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It is a shame that the Department of Public Works known to us constituents of the City and County of San Francisco as corrupt participated in contributing toxic dirt to the pile that has been sitting at Pier 92 since 1994.

It is no news that yet another entity the San Francisco Public Utilities (SFPUC) has also contributed to the toxic dirt and does NOT want to bear responsibility to the harm done to our children and others.

Pier 92 comes under the jurisdiction of the San Francisco Port Authority (SFPA) the most inept agency constituted and one of the most corrupt. Over a dozen major cases are pending against the SFPA mostly dealing with the high handiness of the officials of the SFPA who as I said are INEPT and mostly corrupt.

On Wednesday we had a meeting at the Public Library situated at 3rd Street and Revere. The SFPA officials made a fool of themselves - they did not fully comprehend the Burton Act and what is more got a mouthful from the PUBLIC because of their ineptness. If you pay the piper you get a long lease - if not you have to face the community on a leash and answer to hostility. If one does not have the backing of the Public - hired thugs planted by the San Francisco Port Authority will make mince meat of the party interrogated. Shame on the San Francisco Port Authority.

Right now the State has filed a Class One action against the San Francisco Port Authority for allowing the toxic dirt to sit at Pier 92 for so long - over 7 years. The SFPA has been dragging its legs and does not want to attend to removing the toxic dirt. At 5 Public Meetings the Public has told to SFPA to remove the dirt. The SFPA wants to reuse the dirt after doing some treatment and does NOT get it. The dumb SFPA officials have proved again and again that they are DUMB and INEPT. Of late they have hired proven THUGS who have gone to jail to back them up by planting them in the audience - this is a disgrace.

The world knows the Mayor of San Francisco Willie Brown is in with the corrupt - that the SFPA Commissioners appointed by him - will do anything he says. That is what has been happening - crooks administering the large projects and most of them on the take.

In fact one has to " pay the piper" a well known thug who has spent some time in jail - a loud talker and one who purports to represent the community but mostly represents the "green" that goes into his pocket. He was there badmouthing and speaking on behalf of the SFPA and making a fool of himself at the Revere Public meeting.

It is a shame that some stooges who sit on the Southern Waterfront Action Committee have not read the Burton Act. It is a greater shame that this "fake body" which has only advisory capacity is NOT serving the community. Again and again the SWAC has sold the community and should be disbanded. The SWAC right now takes all its instructions from the San Francisco Port Authority officials - most of who are dumb and inept. The large turn over of SFPA officials speaks volumes - there is simply no " system " as to the way the SFPA officials act. The current policy is if you pay the piper one can get whatever one wants.

On the proposed movable Illinois Bridge - NorCal paid over $ 1 million, so did the other concrete, asphalt, rock and sand firms - smaller amounts - but they all had to pay or pay the penalty of NOT having their leases renewed or NOT getting long leases of 10 years or more.

It is a joke how Hanson who deals with sand, rocks, and makes so much dust - just came from no where and now has a cozy relationship with the SFPA. They paid big money and what they got was everything they wanted. Hanson did not have to go to any community meeting to be grilled as did Specialty Crushing at the latest Revere Library Public Meeting. Shame of the SFPA officials attending the meeting - the paid thugs the Port Officials invited and planted at the Public Meeting.

It is time the Federal Bureau of Investigation is invited to the San Francisco Port Authority Commissioners Meeting and that the truth revealed to the Commissioners. The second step would be to take the culprits to court and stop the ineptness, corruption, and discrimination on leases once and for all.

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