have to be a rocket scientist - the place has major problems. We have just received the Draft Historical Radiological Report and reading it gives one the jitters. 800 pages of it and more.

We have some serious hot spots all over the Hunters Point Shipyard and even on Parcel A whose configuration has been changed to suit the crooks who want a piece of a very contaminated federal land to be conveyed to the City and County of San Francisco.

Waiting in line Lennar BVHP LLC who has been given the contract by the Board of Supervisors in the hey day when Sophie Maxwell, Gavin Newsom, Mark Leno, Leyland Lee, others sold out. They all have blood on their hands. In some form they received help from Willie L. Brown Jr. who will tell you point blank - he always takes care of his crooked friends.

Connected with this deal the Federal Bureau of Investigation is still talking to 3 SF Redevelopment Commissioners Singh, King, and Lee. Lennar is connected of course but the present Mayor and his young Turks see nothing wrong with crooks who have and will break the law and have strong connections with Lennar, Parcel A and the over 1600 housing units that these vermin wish to build on Parcel A.

Blinded by greed they do not care of the spreading Methane Gas that the Navy is tongue tied to describe how it proposes to stop moving rapidly underground.

Radiological repercussions least concerns the young Mayor nor the Tabernacle Group which after all has God on its side. The crooks have gone an extra mile to gather the entire fake so called Ministers to create a Faith Based Community Corporation to represent the Bayview Hunters Point Community. And God himself has blessed these poor souls and wishes them all the best. Blood on their hands.

The last Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) representative linked to the Hunters Point Shipyard - resigned. The San Francisco Department of Public Health representative has a cozy job, smiles and goes with the flow. Amy Brownell could not care less she does not live in the community.

The Navy will soon release the final documents on Parcel A and ask for some comments. It does not matter what the public comments or what the experts say. The Navy is in full gear to hand over Parcel A to the anxious Mayor of San Francisco and his cronies. Smith and others are on the sideline waiting to divide the parcel and take their share of the booty. It is all about screwing the Public and making a fast buck on any land that is available in San Francisco - polluted or otherwise.

The Navy will always win they have been in the business for years - the City is already over $400 million in the hole and now wants to take on a liability that will haunt San Francisco for decades. Of course the City Attorney knows, more so Jessie Blout, Marcia Rosen, and a host of vermin that have failed San Francisco and yet we tolerate them.

Wake up Matt Gonzales and you folks who should know better. The crooks are at work in broad daylight stealing and racking up illegal assets in the millions. The only shadow that follows them - liability.

You can have it all - Navy.

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