It is over 20 days and we still have NOT found any weapons of mass destruction that warranted this Great Nation wasting BILLIONS of dollars in the name of GREED and OIL.

We have NOT found Saddam nor have we found Bin Laden. We started something in Afghanistan and have not done too well. For sure we brought freedom to the people of Afghanistan but we have NOT continued to do what we promised to do - build Afghanistan.

Today, the Mullahs rule Iraq. Iraqis will not surrender their faith and freedom however limited to the infidels. The Shiites who are the majority will control Iraq and as the weeks turn to months - the so-called Interim Government will understand the meaning of Interim - nothing less nothing more.

It is a shame that any civilized Nation would dare kill journalists in the manner some died. Actions such as this can only be accountable and responsible - from morale that is low even though we have superior firing power.

This pause can come to haunt us. Simply, if we do not find Saddam it will be the saddest day for those who thought this Shock and Awe would win them laurels. Today, most of the leaders at the White House are Blue in the face.

The British still continue their colonial tactics. We Americans have forgotten about the Boston Tea Party. Today, some of our leaders filled with Greed and Power have partnered with the British who are despised all over the world. With them as our partners we have chosen to attract the anger of the world.

We have stated from the start we love our troops and we do not want them in harms way. I hope each and every service women and men who has laid their lives will be honored and compensated. We feel for their parents and loved ones.

We have spent BILLIONS of DOLLARS to kill and destroy. It is time we pause and realize that this war has NOT done any justice - it has revealed the true colors of warmongers who only have their self-interest at heart. Greed and Oil - no compassion, no understanding, most uncivilized in their bullying attitude.

Today, the world is worse off because a few Greedy and Power Hungry Buffoons have chosen to destroy all that FREEDOM stands for in the civilized world. This war will come to haunt us for years.

Let the warmongers PAUSE - think and realize they have done more harm than good.

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