Soldiers distributing water.


There are very few Americans who have read the early history of the area we now call Iraq. There are still fewer Americans who read the history of Assaryrians and how they occupied all of which is now Iraq and are Christians. There are practically fewer Americans who understand the role of Great Britain and how they carved Kuwait out of Iraq and divided so many tribes and people who lived in peace of centuries. Fewer still who have read about the Ottoman Empire.

We are now going to deal with the culture of the people about which we Americans know next to nothing. The British will talk the talk but they cannot walk the walk. We have pompously chosen NOT to work with the Germans, the French, and the Russians. We have told the United Nations that we will take care of our business. We have shouted loud and clear that we want to the Policeman of the world.

How can we proclaim that we are against weapons of mass destruction when we are using all of them and more in today's war? We can in today's world NOT speak from both sides of our mouth and that is what we have been doing since the inception of this war.

We have some rightist elements - mostly racial bastards who do not care if they kill innocent children and women. They do not care if Iraqi elders die. They do not care if they destroy the infrastructure of the people of Iraq. They do not give a damn if they polluted the land that is the land of human civilization. It all stems from a deep racial hatred for the Iraqi people by some elements in Washington mostly red necks. Many of our so called precise weapons many of them costing more than a million dollars have gone astray. No one will know the exact damage these weapons have caused and how many people have died. We seem to think that the hundreds of million-dollar ammunition do not leave after affects of toxins that will harm the people for years to come. We know this but we choose when we want it to block it from our minds - we would use another type of logic if such devastation hit us closer at home.

In our fervor to go to war most of the soldiers are poor and from minority families here in the United States. This war will cost us in excess of a 100 BILLION dollars. We could have used this money here in the United States. We could have used it to prop up our health programs for everyone. We could have used it for education. We could have used it to give jobs to millions who are jobless for years - now.

It is a shame that millions of Elderly have lost over sixty percent of their Retirement and Individual Retirements Accounts at home. Many others have had their stocks and shares portfolio decimated by events of September 11 and the months that followed that dastardly event.

Many rightist groups in the United Stated cannot understand how public opinion in millions can be for our beloved Service Men and Women and not for the warmongers who are now in the White House.

The logic is simple this war has no justification. This war does not have the blessings on the world nations. This war does not have the blessing of the United Nations. This war does not have the approval of many individuals who understands the situation as do I. We have soldiers and military experts who see this war as opening wounds and inviting world wide terrorism for years to come.

In this ill-planned war we have failed to take into account the people of Iraq. Again and again when the populace sees huge bombs that kill and terrify them - they will join forces against the enemy which are those who drop the bombs and bully the common people with superior weapons - all in the name of the people of the United States. It is a shame that some of our leaders speak in the name of the people of the United States - when this is far from the truth. One has just to listen to some radio call ins and hear what they have to say. Most of them do not want this war.

The United States Army monitors this web site and the Coalition Forces too. I found that very interesting. I hope I had the time to make the spelling mistakes that have eluded me. My experience traveling the world and working for Sixth United States Army and Presidio of San Francisco - gives and gave me a good understanding of what is War - it is not a very pleasant experience. Killing and being killed haunts those who see it and does for years. That is plain human experience.

Right now we are using our air power preparing for our ground forces to engage the Republican Army which will fight to death. Nothing like this has happened before not even when Hitler used his forces in World War II. The Republican Guard has been programmed for over 30 years!

As I mentioned from the onset of this war on Iraq, too many innocent people will die. This war is about oil. In the bargain too much blood has been spilled. In this war too many of our minorities from the United States are dying and will die. This war will come to haunt us as millions of people all over the world are watching the events daily and many will turn against the American people. The world does not distinguish between the WARMONGERS in the White House and the people of the United States.

After days, the Coalition Forces can now bring some aid to the people of Iraq. There is no water, no food, and no medicine. Hopefully, the people will get some help and will NOT turn against our forces and that includes the Coalition Forces.

Historians will write about this war on Iraq much after it has happened and give it their own spin. The good thing about the real story is that we have monitors in Iraq unlike those reporters who have NOT been giving us a true picture. All they have done is made well know the word - embedded! In bed with whom!

As we have stated numerous times Sadam Hussein is a man who should be removed. Right now the media is concerned where he is. Well, we also want to know where is Osama bin Laden a good family friend of the Bush family! The world and good men and women do not care much where is Sadam or bin Laden are - we care for the innocent people of Iraq. We care very much that innocent children and women are not killed. We care that the Elderly are not put in harms way. We care very much that our Service men and women are not put in harms way.

We hurt when our Marines die. Each and every one of them. We care when any soldier dies - believe me our hearts bleed. We care for the families and dear friends who mourn the death of their beloved ones. We care because many of us feel these Service women and men were led into harms way. We pray to God to bring them home safe and remove from the minds the bad they have seen. We pray that they enjoy good health. We pray that their families and friends be strengthened to withstand the future and help those who unwillingly participated in this brutal war.

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