There are thousands of constituents in District 10 who are disgusted with the ethics of Sophie Maxwell the District 10 Supervisor who is going no where.

This woman cannot understand simple concepts, much more write good legislation to make good stuff happen. At her latest Dog and Pony show she tried to give the audience a 101 Class in local Social Science and requested that the best way for her to deliver would be an additional aide. How about she works for a change?

The inept Sophie makes about $120,000 and her two aides over $90,000 and she wants yet another aide. I suggest she just step down with her aides - good riddance of very bad rubbish.

The last time she held a Town Meeting was on San Bruno Avenue and the venue was clearly in District 9. This time she rallied all her cronies to the Southeast Facility located at 1800 Oakdale, the Southeast Community Facility, to save her face.

Sophie always uses a format where the focus is placed on the speakers sitting on the table. This time she stacked a whole slew of them some important but most unworthy of any concrete or useful information.

She tried in her introduction to convey a message but again and again the sound system stopped her in her tracks. It is important that any well-organized Town Hall Meeting have a well-tested sound system. As I was saying she was trying to convey a message but the loud, screeching sounds from the sound system prevented her from saying anything sensible.

We have very serious problems in the Southeast Sector. First and foremost we should have had some one like Edward Smeloff sitting as one of the panelist to address Energy Issues.

We should have had some one from the office of Nancy Pelosi to talk about the Hunters Point Shipyard and the artists who Nancy put there but now are moved from place to place. Some of them suffer from cancer.

We should have had the Director of San Francisco County Transportation Authority to tell us how MUNI Lightrail will now get its funding from the State and Proposition B funds, after screwing things up on the 3rd Street MUNI Lightrail which Sophie has failed to address again and again. As things stand, at one time the constituents were promised 50% of the jobs on the $600 million project - but to date only 10 people have got real jobs.

Pat Martel, the Director of SFPUC is on her way out. Pat always tries to portray that she is a nice person who she may be - but she is a lousy manager. She came to the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission from Daly City where she had little responsibility and no experience to handle a $400 million plus operation. Now, she has to deal with a $3.6 billion bond measure. Willie Brown the most corrupt Mayor who is out made sure that Kurt Mitchell, Jim Jeffferson, and some other unethical contractors got the larger piece of the pie of SFPUC projects.

The Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment Plant which is situated in the Bayview in a residential area, takes 80% of the raw sewage from all over the City. 100% of the Raw Sewage from the Presidio of San Francisco which is a Federal entity and which pays the City and County of San Francisco just $100,000 for all that excreta. The Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment Plant further takes 100% of sewage from Daly City, Colma, Burlingame, and Brisbane.

Right now brand new sewer and clean water pipes are being laid on 3rd Street. For months on end the complexities of lying these pipes have delayed construction of the 3rd Street MUNI Lightrail. Sophie should have addressed this issue but she will never will because simply put she cannot understand the complexities of horizontal infrastructure.

Today we have over 120 million gallons of half treated raw sewage going into the Bay. Sophie cannot fathom nor does she have an iota of understanding about the issue at hand and pollution affecting her constituents.

Today 3rd Street is filthy and full of bums that are mostly drunk and hang around messing with the Elderly and those who cannot defend themselves. I myself have had to fend myself from these vagrants and have to think twice before I walk in some areas. These bums are always begging for money or trying to sell you drugs or stolen stuff.

No one addressed the issues of Jobs. Since Sophie has been in power she has done NOTHING about jobs. She told Olin Webb to stand up and he mumbled to the audience that he has lived in the community for 60 years. That he an activist. I heard him say and mumble stuff as I was sitting behind him. Sophie did not mention Maurice Campbell or Lynne Brown genuine activists who fight for the community.

Let me tell you this man Olin Webb is a sell out. Olin Webb sold out to Pacific Gas and Electric. He was given 100 Refrigerators to give to the needy and no one has any account of the refrigerators. His ACE program is nothing to be proud of and is at a standstill. The San Francisco Environmental Department has been forced to bend backwards to help the Bayview Advocates which has NOT served the community.

I heard Sophie praise all the crooks that have done next to nothing for the community. True there are Community Based Organizations getting a lot of money - but only a handful serves the community. At one time when over $13 million was given the community for mitigation purposes the community most adversely impacted got nothing.

$1.5 million of this mitigation money went to the Conservatory at the Golden Park to train some GARDENERS. The money should have been spent to train young people in the community at the many nurseries we have in and around District 10. Most importantly help given to those who suffer from respiratory diseases and cancer.

The San Francisco Redevelopment Agency is trying to take control of the current Bayview Project Area and is now trying to take FULL control of added areas including all the PUBLIC HOUSING at Hunters Point. This must stop. We do not need another Fillmore. This important matter was not discussed.

The Dog and Pony Shows Sophie is putting on now at the 11th hour is because she is being served notice - she is going to be recalled. She cannot understand simple concepts like the Cross Town Tunnel or the Unfinished Agenda. I challenge she has not read anything substantial about these issues.

She always tries to announce a list of legislation none of which she has written. She should announce who the authors are and what was the motive behind the legislation. That includes the Asthma Report that I have posted on this website. True, some of the legislation is beneficial but the point I am making is that Sophie does not have the ability to understand the legislation much more to see to the full execution of the legislation.

I have attended many meeting at City Hall and closely observe Sophie Maxwell she does fit the description - inept, ignorant and arrogant. Enough of your Dog and Pony shows and giving credit to the House Negroes whom have sold out the community.

In another 5 years District 10 will have less then 5% of African Americans. I want to announce this to the readers that Sophia Maxwell played a role in this. This woman has done NOTHING to stop the Black on Black violence. This woman has done nothing to given young people jobs. This woman has done nothing to put in place extra curricula activities. The few Quality of Life Standards that were in place she has flushed down the commode. She hails from the Haight Asbury and does not feel with the Bayview Community. She is an outsider and will be an outsider.

She may think she can bluff most of the people that she has done well. Sophie has done some good through Young Community Developers and especially Dwayne Jones - but the activities and dealings of the former Director of YCD are suspect. He is now a consultant with a hidden agenda.

The Police Chief was there on the panel and so was the Director of Park and Recreation. The head of Parking and Traffic and Nuru from the Department of Public Works. Michael Burns from MUNI and other officials who were there to give token support from their Departments.

This Dog and Pony Show was a last ditch effort to praise Sophia Maxwell for a job NOT well done. The more she pushes the constituents to force them to believe in her the more educated constituents know the truth. THIS WOMAN HAS TO GO.

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